I used to have all my insurances with AAMI until I had to make a minor claim and had a bad experience over my determination to avoid a cheap and dodgy repair. The escalation process was a joke and ended back with the same person. That was when it was a separate company; now it is just a brand. I would still never use AAMI cover again.

Recently had an accident. I was at fault. Reading all these comments and reviews, I believed that they are going to repair my car (serious accident with airbags popped up). I read that they use cheap second hand parts, etc... But not only it was not true, they write off my car, and they were super quick. From the date of accident till I saw the money in my account, it took exactly 10 days.

I'm really happy with the way they handled the situation.

My Hyundai i45 was insured with them for the last 3 years, the premium was $900 and a lot cheaper than other competitive. And yet service was unexceptional.

Very happy.

I have landlords insurance with AAMI and have now suffered my 3rd 25% YOY increase, with zero claims made. ( due to my neighbours making increased number of claims)

AND now a policy change, AAMI now do not classify curtains & carpets as part of buildings insurance and are expecting you take out another contents policy so this actual makes a true increase of nearly 50%.

Be very cautious of their ongoing costs, & even bundling many policies only gave ( after a phone call as well) a $65 reduction. Good customer service BUT APPALLING BUSINESS PRICING & PRACTICES - Mazz1010

Very bad customer service. Unhappy with the way that AAMI staff talking to customers. Even they are not listening to us. So rude staff.. Supervisors and every one.

Unreal renewal price, very unprofessional except polite when joining.
Be very cautious of their manipulative ways to extract money from you.

The worst insurance provider ever. Hail damage to my house it took aami over one year to repair the house
Motel room was our house for that long I'm in the building game work could have taking three to four weeks to Complete but took AAMI over four months to decide which builder going to do the work
Its joke

Very helpful and Super customer service. Very good for car insurance. Very competitive rates.

AAMI likes to take your money, but when it comes to paying out it will find all the excuses not to,

popular and competitive with rates but its not the best of the best -

Piss poor took 3 months to pay out on a not at fault claim when my car was wriiten off by one of their insurers didn't correspond with me at all I had to keep calling them and they made me fill out more paperwork then I have in my life and then came back I was 15% at fault for being on the road...isn't that why we have cars!

I had AAMI vehicle and home insurance for many years. Vehicle the longest. I never had to make a house insurance claim so cannot comment on that side. Over 15 years or more I made a number of small vehicle damage claims, one self-inflicted after I reversed into my trailer the day after the car had been repaired for damage by a falling tree branch. I had no problems with AAMI who even allowed me to have previous damage repaired I had not claimed for whilst insured by them. (I asked for it to be repaired along with the claim and paid the additional excess). I had the $10 per day car rental deal and that included a limo 'ferry' with pick up and drop off. There were some concerns with the quality of certain repairers as you can't pick your own but nothing worth fighting over. Generally OK. Now for the bad bit. I went to insure the same vehicle recently and was asked if there was prior damage. I was truthful and said there were small bumps/scratches. Any insurance assessor could see they ...more

Rude customer service. Even the Supervisors. When we were buying a Insurence they talk very nicely. But when it comes to the claiming point they don't let us to talk. Had 3 Insurence policies. 2 car insurances and contents Insurence. Instantly cancel all 3 policies. Very bad and poor service. Unhappy with the rude service.

I'd been with Aami for my car for approx 15 years and house, contents for 7 years, I had a single motor vehicle accident and after 2 weeks they finally assessed the car and it was made a total loss. I was told by the assessor they would call me the next day. Didn't happen. I had to chase them about inspecting the car and getting my money.. Took a month from the accident for the cheque arrive and they had deducted the unused rego money from the agreed value - I'm a pensioner and don't pay rego - took 14 days to get that cheque. 19 days to get the CTP refund cheque. I was that disgusted with the lack of service I sent a 5 page letter ; no reply from Aami so I sent it again and after 6 mths I still haven't heard. Lucky for me I've taken all my business eslewhere..