RUDE awakening for those who have any type of life insurance other than TERM. And not all Term life policies are the same either but any Term life is better than all other types of life insurance. Did your agent offer you term? Why not? Bigger commission. If you really love your family you at least owe it to yourself to have your policy evaluated. As I found out, there is a reason cash value policies are written so confusing and with very legal terminology. My dad was old school and believed he had protected his family with a universal whole life policy, not true. We found out after 29 years of religiously paying his monthly premiums the policy lapsed because his cost of the insurance coverage increased every year. They call it ANNUAL Renewable Term. Ask your agent what that means. It was NOT his monthly payment going up but the cost of the insurance which the insurance company took from his cash value without notice until it was depleted. 29 years later the cash value portion was ...more

I was blown away when my Primerica representative sat down with my wife & I. We are both college graduates and felt like we were on the right track, after educating us in different areas we realized that we were not only on the right track but going the opposite direction. He gave us a plan to get COMPLETELY out of debt in 8years & 3 months including our mortgage, we'll be multi-millionaires at retirement and he was able to triple our face amount on our life insurance for the same money we were spending on our State Farm policy. Needless to say we are HAPPY clients and gave our representative 73 referrals.

A company for the middle class Americans if you can afford it. No doubt that it's a little more expensive compared to other life insurance companies, but really when it comes down to buying a policy it's the service during the claims. No one really cares how good a company is or what their ratings are, but what whether or not they will deliver a piece of mind. I love this company bar none because they have made several claims to many of my family members hassle free. I will continued to refer friends and family members to purchase from Primerica. I hope that one day, Primerica would guaranteed all premiums for their products for the full length of the term. This I believe will make Primerica a true term life insurance company.

Every time, truth serves you best. I have seen how people and families suffer with no life insurance or with an insurance other than only term insurance. No wonder many insurance companies prefer to sell life insurance with cash values, the same way many other financial institutions grow best their clients' money. That's why I prefer to do term and grow my money with Primerica, I see it as a more trusted vehicle for my investments, just as how many of my friends do. Knowing that Primerica only sells term insurance with that is very affordable with no other kind of insurance policy makes me more confident how truthful this company is, it cares for my income and family's protection. My investment with them is also doing good in terms of returns, and I can check on it any time online how it performs and my financial advisor has been very helpful every time I need answers for my investment concerns.

Love this company. Had a policy with them since 1990. It was issued preferred cause back then I was is good shape. In 2010 it came up for renewal. I was worried about even getting insurance because I had cancer 2 years prior and was considered morbidly obese. Primerica renewed my policy at PREFERRED rate. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. Beware of any company that sells any kind of cash value policy. Primerica sells term insurance 100% of the time.

Life insurance is so important to a families financial future. In the past I was sold policies by companies who didn't help me understand why I needed to protect my income. They made it sound complicated and confusing. Now I know why! To squeeze the most money out of my family. Primerica was completely honest with its educational process to help my family understand life insurance. Anything other than pure low cost high value term is a waste of money. Did you know nearly all other term products sold by those mutual companies turn to "permanent policies" by the choice of the company. That's high cost low value policies great for the company & bad for the client. Primerica's crusade is to serve the ignored middle market face to face, across the kitchen table without having to spend millions in advertising to have something good said. Primerica's clients do the advertising for them! Word of month is still the best form of advertising. Primerica changed my life. Absolutely the best out ...more

Primerica agents are dedicated to doing the right thing for all their clients and nobody can match the value that Primerica's term insurance delivers. Other agents we worked with just wanted to sell us a product, but Primerica agents actually educate you on how to build your 'financial house' and our agent took the time to ensure we understood the difference between cash value policies and term life. We thought we were savvy about insurance, but we quickly learned that we didn't truly understand how the cash value product we had worked. It was an easy decision to give our business to our agent because they took the time to educate us and saved us thousands of dollars. We also opened up a Roth IRA account and are saving the difference between the money we were paying for our cash value policy and our new term policy. So blessed to be a Primerica client!

As a representative of the company my life has been changed forever. I was selling life insurance previous to working here and honestly had no idea how cash value life insurance really works. Even if I didn't work here I would have an agent working with me and my spouse to get us on track financially. We have given up over $2,000 in monthly debt and are on track to begin investing soon. Primerica is way more than a company to sell you a policy and never be seen or heard from again! Primerica educates families on why they need to protect their lives, why they should buy term and invest separately and any other financial needs you may have they are there to assist you! Can't say enough about the company itself as well! 2nd to none and not just because I work here! It's for real.

Primerica is a company that does WHATS RIGHT 100% of the time. They educate you first on how money works, how insurances work, how to get out of debt, how to save more money, how to get to retirement, and then they are able to provide a personalized plan specifically for each family to ensure they hit ALL of their financial goals. The first one making sure families are properly protected. Too many life insurance companies are out to make themselves wealthy and ultimately don't care if they are selling you the proper product, or enough coverage. There are millions of uneducated or Wrongly educated people who either don't understand the need, don't think they can afford it, or haven't gotten around to it because they don't understand the importance of the financial tool. The fact that Primerica has representatives that will educate, offer and explain products, and then coach you through all your goals as well, is unmatched in the industry too... And Primerica pays their policies within ...more

I always felt guilty that I hadn't taken the time to protect my family with life insurance. Looking back now I see that I was uneducated on what product would be the best. Primerica not only taught me about life insurance but also about investments and loss of income coverage. It's not a big scary monster only meant for Chartered Financial Analysts or graduates of finance studies. There are some simple concepts that apply to everyone who has paid a bill, written a cheque or stressed about debts. Buy term invest the difference, bypass the banks and invest in the global market, make a plan and stick to it! Have pride in yourself and speak intelligently about your protection and your investment. No more "I don't know what coverage I have or where my documents are", or " I don't know what my financial planner has done with my money, I get statements I think, but I don't understand them." Primerica is built on integrity and good business practices not only will you get a ...more

I became a Primerica client for life 1 year ago. At the time I had a Whole Life policy with a very well known and popular company. When I bought it I was told "this will give you a death benefit in case you pass as well as a savings account that will grow over time." When I sat down with the Primerica broker he read through the policy with me. Explained that I could not have both the savings and the death benefit. That if I ever pulled from my policy savings account that in order to keep my life insurance death benefit I would have to pay back my own money I had pulled plus interest. If not my policy would lapse. Even though I was reading the policy with him I just couldn't believe it could be true and that the whole life agent would leave that information out. So the Primerica broker called the company with me. Re company then confirmed everything my Primerica broker told me. Needless to say I switched that day and have never looked back. My Primerica broker has time and ...more

When I was introduced to Primerica, we were underinsured. Our previous company didn't believe in teaching their clients how to invest. Primerica got us properly insured and showed us how to retire by investing. A month after we got our policy in place, my 30 year old wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Thank goodness she was properly insured even though she didn't pass away. Fortunately, Primerica has a rider that increases the face amount each year without having to qualify medically. I can double the face amount of my policy. Also, Primerica has reasonable renewal rates so I can keep my policy at the end of the term if I need to. I have peace of mind that I'm on track to be financially independent because of this awesome company!

Primerica believes in doing what's right for the client 100% of the time, whether it's life insurance, savings and investments or honesty. They have a great home office staff and a wonderful team of agents. My Primerica agent has become a close friend of mine, and I know he wants only what is best for me. I recommend Primerica to anyone looking into financial services. They do the entire package for their clients, and I know I have personally learned a lot of vital information by being a Primerica client.

Awesome! The agents are upfront and honest. They told me what I need to hear not what I wanted to hear. For example, I can buy a policy for $50-$100 a month but based on the needs analysis they completed, I would still be inadequately insured. Thanks for the education and great products. In addition to life insurance, we were able to setup a ROTH IRA in mutual funds to really help us build true wealth for our future.

Primerica has the most reasonable and affordable insurance plan for families and this company really teaches you the value of life insurance. "Buy term and invest the difference" is what a family really needs, along with a complete financial education in how to get out of debt and provide financial stability. Primerica Financial Services is a company that helps the community and they are always there to guide you through your finances. One of my relatives passed away last year. Two years before his death, Primerica came as blessing for this family because the company set up an excellent financial plan. Primerica paid the claim in less than 9 days, and help my family invest that money wisely, and to cover all expenses, provide for the kid's college and be financial stable. Thank you Primerica for making a great difference in family's lives.

Fast in pay claims, flexibility in policies, easy payments of premiums, honestly at the moment of find the best policy for you, great covert and premium amount, great customer service.

The first sentence of my policy says: "We will pay the Face Amount, in a LUMP SUM..."! I don't have to worry about my beneficiaries being confused on which 'option' to take because they'll get the LUMP SUM then and there, no questions asked.

I have a 35 year term that covers my wife AND myself. Primerica gave us ONE policy for the Two of us... as I understand it, most companies would have attempted to place one on each of us (to generate more fees)! Not to mention, there is NO WAR EXCLUSION, which other policies may contain (think back to 9/11, when it was declared an act of "war", most insurance companies DIDN'T have to pay!). The fact that our policy coverage can be doubled in 10 years is nice too! We also have our FNA and financial game plan, so I know exactly what we need to save to meet our retirement needs (and we're only in our 20's!). So, because we have a plan that is extremely economical and cost efficient, we are investing the difference into our ...more

I will forever be grateful for the integrity Primerica has consistently shown through the years. There isn't a single company out there I've found besides Primerica that delivers on its promise to put the client's best interest first. I do not trust my assets and income protection with any one else, nor will I in the future. There are sharks out there in the insurance industry especially, and Primerica is a time-tested advocate for middle-income families in a sea of crooks. Unlike the rest, this company truly aims to arm Americans with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions about their financial futures (free of cost and jargon). Thank you, Primerica!

I've been a rep with Primerica over 15 years and I'm constantly amazed at the quick response to claims and the willingness to go the extra mile for clients. We also make a point of educating clients about the pros and cons of each type of life insurance and try to always find the best price and fit for the family. The philosophy of our founders has always been to "but term and invest the difference" (in premiums. ) We believe that investing in well diversified mutual funds will produce a better rate of return than any cash value policy.

LOVE Primerica. Awesome people awesome company. Stand behind their clients. Educate you so you are neither underinsured nor overinsured as well as what to do with your money wisely if there's extra from savings of switching over to them from another over priced policy. Fair, moral and do what's right. So happy to have a policy with them for over 10 years now and know MANY others who have and had them for long time and are very pleased. My husband and I both used to be licensed insurance agents and I'll tell you that you won't find a company as outstanding as Primerica!

Primerica is the most honest company I have ever dealt with. Their products are easy to understand with no hidden agendas. I wasn't even sure I could have insurance because I had cancer in my late 20s, but Primerica did the underwriting and deemed that they were still willing to insure me, at normal rates. I was ecstatic! Recently I was able to double the amount of coverage I had, because I earn more and am buying a home. The process was so simple and hassle free. I now have all the coverage I need, and it's still super affordable. I have been a Primerica client for 17 years now (and have always shopped around before buying insurance or investments), Primerica has always and will always be the company I do business with.

From my experience, Primerica has been the most transparent life insurance company and the most logical choice. There are no tricky or gimmicky products with a bunch of bells & whistles. Just pure protection bared on time tested & proven concepts that deliver. I personally had a family member pass away a few years ago that was a client and the process of making the death claim and receiving the insurance proceeds was very simple & efficient. I also have heard similar experiences from friends who have lost loved ones who were Primerica clients. As a client, I have piece of mind knowing that if I pass away sooner than later that my family will not be burdened financially. Primerica also is taking care of my investments so that we'll be protected financially if we live longer than expected.

Great policy coverage at a very affordable price. They get things done very fast. They taught me the difference between term and whole life and why term is better. Now I understand it and I can read a policy and know how you get screwed by whole life insurance. I appreciate the education they gave me on life insurance and on how the best way to invest for my retirement. They are they best place to get any and all financial protection from.

When my family first met with a Primerica representative, I was afraid that I'd be sold a policy that I didn't need. I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that wasn't the case at all. Instead, my family learned about how life insurance REALLY is supposed to work, and the best part is that the rep wasn't interested in selling us stuff we didn't need. We actually ended up learning A LOT about our "financial house" and now, 4 years after becoming clients, we actually have all of our financial affairs in order - thanks to Primerica. It's a completely comforting feeling to know that my family is financially secure - now and into the future. You owe it to yourself and your family to meet with one of their representatives right away. They are a company that truly does the "right thing" for families.

Best one, more lisenced agents, best deal. Help families make more income and become properly protected, debt free, and financially independent.