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81 Mario Circuit 3DS

This course is maybe the best for hang-gliding. Once you enter Peach's Castle you need sharp turns to survive.

I always wanted a course that goes inside peach's catsle. And now I get it

82 Wario Shipyard 3DS

Axes are going to kill you on this course. You are underwater for a majority of the course when you go up and there is an ax going to knock you out. There is easily one of the toughest turns ever on this course. Remarkable!

A course that has the same feel as one of the best courses Airship Fortress. This course is nice!

83 Yoshi Falls DS

Why does everyone hate yoshi falls? It's a great track for mushroom cup!

A quick paced amazing course. A fun one to play on with your friends!

This one should be higher too oops! - spongebob2

How did this track get on the list? It's rubbish!

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84 Daisy Hills 3DS

Goats! There are a lot of goats on this course in a small town. There is a sweet shortcut where if you cut the last turn right before the hangliding part, there is a road with a couple of boosts and you hanglide. At the hangliding part you can land on the roofs of the houses where there are a crapload of boosts. This course is a winner!

Daisy Hills is really cool. I mean, mountains, shortcuts, a village and balloons. But one thing: I'm from The Netherlands and here it's called Daisy's Berdorp (Daisy Hillvillage). That's weird.

85 Wario Stadium N64

I use lightning when people do the jump that is enough to ruin friendship

86 Shy Guy Falls Wii U

Great course! It has cuteness with the Shy Guys singing while mining! Also, driving down a waterfall is epic! - ShyGuy8

This course is good. So much cuteness with the Shy Guys singing, and driving down a waterfall is fantastic!

Uses the best source of antigravity in the whole game. I mean UP A WATERFALL! This should really be ranked higher up!

This should be way higher. Awesome antigravity, music, and cuteness

87 Rainbow Road Wii U

This Rainbow Road is honestly a masterpiece. It did something different than the other Rainbow Roads, and that's a good thing! People hate this track because of the satelites and space stuff. Well like I said, it did something different, which is good! This needs to be higher. 10/10

Wii u rainbow road deserved to be lower.

Rainbow road? more like space station road, they ruined this track, but this course is still okay, but unforgivable

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88 Hyrule Circuit
89 Super Bell Subway Wii U
90 Ribbon Road Wii U

If you thought Ribbon Road from Super Circuit was a blast, try the Wii U's! The location (in a child's room), theme (a course that looks like a kid put together), replay value and creativity (I don't know one person who could turn any GBA or SNES course into this! ) are higher than the altitude rainbow road is at!

The Wii u track is Awesome but the music in the Wii u is crap. I have the same problem with GBA Mario circuit.

This is from GBA, not Wii U. But Wii U's is AMAZING!

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91 GBA Mario Circuit Wii U
92 Wuhu Loop 3DS

This course rules to other section races. I thought Wuhu Island loop was very unique. It had cars. We saw lots.

Wow. The music was divine. Cars, crazy shortuts, and a confusing first section level. I loved the town at the start. An early morning start to a cup

93 Excitebike Arena Wii U

I Love this Course! Even though it's not incredibly exciting it is fun to go over all the jumps

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94 Bowsers Castle DS
95 Moonview Highway Wii
96 Toad Circuit 3DS

The first course on the 3ds version of Mario Kart, Mario Kart 7. This course shows the hang-gliding powers and effects in this game very well.

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97 Sky World SNES

You mean sky garden for the GBA?

This is not a Mario Kart course.

What the heck is Sky World? - Idontneedausername


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98 Moo Moo Farm V 1 Comment
99 Shy Guy Beach GBA
100 Mario Kart Stadium Wii U

Very nice for first track in game

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