State Farm


State Farm sold it's first auto policy in 1922 for $11.17 and 20 years later became the #1 auto insurer in the United States, a distinction it still hold today. State Farm services over 80 million accounts throughout the United States and Canada.

State Farm is TERRIBLE. After nearly 1 YEAR, I am STILL WAITING for them to do something. I am now forced to take legal action. Google "Ten Worst Insurance Companies" and see what the Justice Org says. Do your research. Snake Farm is HORRIBLE!

My auto rates and mobile home rates are the best! More coverage for less premium :) I am pleased with the package deal :) Amazing savings - I am pleased with my Agent - response properly at all my requests - Las Vegas

Once they have you, the prices go up $15 to $20 each time you renew. And that's why they only write policies for six months, so they can increase your cost twice a year.

Had my collector car damaged by one of the lovely darlings this Spring, They were having fun with rocks. Smashed out the back window and chipped the paint. State Farm was there, like a good neighbor, as they say. Thanks State Farm!

They cancelled my policy after assuring me they would not. Very disappointed all the way around. Now they keep calling asking me to come back.

They won't cancel my policy after repeatedly requesting them to. My account is now past due. Beware

Liberty mutual paid to be on the list see when you. Vote it has no percentage and says sponsored. It is also number one on best car insurance list and says the same thing

Best rates in the industry. I worked for the #1 on this list before coming to State Farm and the only reason I left was because we kept getting crushed by State Farm. I would reccomend that you Get a quote from State Farm and sit down with an agent who can go over your coverage with you.

Is it possible that people at State Farm are the nicest people on the planet. Not to mention knowledgeable! Thank you State Farm!

Honesty and integrity. They stand behind you when driver from another company damages your car.

They were listed as number one top ten worst insurance companies

Have had several losses over the years.. Cars & house (32 years) & their service & response has been too notch!

State farm is the best insurance, best bank too. I feel secure on having my credit through them.

Buyer beware, been with them 41 yrs filled a first claim 5/6/13 for water damage denied, throat cut, you can imagine the rest. I hope you never need to make a claim. Their in the top 10 of the worst fishkiller

They are very customer focused in my opinion.

From what I hear its better than Geico and Progressive combined lol - Celestius

Had an accident with an uninsured motorist and State Farm was GREAT!

Because it's owned by its customers and has the most respected agents, State Farm is the best.

Never had a problem with starvation so I'll stay with them

They really helped save my life.

If you want someone that has your back through it all, State Farm is the way to go. My agent Tim Pruitt has answered all my question and my premiums are amazing!

I been with SF for over 40 years and I'm still tickled with all services. Always prompt and my 3 agents were/are very professional and courteous. I recommended numerous friends over the years and the largest percentage are still with SF.

Never had a problem with a claim and have a local agent whereever I go.

Wee r really happy and satisfied with our agent mark He's always therefor us and he always truthful and honest we've been with him for about 40 years!