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41 Smith & Wesson Sigma SW40VE V 1 Comment
42 Glock 20

Massive round high vecolity so the shot is straight drops whatever it hits and holds 15 plus 1 great choice

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43 Luger P08

The pistol legend. The most advanced for it times.

44 CZ 85 Combat 9mm

Shoots dead on and feels great in your hand. Either hand as it is ambidextrous.

45 Walther PPQ 9mm

Top ten material ergonomic grip multiple backstraps for different size individuals 15+1 cap mags left and right hand friendly. Plus very accurate and reliable

Extremely reliable and one of the best triggers on the market.

Best out of the box trigger I've ever shot.

Great ergonomics and very accurate

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46 Kimber Ultra Carry

I've owned a few 1911's. I used to carry my springfield all the time until I bought the kimber. This gun has the best out of the box trigger pull of any handgun I have ever owned. I have over 2000 rounds through it. It has never hung a bullet; including lead swc which kimber claims may not always be reliable. If my life is on the line this gun goes first!

The stainless steel UC.45 is one of the most gorgeous looking guns you'll find anywhere.

47 Ruger SR9

Great high capacity 9mm. Good for self defense and target shooting. Very reliable and rugged. 10/10.

Fantastic value

Dry reliable weapon that fits the nicely and feels very balanced. I liked the first one so well that I bought an SR9C for a concealment gun.

48 Mauser C96
49 Baby Eagle .45 cal.

First... I don't believe an extraordinary number of rounds in a handgun makes it better. Unless you practice "drive-byes". If you can't hit your target at a reasonable distance with 3 or 4 rounds, you don't need a handgun.

My compact Baby Eagle feels just right in my hand, and I can hit center mass on a silhouette target at 50ft. 9 out of 10 times. Rapid fire. Not the greatest shot... But I do have fun! - badmac933

50 MP-446 Viking

Exceptional and great accuracy really excellent power stoping its quick fast and reliable 9mm 18 bullets box magzen smg tyep

51 Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380

Very nice pistol one problem, you have to keep replacing buttons for the laser sights I have replaced three times.

Quality features & LIGHT WEIGHT

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52 Springfield XD-9

Been shooting these for years and run it as my every day carry, truly an underrated firearm,

53 Jericho 941F 9mm V 1 Comment
54 Modele 1935A Pistol
55 Heckler & Koch P30

Real high quality build.. excellent grip

56 Heckler & Koch 45 Tactical

I sell Gun's for over 16 year's and hk usp series is the most I sell and the least that came back for repair or maintenance. I have hold a tactical in my Hand with over 28000 rounds fired and have never ever changed 1 part! And sorry ami's, but 1911's suck. This is the gun I have the most trouble with and it is not a manufacturer or price thing!
(Sorry for my bad english, I'm from Germany! And yes, we can have Gun's here. We only have to stay 1 year in a Shooting Club and be a competition Shooter. My shop sell's around 1000 centerfireguns every year.)

57 Smith & Wesson SD9VE VE

Awesome gun better then the sigma an just as good as the m&p but cheaper

58 Glock 18

The 5 seven is close but this is what the US secret service carries enough said

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59 Webley Revolver

I finally got myself the gun of Indiana Jones (MKVI). The Webley is a true warhorse and a pleasure to shoot.

60 Ruger SR1911

Outstanding gun, very accurate, great price, well made, plus it looks great

Very accurate for the price. Well made. I replaced the grips with a Hogue wrap-around and it shoots even better. It's not as aesthetically pleasing, but it still looks better than a

Timeless design and it looks cool gangsta

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