Best Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Episodes

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1 Treehouse of Horror V (Season Six)


I'm a huge simpsons fan and I really want to watch this episode, but I just want to know if this episode gives away The Shining. I'm currently reading it, and I haven't seen the movie, so I don't want any spoilers. Does anyone who's seen the episode know if it spoils the novel?

Oh my god the funniest treehouse of horror episode if not the funniest episode ever of the show. - Elysium

Hilarious with The Shinining, Time and Punishment, and Nightmare Cafeteria. With the classic Willy getting axed in the back moments. Easily the best Simpsons episode.

2 Treehouse of Horror VI (Season Seven)

Homer Cubed. Enough said.


3 Treehouse of Horror I (Season Two)

The like the part when the family had moved into a scary house with a Native American burial site.


The first is the best.

4 Treehouse of Horror IV (Season Five)

I like Homer at the end of "The Devil and Homer Simpson" when he's head got turned into a giant donut and keeps on eating himself. 😂

The Devil and Homer Simpson is awesome!

#7 Really! THoH XII Sucked, THoH IV is much better! - RickyReeves

5 Treehouse of Horror II (Season Three)

Although the best TOH segment is in season 7, season 3 got the best TOH episode since they're all flawless. - truespongebobfan

My favourite tree house of horror episode and it's my 7th favourite episode.

Lisa's Nightmare is the best.

Love this one.

6 Treehouse of Horror XII (Season Thirteen)

The one who hates it go back to season 2-10 you complaining jerk.

Pierce = James Bond A.I. gond mad.
- This episode was great!

I hate this one. All three are bad segments.

Pretty good toh

7 Treehouse of Horror XXII (Season Twenty-Three)

It's sorta so stupid it makes me laugh.That's not say it's 100 percent good however. - Rollingdonuts

This one is only about two weeks old but it's hilarious, although the thing with god and satan lost me a little - ofcoarseidyes123

Satan orders god to make him a cup of coffee. The episode shows that satan is in control of god because god has to go and get him one.

Great ep!

8 Treehouse of Horror VII (Season Eight)

- Lisa's Genesis Tub universe.
- Bart's evil twin Hugo Simpson.
- Homer voted for Kodos?

9 Treehouse of Horror III (Season Four)

Ned Flanders is a zombie?

10 Treehouse of Horror VIII (Season Nine)

Fly vs Fly. Enough said.

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11 Treehouse of Horror X (Season Eleven)

Last Treehouse of Horror of the 1990s.

12 Treehouse of Horror XX (Season Twenty One)

That moe skit at the end was hilarious

13 Treehouse of horror XIV (Season Fifteen)
14 Treehouse of Horror XIII (Season Fourteen)

All I have to say is maude

Peter Griffin was among the clones.
NOTE: Peter Griffin is a ripoff of Homer Simpson, and so is Family Guy a ripoff of The Simpsons. Cancel Family Guy!

15 Treehouse of Horror XXIV (Season Twenty Five)

Just for the opening sequence alone is why this should be on the list, not only that but also the hilarious Fat in the Hat in "Oh, the Places You'll D'oh! ", and the terrifying call-back in "Freaks, No Geeks" - Mutant_God

16 Treehouse of Horror XXVII (Season Twenty Eight)

I LOVE The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Franchise!

17 Treehouse of Horror XV (Season Sixteen)

First episode of Season 16. Thus, this season was part of the Season 15 production line.

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