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1 Girl

No one has a team like Girl does... Mariano, Howard, Biebel, Mike Mo, Malto, etc... KOSTON!

They've always had the best riders with all kinds of different styles. Crailtap knows what's up.

Hecka good board durability pop, and
Awesome graphics, how much more could you ask for?

I like girl because of their graphics and the pros!

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2 Toy Machine

Toy machine boards are awesome!

Very durable and take a beating

Pop lasts a long time and the graphics are sick

Come to the stagnant and still mosquito filled waters that is Toy Machine a Blood sacking company

Welcome to hell!

Toy machine will always be number 1 because they are so cool

Toy machine is the best

The toy machine boards are great and funny artsyle one of the best

3 Anti Hero

Its sick long lasting great pop, sick designs, strong a bit heavy but reliable

They were in tony hawk American wasteland awesome

A hidden gem in the skateboard world

Love them there strong

4 Enjoi

Enjoi decks rule their completes rule, and everything basically rules! Espescially there clothes

I got Enjoi boards, trucks, decks, wheels, and more. They are TOP NOTCH and they also got some pretty SWAG snapbacks too!

classic deck design, and good wood quality, number one technology, my recomended,

5 Flip

Tons of way good skaters on flip like David gonz, lance mountain, curren caples etc. Also one of the first brands to have P2 tech! Awesome decks!

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6 Habitat V 1 Comment
7 Baker

I love these boards there the best I always land my 360 flips and kick flips. There wide and look awesome

Baker is the best skateboard brand dude

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8 Creature

I love this brand it's mostly green in there words cool

9 Volcom
10 Magenta

Love this brand a hidden gem

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11 Vans

Vans is the best shoe company in the world I love wearing them

I love vans shoes there like the best shoe company

I like your shoes as well

Love vans, best skate shoe company of all time

12 Deathwish

Dude... Come on lizard kings with em

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13 Plan B

Plan b should be at number 1. Plan b is the best brand ever!

Plan b is awesome it should be #3 chocolate should be #3

Plan b's team is way better, they had P. Rod! But now they have mickay, sheckler, pudwell, pj Ladd oh ya and Danny way. Dude he jumped the grate wall of China. No one from girl did that, there boards are way better and they are more popular. Better skate gear better team better known to street skaters and vert because Danny way was a very skater and to me and my friends board graphics are better.

PS, Paul rodregez is my favorite skater.

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14 Fallen

I've never tried fallen shoes but I think I'm going to stick with vans and vans half cabs

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15 Almost

Love almost boards they parody the panda from enjoi

Cool deck graphics and last for years!

Really smooth with a thick deck

16 Lakai
17 Alien Workshop

Cool graphics and epic pop

18 DGK

Has a great team great pop and for hip hopers

Cool graphics on 'em and good pop.

19 Element

These are the best sk8 boards the only bad thing is the paint comes off easier than others

20 Real Skateboards
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