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1 Death the Kid Death the Kid

He's a really unique character

This character can be serious, strong, and hilarious all at the same time. He knows how to fight and in some of his fights like him against Blackstar and Soul he seemed totally calm and not even that interested. But the symmetry thing, I can't get over it, I laugh every time. Overall he is a really interesting and well done character. Oh and in the English Dub he's voiced by TODD HABERKORN. It's one of the few dub voices I found fitting in the show. That gives him some extra points.

He is death lord son

He is perfection

2 Maka Albarn Maka Albarn Maka Albarn (マカ・アルバーン, Maka Arubān) is a Scythe-Meister and the daughter of Spirit Albarn and his ex-wife. After witnessing her father cheating, she was inspired by her mother and she became determined to follow in her footsteps and became a Meister. Maka partnered up with the "Demon more.

Uh what? Maka is so irritating to the CORE! All she does is complain, whining, "SOoooOuUuUUuLLlLll, I need your help with _insert something no ones cares about-" And they make the others seem so low life Maka APPEARS the best. What a crybaby too. Like, for real, Tsubaki is the real Star (HA! THAT WAS UNINTENTIONAl) here, like, stop, feed me.

Such a beautiful spirit and character that can't be ignored by anyone! She is definitely the most independent, ambitious, and overall clever character in the series. Her broken home, that most of the time in anime/manga is shown as depressing, sheds light on the humorous side and from someone with a broken home, it lets me appreciate the diversity. Her relationship with Soul is one every girl on the planet wants and adores. They are so different, yet so similar that it is no wonder they work so well together. Overall, Maka should always be #1 on this list, but I guess #3 will suffice for now.

She is by far the brightest and strongest of the team, and she doesn't even realize it due to her own insecurities. Insecurities which Black Star uses to demean her and put her down. Thankfully Soul was always there to help pick up the pieces. Those same insecurities often held her back, distracted and lead her to make mistakes, but despite all that, she still manages to prove herself constantly throughout the series by always being the hammer that takes out the biggest baddies.

Who doesn't love a strong cute girl like Maka? I don't get why she's called annoying and a crybaby, she's just showing her emotions like any other human would. I mean, I would be sad if I couldn't protect the ones I love. Truthfully, I think we should all try to be like Maka sometimes. We should all try and be brave.

3 Soul Eater Evans Soul Eater Evans

Love his voice and personality

Soul has to be for sure on of the best characters in Soul Eater. His personality is so complex and twisted, making him so fascinating to see grow. And the fact that Soul is always the one encouraging others to believe in themselves but is internally being ripped apart by the demon that is his own self doubt makes him one of my favorite characters in all of anime in general.

How the hell is he not #1?!?! He be look 'in fine! And the best part about him is that him and Maka would make a very cute couple! He is also the b far hottest cool guy I've ever seen. And I'm not looking for a relationship so that's saying something.

He's too damn sexy.

4 Franken Stein Franken Stein

I love this odd way. Also he is just a different character which makes him so cool.

There is no other way to put this, he is a daddy, and in my opinion should be number 1

Smoking hot

So funny and super, super attractive. He's got so many problems, but they only build onto the character. He's crazy, and that's his whole personality. He can't hide it. He can be laid back though, and we're all aware that he's fallen for Spirit.

5 Crona Crona

I highly repect him and I understand that he insane but however no matter what happens to him I always be there for him and also crona is my favorite character that I know of and I strongly to believe that crona is very much brave and I believe I think of it and now I know I can understand he's going through


Crona is so adorable. Spoiler warning, when he "died" trying to save Maka's life, I was completely TOUCHED, and upset. When I found out he wasn't dead after all, I rejoiced! Crona makes Soul Eater, SOUL EATER, because every cute anime charcater sticks out the most in any anime. Crona, MOVE HIM HIGHER!

Crona is probably the cutest character in Soul Eater. He/she is such a sad character and you can't help but want to give her/him a hug.

6 Tsubaki Nakatsukasa Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

Tsubaki is one of the more soft spoken and caring characters and I am surprised she is not voted higher. definitely more mature than the others.

How is Tsubaki not on tops. She has the kindest heart and she also is a good friend to have if the soul eater world is real

Tsunami is just an honest soul. She is so soft spoken. That's what makes her such a good character. She can also fight really really seem. Although not better than Blackwater or death the kid. She could very well beat maka in a fight.

She's sweet and kind, and no, she's not a Mary Sue, she has problems that she's dealing with. The important thing is that she knows how to handle and deal with Black Star ( for some odd reason he's my second favourite and I'm not sure why... ) She's literally the only person that can keep Black Star stable and her Bad-Assery levels are way up here!

7 BlackStar BlackStar

I can understand why you'd dislike him if you just watched the anime. But in the manga he's definitely the best character (in my opinion) and has the best character development out of everyone.

The best most real character for me who just doesn't let anyone dictate what he can do, specially maka soul getting used pathethically by her and him allowing it was just so sad to watch

I get why people wouldn't like him. He's loud and annoying after all. But something about him just makes me hold him close to my heart. - MilesRS777

Though BlackStar is not my favorite character, I can definitely see why people like him and honestly, I like him better than Tsubaki. With a dishonorable heritage he grew up with by birth and his drive to beat god, you would think that his already developed character couldn't possibly be any better. But then you see how he beats himself up the most out of the group when he fails and how beneath his hard exterior he has a side that is loving and protective of his friends. Truly a wonderful character. Of course, no none's better than Maka.

8 Death

Does anyone not see the Kid connection with this rank?

Well just look at his soul

He's... DEATH. Tell me that that isn't totally awesome.

He is so hilarious and badass!

9 Liz Thompson

The Thompson sisters are my absolute favorite weapons, along with being partnered with my absolute favorite meister. The group dynamic between the three is absolutely priceless, but out of the two sisters, I have to choose Liz. The way she puts up with the other two to keep them all in balance makes for some of my favorite conversations in the series. If I had to pick my favorite writing element in Soul Eater, it would no doubt be the character relationships.

Liz is probably my favorite female character in the whole show and manga, I need to point out that her character design was pretty much awesome.To the way she can blast pistels out of her sister patty, be smart, act brave, be frightened at times is just cool, be pretty, and most of all deal with Kid when he's in his cute symmetry tantrums is pretty cool of her. Not to mention she's NOT annoying or useless, she has a bright future a head..

#cana She's one of my favorites, but PATTY...

10 Medusa Gorgon Medusa Gorgon

She is very sexy, charismatic and cool. One of the best anime villains.

Although I hate the way she treats/treated Crona, I'm somewhat neutral with her because I think she makes a good villain.

Medusa is awesome character. This is how all villians should be.

The Contenders

11 Spirit Albarn Spirit Albarn

Spirit is a pretty sick character, I mean not only is he funny but he's a funny perverted dude and we all know a good show needs one of those. Not only that but if no one noticed he's strong as well. Maybe he should be a little more higher...

Maka! Laugh out loud... Spirit rocks... Definitely with his relationship with Stein-kun

Spirit has been a character we've known from the beginning to the end. He may be a cheater, but he is really trying hard to keep Maka safe. And let's all be honest, he definitely has a "thing" with Stein

Just... Spirit. Seriously, guys, it's Spirit. He's just awesome like that.

12 Patty Thompson

Patty is one amazing character because she's usually the only one that keeps a smile on her face usually because I the times she suffered before becoming one of death the kids weapon

She's totally not high enough on the list! If Liz is in the Top 10 she should be too, they work perfectly together with Kid in battle.

Season 2 when Liz tells Patty to get Kid energetic and excited and motivated,she introduces one of the best anime lines. "Get your was moving, damn you."

She is the best! My fave! Thompson sisters don't get that much attention people!

13 Excalibur

my son

He needs more votes! FOOLS!

FOOL he should be number 1 - Jax_dot_com

People say he's annoying, but he's funny sometimes. He reminds me of a plague mask...

14 Blair Blair

Definitely not my favorite, but there's no denying I like this character; she's an awesome friend, a good fighter, and best of all, I think at some points in the show she could even fill the role of the mother.

Best girl


Only thing is she ruined Spirit Albarn's gift to Maka.

15 Asura

Asura isn't bad he's insane so if he's 24 just because he's bad not cool dude but I like his. What can I say I go after the weird ones

Take him, leave him, I'll bottle him up and eat him.

I don't think he's as weird as Stanken-Franken Stein. - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai


16 Marie Mjolnir
17 Sid Barett
18 Mifune

He is best!

Mifune should at least be at top 5.. People forgot about this guy because he got killed to early on the manga.

He is kawaii and its heart touching in the parts where he is with Angela I'm surprised he is in 16th place. And who couldn't love a samurai. I want him as my body guard!

19 Marie

She's cool.

20 Eruka Frog

One of my best girls

I love how she’s so smart and a witch and yet seems to have so many normal problems. I dunno, she just seems so relatable.

Personality you grow to love to bad is evil

she's cute

21 Justin Law

I have a fondness for this character, partly because he is a priest and partly because I find his earbud thing cool. He is a very strong character (he became a Deathscythe at age 13 without a meister) and he's funny and cool at the same time. My only disappointment is what happened to him in the manga. I like Soul Eater, but I feel like Atsushi Ohkubo could have done better on Justin Law and Mifune.

22 Ragnarok

Ragnarok is dead hilarious why is he 23?!

How is Ragnarok number 23? I love Ragnarok, he is funny, strong, and adorable, for real

Ragnorak is hilarious how is he down here

23 Kishin

There can be more than one Kishin. Therefore, it's merely impossible to say Lishin is the best if there's more than one.

24 Gopher

Gopher is one of the villains in the manga series. He does whatever Noah tells him to do, if he slips up once, he is assured a punishment from Noah. He is neglected by Noah, and taken for granted by Noah.

W mouth

25 The Shaking Bartender

The bartender that appeared in the second excalibur episode. The one that wouldn't stop shaking the drink? He's not my favorite, but he's hysterical in that episode

26 Giriko

Chainsaw formerly of Arachnophobia.

27 Sun

He laughs at black stars stupidety tots FUNNIE

28 Tsugumi Harudori

I love her!

29 Meme Tatane
30 Anya Hepburn
31 Angela
32 Akane Hoshi

He's such a cutie *-* 茜☆星[Akane☆Hoshi] All The Way❤︎

33 White Star

He is badass

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