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1 Pain vs Naruto

This fight was simply BEAST. Yeah it does have some annoyingly long speeches about pain hatred and all that stuff but it's such an emotional fight between two disciples of the same teacher. There was also the part where Hinata jumped in to save Naruto, which shows that even though she knew that she can't win, she tried her best to save a loved one. Also not to mention that it's also the time Naruto met Minato. Plus, Naruto proved his HUGE improvement after the 3 year training and the toad power training with amazing combination moves and Sage Mode. No one can deny that this is definitely the most epic and amazing battle, perfected from every single aspect.

That fight was more intense also sorta funny, when pain's head stretched and stuff. Like, there were six pains and they got defeated but none of was the real Nagato! Plus, it was a moment where you think Kakashi is gonna die! Also some other Naruto characters and then Nagato who was the enemy revived all the hidden leaf shinobi. Badass battle!

Greatest fight ever. Naruto in sage mode arriving on Gamakichi rocks

It's the best fight ever Naruto meet his father 4 hokage that saved him from the nine tails

2 Itachi vs Sasuke

It is the most badass fight ever in Naruto. You see overpowered characters doing cool ninja style moves that you barely get in the rest of the anime. Awesome dialogue, revealing hidden stuff from both characters that explain all the situation between them and better justify why exactly Sasuke acted like that towards Naruto at the time and why Naruto was so attached to Sasuke without being gay.

Itachi could have easily won from the start but he decided to spar with his brother a little before he died

Come on! This fight is the one we have been waiting for since the original Naruto. A fight between two brothers with the younger one loathing the elder due to the tragic circumstances they have been put through. A very heart wrenching fight. Will make you cry

The best fight ever and also the saddest one

3 Lee vs Gaara

A great, emotional, fight that doesn't involve a main character (such as Naruto or Sasuke).

Rock Lee and Gaara are easily two of my favourite characters, Rock Lee taking off the weights was cool, the gates of opening was great, but what really made me love this fight were two things: Gaara's gradual descent into anger and ruthlessness and the end of the fight when Guy sensei runs to Lee to see if he's ok, see's him stand up unconscious trying to fight. When Guy blames himself for Lee's state, and his will to fight even after losing consciousness, that is the only Naruto episode (OG and Shippuden) that has actually made me cry

I thought it was going to suck, but Lee proved me wrong. Especially when he took off the weights.

It's why I start to watch the manga, one of my first episodes. Even you don't know anything about the story of Naruto, this fight was just so badass, should be the number one.

With the original sounds of Naruto, it's so col. Lee is useless after this

4 Naruto vs Sasuke

This is easily the best fight in the series. Seeing the two fight at their, at that time, full strength. Not only that but the emotion during that battle easily made it the most emotional battle in any of Naruto (Naruto's speech about breaking every bone in Sasuke's body was the best in the series). You see sides you had never seen from them before and to top it offyou get to see One-Tail and Curse Mark Stage 2 in their most epic forms. This is hands down the best battle in all of Naruto.

THE FIRST BIG FIGHT OF NARUTO TILL SHIPPUDEN, this fight was what made me love watching naruto.

It was the battle that lead both of them to become stronger. This is still my favourite anime fight of all time.

You guys have to vote for this it is exciting hey maybe the next time they battle sasuke might turn good

5 Kakashi & Shikamaru vs Hidan & Kakuzu

Why it is so low? Animations good, strategy, perfect attacks and combos... For me the best fight. Everything in this fight has its sence. It was not: Boom, kaboom, combo-kaboom, meteorite, Chidori, Rasengan, the end. Best fight for me. (Sorry for my English, I am Czech)

The zombie duo vs the son of the white fang of the leaf.

We got to see Shikamaru's character development. Seeing asuma fight till death and seeing Kakashi and shikamaru the two tactical genius of konoha together was priceless

Shikamaru is the smartest character in Naruto.

6 Sakura & Chiyo Vs. Sasori

I can only tell you one thing for sure!
That was a fight worth watching! And if it was up to me I would put this fight in the top three because that fight alone made me like sakura and respect her as a character and a skillful ninja, hey sasori admitted this himself too.

Sakura and Chiyo were both crucial, and sakura was just so badass in it

Probably the best fight I've seen so far. definitely worth watching again. Honestly this fight was just really awesome and I'm happy to see it at 3. It was well excited and the Jutsu and flashbacks made you want to keep watching it. Awesome fight.

Best fight ever, with a balance between emotion, strength, and tactics. Everyone was a bad ass, especially the puppet masters (though in this fight we also witnessed the growth of Sakura's character). Awesomeness was when Sasori's Third Kazekage was pitted against Lady Chiyo's (previously Sasori's) Father and Mother. SUCH A GREAT FIGHT!

7 Sasuke vs Deidara

I wish that deidara senpai still alive, damn it.
I love you deidara

Most creative fight in my oppinion


8 Sasuke vs Itachi
9 Naruto vs Pain - Naruto Shippuden
10 Shikamaru vs Temari

The first time in Naruto where we actually see the real clever . Unlike all the battles now where it's like "Don't worry about Kaguya, Let me use this secret super ultra mega justu I've been practicing for 10 years without you knowing (cue 100+ episodes worth of flashback), this battle was a cleverly organized and written battle between two clever opponents.

This is WAY underrated.

Sure, it might not be a destiny-changing fight or whatever, but the strategy Shikamaru uses blew my brain out of my head. Literally. (Ok, not literally.

The Contenders

11 Sasuke vs Orochimaru

Awesome! Sasuke finish Orochimaru like he's nothing, not even his teacher. I think the next gen Legendary Sannin is Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura because they all surpass their teacher. Naruto surpass Jiraiya and all Kages of all gen. Sasuke surpass his brother and Orochimaru and all the current kages and sakura surpass Kakashi and other teachers and stuff :)Awesome 4 Sasuke Orochimaru sucks hard


Sasuke is brilliant in this fight
He fought with sharingan, ninjutsu, taijutsu, robs, shurikens, kunais and robs - shatti

12 Madara vs Shinobi Ninja Army

Easily the best war scene in the series. the scene gives me goosebumps every time I see it.

This fight was amazing, the long build up of the power of madara uchiha and how he just bitch slaps all these supposedly powerful ninjas with just taijutsu and a bit of genjutsu, and then busts out his susano plus the meteorites... just an epic way to introduce a character

13 Naruto vs Sasuke (Shippuden)
14 Sasuke vs Danzo

The will of Sasuke to avenge his clan from the rebellious order of Danzo. Here is what fans want to see... By the way Danzo Sucks @ss for doing that kind of shttt

15 Sakura vs Sasori

This is way to low. Gaara and Deidara is way higher but that had no major moment like when Sakura and Choji run dodging the needle things

That wasn't Sakura, it was all Lady Chiyo's doing

16 Kakashi vs Obito

Hands down a great fight with the flashbacks

Gave me goosebumps.

best fight

17 Danzo vs Sasuke

This fight is insane. Danzo is immensely powerful which people always forget. And he might be one of the top 3 smartest characters. But rage and pure loathing pushed Sasuke ahead

Best fight ever VOTE FOR IT


Great fight but the ending is very sad... Even though danzo has been portrayed as a somewhat bad person, at the end I did feel sorry for him since he had finally achieved the title of hokage which he wanted for so long.. But then sasuke killed him :[

18 Gaara vs Rock Lee

Awesome fight and just a showing of other characters getting a chance to shine. Found rarely in anime

Just epic, absolutely epic. Lee taijutsu is beast, and Gaara almost dies, showing just how much strength you can get through hard work and the power of youth!


That fight got intense. With Lee's weights dropping like a bomb and Gaara shrediing Lee's arm and leg, that got me like this :o

19 Pain vs Jiraiya

This was an awesome fight that plays a great party in the plot of naruto shippuden

Best fight all the time

20 Might Guy vs Madara Uchiha

Best one

21 Gaara vs Deidara

A treat to watch this aerial fight. Hot Deidara, fast-flying with explosive sculptures, and cool Gaara, wielding immense volumes of sand.

Too bad it was one of the shorter fights in Naruto

22 Sasuke vs Kakashi
23 Killer Bee vs Sasuke

This has to be somewhere at top 4 or 5...killer bee with his 8 blades and awesome moves, you ain't gonna see that from anyone else in the show.

Oh and need I mention the RAPS mid battle

Just Awesome..

24 Naruto vs Neji

I can't believe this one is not higher. sure it might not be the best of all but it definitely deserves to go higher then many of these other battles. Especially the dumb duplicates.

25 The 1st Hokage vs Uchiha Madara

Bleha it seems dragon ball

26 Kakashi vs Pain
27 Orochimaru vs Sarutobi
28 Naruto, Sasuke vs Momoshiki

This is actually the best fight in naruto series - HunterX249

29 Sasuke vs Gaara
30 Rock Lee vs Gaara
31 The 4th Hokage vs 9 Tailed Fox + Uchiha Madara

The 4th and his death battle so sad and incorporated well in to the story line of Naruto Shippuden allows you to know why Naruto does not have his parents. Explains so much you feel like you know all best fight for sure

The 4th Hokage is gonna win he was awesome so fast

Madara Uchiha Is Weak

Ultimate fight both characters are great and have amazing skills

32 Naruto vs Gaara

Honestly the most amazing fight. So much emotion between the two, so different, yet so alike. At this point in the anime, seeing 12 year old annoying as heck Naruto summon a 50 foot tall frog and fight shukaku the sand spirit was amazing. On top of that I doubt any one else in the village besides the sannin and hokage could beat gaara, I mean how are you gonna beat him without a huge summoning animal?

One of the best fights I have ever seen. Heart vs rage= Naruto vs Gaara

Great fight. Naruto saved by Gama Oyabun, who told him they were going to do a combi henge - and the first creature Naruto pictured? A nine-tailed fox

33 The 3rd Hokage vs Orochimaru

It was epic... Though Sarutobi would have won if he was younger

Just the best fight with the best action. Simple as that.

Awesome, just finshed it.

I love it. It’s the highest level battle we get to see in part 1 and it’s amazing to see how skilled Hiruzen is. I’d say he’s one of if not the most skilled shinobi.

34 Neji vs Kidomaru

Such an underrated fight. We get really interesting battle strategies from each side, and amazing character development for Neji. Really, all of the Sound Five fights were the best fights in Part 1

Superb fight - Neji was steadily whittled down and close to death, but pulled one last trick out of the hat by taking a near-fatal impalement to his chest.

The best non-main character fight from the first part of Naruto.

35 Hidan vs Asuma

Whaat this is one of the best battles by cameron hardnick

36 Hinata vs Neji

Yes, the quality and proportion of the fight can't be compared with the battle of Sakura and Chio vs Sasori, but it has a sentimental side, just like the fight with Lee and Gaara.
Hinata, a girl who was thought to be weak is doing her best in a fight with one of the most powerful member of the Hyuuga family, Neji - who impresses even the strongest participants with his skills. Although she knows that her winning chances are almost non-existent, she's giving her best - just to impress the person she admires - Naruto.
After all, she doesn't win, but manages to resist a good amount of time with Neji, and to shouw that she has the guts to never give up, and a great potential.

37 Tobi vs Konan

The awesome fight! Konan It's amazing! This battle is so beautiful! I like this battle!

Member who tries to gain peace vs the evil leader

Such an epic battle from underdog figure vs the undefeatable leader

38 8th Gate Guy vs Rikudou Madara

Definitely top 5 for sure. You never Guy almost killed him. Ultimate sacrifice and determination.


come on


39 Hinata Hyuga vs Guren

Hinata use to guren her 8 Trigams 32 Palms but hinata is trap in the ice but hinata is Genius he use his chakra and Gamakichi accidentally Fall hinata down and the ice is broke and hinata is not dead she was Strong but she was shy

40 Naruto vs Orochimaru

Are you all mad have you forgotten this fight. I have seen this fight. It is awesome

41 Kakashi vs Zabuza

Both rounds were great, the music did very exciting to watch. And this is the battle that made me like Kakashi as well as Zabuza

I think this should be number 1, not 42. This was a heart filled fight of protection. Best few episodes of Naruto I’ve ever seen. But seriously, HAKU IS A GIRL!

42 Jinchuuriki Obito (10 Tails) vs All Ninjas

It's fight only on the manga.Anime is not relaesed yet.

43 Naruto and Sasuke vs Madara
44 Kakashi, Asuma, Kurinai, and Guy vs Itachi and Kisame

Kurenai's just great

Battle that included all 4 sensei really didn't dissapoint us!

45 Gaara vs Kimimaro

Kimamaro was one of the most deadliest ninja's in the series. Naruto, Rock Lee, and Gaara fought this guy and he beat them all. If he didn't die of the disease Kimamaro would have been more fearsome than the Atkatsuki.

Most underrated fight in all of Naruto

46 Kaguya Oosutsuki + Black Zetsu vs Team 7 + Obito Uchiha
47 Asuma, Shikamaru, Izumo and Kotetsu vs Hidan and Kakuzu

Top 15 fight

48 Hoshigaki Kisame vs Killer Bee
49 Rock Lee vs Kimamaro

Kimimaro was probably the strongest character part 1 wise simply because of his extreme durability and bone manipulation/regeneration. Despite Lee being one of my favorite characters, I have to admit even if he was in full strength with gates access I doubt he still could've cracked Kimimaro in curse mark 2 as Gaara was rendered obeselete.

Drunk Lee just funny...the end

50 Naruto vs Haku

First main battle and the rage of 9 tails Naruto epic definitely top 10

How is this a newcomer

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