Best Rides at Canobie Lake Park

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1 Danny DeVito Daniel Michael "Danny" DeVito Jr. is an American actor and filmmaker. He gained prominence for his portrayal of the taxi dispatcher Louie De Palma in the television series Taxi, which won him a Golden Globe and an Emmy.

I haven't gotten off this ride in 25 years. Its still the best after all this time.

He and the Yankee Cannonball are twins. It's like looking in a mirror.

V good @ canobie lake thanks danny

Thrills, chills and spills are what you can expect on this historic attraction

2 Xtreme Frisbee

On this ride, you feel like sitting on a spinning bench.

Just the best. No idea why people are saying its bad. Your stomach doesn't even feel weird. It's a cross between Zero Gravity and Pirata. Speaking of which, where are both of those items in here?.


pepa pig

3 Boston Tea Party

I think of this as the signature ride of canobie lake. It's the most unique -- watching the wall of water come down on your never gets old.

This is the best! When I went I went on it about 10 times in a row! NOT KIDDING

I nearly lost my eye on this ride.

The boston tea party is the best ride it make u feel a rush through u as u go down

4 Untamed

This is the best ride at that park I awesome thrill straight up and steep steep down and the big loop this has got to be better than the frisbee the frisbee sounds horrible because it spins. Untamed has got to be the most awesome there my 5 favorites there are
Yankee cannonball
Star blaster
Boston tea party

Straight up, straight down, then loop around, back up, then drop, last barrel roll, finally puke, then go into the station, to ride again, you must have patience!

I changed my list around a little bit my top 5 favorites I did yesterday august 8th 2014 were
1 Untamed
2 Star Blaster
3 Yankee Cannonball
4 Boston Tea Party
5 Log Flume

5 Yankee Cannonball

Simon passed out

6 Corkscrew

Hell nah

I would say this is number one

7 Wipeout
8 Starblaster

I think this one was the best because I love that feeling you get when your at the top and it really tickles your stomach sorry to say but the Extreme frisbee seems to be my enemy ride at canobie lake but the star blaster is my hero ride

This one is my favorite because I like the feeling when your at the top and it really tickles my stomach. Second of all the frisbee is my mane enemy ride at canobie lake sorry to say

9 Psycho Drome

Why is this not in the top ten? This ride is awesome. I remember when I was ten, that was the first "Thrill Ride" I've ever done.

10 Turkish Twist

I lost feeling in my limbs.

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11 Harry Potter and the Escape From Gringotts

Yep it's the best.

One of the newer ones, this ride is great for all ages.

What..? Ahahaaha

12 Twist & Shout

This ride is very underrated. It is so fun to ride that I rode it eight times! It's great if you aren't into thrill rides.

This was awesome :D

13 The Boat Tour

It's just a great classic. It's for everyone, just so peaceful. Especially at night during the firework show. A Canobie original,

14 Pirata
15 Zero Gravity

Thailand ride is amazing because it's scary that there's not much safety straps and everything because you don't need it and I love it so mich

I puked -18 times on this ride.

16 Policy Pond Log Flume

This is a classic. Been here since 1912. Good for small children and people who don't like extreme roller coasters.

17 Mine of Lost Souls

Ugh... So glad this isn't in the top ten. This ride is fine, merry, jolly, until the end... That pop-up guy is... Awful...

18 Skater

What? This isn't on here? I like the feeling when you get to the highest point and you think your going too fall when you don't you spin around agian again. So much fun

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