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1 1982 North Carolina Tar Heels

Your statement is irrelevant whether they went to class of not there we the greatest team ever in my opinion.

They should not be on the list. Duke has two championships that are more recent then their last one

This is definitely the best team of all time. I hate duke so much and they should not even be on this list. And people say the 92 duke team should be 1. When there best player stepped on a player. This is definitely the best p. GO TAR HEELS!

This team needs to be removed from this list. This team probably cheated along with all of the other UNC teams (Maybe not 1959). It's easy to win when you don't have to go to class.

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2 1976 Indiana Hoosiers

Did not lose, the best, case closed

I still believe this team should be at #1 of all time. - westofohio

They just put up a banner at I.U. stating the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers are the best team in NCAA basketball history.
Once you have a banner it's true. - westofohio

Would beat anyone today

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3 1990 UNLV Runnin' Rebels

UNLV teams from both 1990 and 1991 would have destroyed 1982 UNC. So would that 1992 Duke team. Take Jordan away from that team and nobody would care about them at all... Just another chance to worship the golden calf. The 1984 Georgetown Hoyas, 1976 Indiana Hoosiers and that 1968 UCLA team are all better choices. Heaven forbid Jordan take a backseat to anything, right? - jfausti

best team in history and should be number 1. 34-0 and outscored opponents by 28 points for the season. Thats ridiculous!
- dodog619

Loaded top to bottom. One the great underrated coaches. Completely outclassed every opponent.

Won while being investigated by the NCAA who was willing to do anything to stop them!

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4 1993 Kentucky Wildcats

Go wildcats!

We are Kentucky wildcats!

Kentucky is the best ever people I know that because they'ev won 8 rings ans lottss others. (not exactly that much, s, and t's, ) Even thoe Duke beat the wildcats in 91-92. (1991-1992) Kentucky is the winningest team in college hitory. Beat that!

5 1992 Duke Blue Devils

christian laettner owning the wildcats in buzzer beater - jwileson

Christian laettner was a scumbag.. Stepping on a backup center's face deliberately when the player was laying on the floor! Another great Duke moment in basketball, NOT!

Nah your just jealous because duke is way better than the other team...Christian laettner is always ganna be better than ΓΌ are u "scumbag"

6 1968 UCLA Bruins

Definition of team. Had all the parts. Destroyed Houston after falling to that great team earlier.

Hands down the best ever

Dean Smith, HOF UNC coach called the 1968 Bruins the best ever.

The greatest college basketball player of all time [Kareem Abdul-Jabbar], and the greatest coach of all time in ANY sport [John Wooden], and this was the best of the teams that combined the two.

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7 1954 Kentucky Wildcats

Look at history not just the last 20 years lots of dominate teams that you forgot about

8 1989 MIchigan Wolverines
9 1979 Michigan State Spartans

Greatest player of all time! MAGIC!

10 2009 Kentucky Wildcats

John Wall, DeMarkus Cousins, Patrick Patterson, Eric Bledsoe. Arguably the most talented team in the nation at the time. John Wall was the best point guard in the nation, DeMarkus Cousins won gold in the Rio Olympics, Eric Bledsoe was the second best point guard in the nation, and Patrick Patterson was in the top 15 NBA drafts of the season. People to this day wonder how Kentucky didn't win the national championship that year, and people speculated they were good enough to stack up against NBA teams. - sdoggys

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11 1972 UCLA Bruins

This is the best team ever, it's not even close. By not having this team number 1 makes this list a complete joke.

They went 30-0 that season with Bill Walton and they beat everybody they faced by nearly 25-30 points

They should have the Michigan fab five.

12 2000 Michigan State Spartans
13 2013 Louisville Cardinals

Awesome end of story

14 2012 Kentucky Wildcats

Anthony Davis. Ncaa championship. There were six players drafted, that's 11 eye brows (if you didn't know)

This team was made up of 6 NBA players with a chemistry unlike anything anybody has ever seen.

This team was ridiculous not a single team could get in their way

Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist were the first 2 overall draft picks in their class. And they had Terrance Jones, Marquise Teague, Doron Lamb, and Darius Miller who were all solid and did make it to the NBA

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15 2003 U-Conn Huskies

This team was loaded Emeka Okafor, Ben Gordon, Rudy Gay, Josh Boone, Marcus Williams, Charlie Villanueva, and A. J Price

16 2002 Maryland Terrapins
17 1974 North Carolina State WolfPack

Not sure why this isn't higher on the list. Went 30-1 overall and 12-0 in the ACC, and then went on to win the NCAA and ACC championships. the 83 team needs to be higher as well.

Ended UCLA's unbelievable Title Run and was
Undefeated the following year as well and
Would have easily won another NCAA title
If not for NCAA silly infraction in 75. David
Thompson was the first Michael Jordan
Great Team

David Thompson...enough said

18 2013 Michigan Wolverines

Yes. Its because they went to the championship game in 2013 against the Louisville Cardinals but than they lost. They play good most years! - coolphil999

19 1997 Kansas Jayhawks
20 1966 U.T.E.P. Miners
21 2009 North Carolina Tar Heels

This team needs to be deleted from this list. None of these players attended classes at the UNC and quite possibly could have been paid by boosters. It's easy to win when you don't have to go to class.

They are a team

This team went crazy! With Tyler Hansbrough, on of the ACC's greatest ever basketball players, AND Ty Lawson, they were basically unstoppable. They averaged each possesion only being 5 SECONDS LONG! They also wonthe nat'l championship by 17 and pulled all starters in the second half. Where are you ever gonna see something like this again?

22 1987 Indiana Hoosiers
23 2005 Illinois Fighting Illini

Having seen every game of the 05 season it is easy for me to say this is the greatest team in Illinois history. That said, they are certainly Top 5 all time but not number 1. Had Sean May not gotten away with his 'fat man' strategy I think they would have had a great deal more press. Deron, Dee, and Luther were all in the right place at the right time.

Best team ever was probably 92' Duke. They had a near flawless inside/outside game

Very good chemistry between Dee Brown, Deron Williams and Luther Head brought them also together on the court to have an unstoppable frontcourt. And with Roger Powell. Jr and James Augustine in the backcourt they were more unstoppable. Definitiely should've won the NCAA tourney in 05

31-1 and having to go through the big 10 is a tough thing to do. greatest team ever! I-L-L... I-N-I

24 2008 Kansas Jayhawks

Mario's Miracle. Enough said

25 2014 Kentucky Wildcats


26 1983 North Carolina State Wolfpack

Beat the team, who, as of right now, is number one on the list, along with the famous Michael Jordan, and won the ACC tournament, and finally topped it off with probably the most famous buzzer-beater of all time.

Didn't lose between the first game of the ACC tournament and the nation championship game. Defeated the great Ralph Sampson an the Virginia Cavaliers twice in postseason play. They also defeated Guy Lewis's Houston Cougars for the championship.

27 2007 Florida Gators

2 in a row, can't argue with that

28 1956 San Francisco Dons
29 1998 North Carolina Tar Heels

The players on this team never had to go to class. This team should be removed from this list.

This team was amazing. It did get upset in the Final Four but was clearly the best team in the country that year and would have beat anyone in a best of 7 at least 4-1. Jamison (National Player of the Year), Carter, Cota, Williams, Haywood, Okalaja, NDiaye etc. Sad they lost.

Jamison (Player of the year), Carter, Williams, Cota, Haywood, Okalaja, N'Diaye

30 2015 Kentucky Wildcats

Kentucky was way better than Wisconsin it was just that Wisconsin was better that day.

Didn't win the title, but you can't take away a 38-0 start and an exit in the Final Four

Great season just fell a little short we'll be back next year

But they lost to Wisconsin and frank the tank

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31 1991 Michigan Wolverines

Big Michigan fan, but that team didn't even make the tournament.

32 2013 Wisconsin Badgers

They've got such a diverse team that can do everything to beat you. Each player contributes just as much as the rest. They pass and work together well, too. - Packer221

Awesome end of story

33 2014 Wichita State Shockers
34 1957 North Carolina Tar Heels

Are awesome

35 1997 Arizona Wildcats
36 2012 Clemson Tigers

If I can recall, this list is about basketball not football. - OhioStateBuckeyes

37 2013 Florida Gulf Coast Eagles

Only #15 seed to ever make it into the Sweet 16 ever

I was wondering 'WHAT THE WHAT! ' when they made it to the sweet 16

38 2015 Duke Blue Devils
39 2014 U-Conn Huskies
40 2013 Michigan State Spartans
41 1965 Texas Western

Underdogs but won vs Kentucky.WOW!

42 2011 UConn Huskies
43 1966 Texas Western

I don't consider them beating Kentucky the biggest upset in history. They were ranked #2 in the polls. It's still an upset because Kentucky was #1 - westofohio

44 2017 Georgia Bulldogs
45 93-94 Arkansas Razorbacks
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