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21 .44 Magnum

I have a Smith & Wesson model 29 (pre-lock) with a 6" barrel. It's definitely a super gun.

This is without a doubt the most powerful revolver of all time

I have a Taurus all it does is go bang.

I have a colt anaconda 8 inch ported barrel, stainless. The action is smooth and quite. I can hit a one gal. milk bottle six out of six at 100 yards. It may be the most perfect revolver ever made.

22 454 Ruger Casull

The Alaskan 454 casull. It's a piece of art.

23 Taurus Raging Bull

All I have to say is " have you seen this gun? " it was a pistol before pistols were pistols! That's how awesome and totally BA this gun is!

Fantastic weapon right out of the box. Extremely accurate and the power of this pistol is amazing!

Nice and really good one
The gripe is so good in hand and in firing so nice feel


24 Bersa Thunder Compact 45
25 Kahr CW9

Kahr P9 way more ammo better gun but CW9 also good gun.

26 Mini Uzi

This isn't technecly a pistol, more like a submachine gun. Only because this is automatic. Sort of like the G 18 ( Glock 18). But still, this weapon was used by the afgahn drug dealers.

Powerful machine pistol which fires a lot of bullets at once. Its small size makes it convenient to carry and the rate of fire makes it a dangerous weapon

This is a submachine gun! NOT A PISTOL. Besides, accuracy with the Uzi is crap.

Small automatic and awesome rate of fire. Light and accurate this should be 4rth

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27 Steyre M1912
28 Browning Hi-Power

Its excellent power stoping

The best

Small, simple to take down, very little recoil, in 23 yrs. never had a misfire. Feels like a gun, not like new designs with the big square barrel.

29 Beretta PX4 Storm

Compact and low recoil. Very reliable and durable. The PX4 Storm also is a very accurate gun, and feels good in the hand, as it is very balanced. Plus, the 9mm version has a 15 round magazine (you can also get 17 or 20 rounds) and you can get up to 14 or 17 rounds in the.40 S&W version. Also comes in.45 auto, with 10 rounds. Great gun all around!

Low recoil, great ergonomics, and its sexy. Its very accurate and very underrated. 17 round mag capacity is also nice. The disassembly is also very simple. Great gun for first time shooters.

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30 Makarov

Simple mechanics, less moving parts and since it has 27 parts (quite few) some parts have also a secondary function. Easy to dis/assemble. Compact but still can have decent stopping power

I love my East German makarov. Nice looking gun and very reliable as well as concealable.

Very known for durability and roughness

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31 Glock 27

This should be at # 1 in my opinion. I carried the Model 23 @ work as a police officer and after the first shot I knew this gun was worth all the hype. I immediately bought it's counterpart the GLOCK 27. One of the lightest and reliable hand guns I have shot til this date. Both the 23 and 27's magazines are inter changeable which is extremely important in Law Enforcement. The 23 was carried by the patrolmen and the 27 by the Detectives and some of the higher ranked officers. Most guns after a day at the range have to be taken apart and scrubbed like a pig in mud the Glock can still fire after being submerged in mud and water.

Absolutely an all around great gun, accurate, consistent, dependable, easy to break down and packs a considerable punch.

Love the 27 a strait shooting very reliable in 40 cal.

32 Walther P99

The walther p99 is the best carry gun on the planet, clean lines nothing to snag on...

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33 CZ SP01 Shadow

I sold my Glock 17 for this gun. Its simply awesome.

Great accuracy, good grip, very well made

34 Glock 19

This hand gun clearly don't know what his position

It is the beat handgun I see its number 1

This is ranked way too low... Nice balance between the 17 and 26. Add a micro roni and a 30 round mag for home defense. Use it by itself for concealed carry. Glocks might very well be the most durable guns out there, and the 19 is the best one.

35 CZ 75 SP-01 tactical

The best

36 Colt .45 Revolver
37 Walther P38

Most accurate weapon I have ever shot!

38 Colt Python

Best gun every made. Great accuracy and power. You can never go wrong with colt products.

It was made to define the quality standard now everyone tries to reach it.

Bought in '07 for $525, now worth $2500. Royal blue 6", too beautiful to fire anymore.

Ditto "Best (6" Stainless) Tack Driver Ever"!

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39 Taurus PT92

This weapon has a really nice feel and can shoot as tight a group as the person pulling the trigger. Great grip and feels great in the hand.

Its a really nice grip
And so good in firing stainless steel model is looking so lovely. What a nice gun...

Lifetime warranty never jams

I have the airsoft model. So awesome.

40 Ruger Blackhawk .357 Magnum

She's a beast great gun.

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