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1 Vijay Joseph Vijay, better known mononymously as Vijay, is an Indian film actor and playback singer who works in Tamil cinema and his films dubbed into Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and Mandarin Chinese. He is one of the highest paid actors in Tamil cinema.

Vijay is the mass! He went through a struggle.. But o well - every actor goes through it at once point in their careers as a actor ( ex. Ajith, vikram, and surya ). Velyudum is going to be a hit, nanban BLOCKBUSTER, and vijay film with goutham menon is going to be MASS

Vijay " The one and only result oriented hero" he is the mass hero in the tamil film industry next to our ever super star Thalaivar Rajnikanth...

Vijay is the good dancer, good friend for all, so I like a vijay, thanks for a god to gave a beautiful actor and brother to tamil industry

Vijay is the best in everything. No one can beat him in anything. Surely he is the next super star. Every hero should learn dance from him. Not only dance but everything. This is just my personal view.
I request other actor's fans, especially ajith fans that not to fight with vijay or any other actor's fans. Every actors are the best in their own styles. So don't comment on other actors. Please. I like ajith too and also all the other actors. But my first priority is to vijay.

2 Ajith Kumar Ajith Kumar (born 1 May 1971) is an Indian film actor best known for his work in Tamil cinema. He is one of the most successful actor in Tamil Cinema. In addition to his acting, Ajith Kumar in a sabbatical, participated in the 2004 British Formula 3 season as a Formula Two racing driver and was ranked more.

Ajith will win this Thala ajith rocks

A man without any publicity or show-off like other hero's next to Rajnikanth..! Came to the industry without anybody's help..!

Ajith sir is a real life hero.
He is a man of self-confidence . He has helped many people withouth publicity. He is also a car racer , bike racer , photographer , chef and drone specialist . He has got many awards in car race.

A real life hero. A man of discipline. Role model for most of the young blood. One of the finest performer on screen. A man with loads of will power. Never say "no" hearted human. Known for his huge openings. A humble soul. Knows to respect other human irrespective of their social status. A simple common man. Out spoken. Multi talented. Only Indian actor to hold a pilot license. A great cook. F3 racer. An aero modeller. A professional photographer. A man loved by everyone on sets. A man with zero ego and attitude. A successful hero with no backup from family members. A mechanic to start with. A man who does loads of help with no publicity. One of the best looking Asian actor on Blazers. Only actor to look good with grey hair. Actor who got other actors as fans after Rajni. The only actor to dissolve the fan club and yet to lose a single fan of his. Never lost his fans till date even during the worst period. We love you a lot for the way you are Thala. Proud to be your Fan. If you are ...more

3 Rajinikanth Rajinikanth (born 12 December 1950) is an Indian film actor who works primarily in Tamil cinema and is considered as Super Star of Kollywood after M. G. Ramachandran. After earning ₹26 crore (equivalent to ₹55 crore or US$8.2 million in 2016) for his role in Sivaji (2007), he was the highest paid more.

Rajinikanth deserves to be on the top... The tremendous practice and hardwork he had done in his early days of his career may not be known to everyone.. One can definitely say that the amount of talent present in him is more than the sum of the talents present in all the actors like kamal, vijay, surya, etc.. One can feel this by watching his earlier movies where his acting is definitely on par with giant actors like sivaji, kamal, etc... He has done many serious roles in his earlier movies like mullum malarum, 6-60, etc.. When we watch all of his movies, we will see that the styles of the present day actors like vijay, ajith, surya has its domain in rajini! Above all, in spite of all his fame and stardom which is now in world level, his simplicity and humbleness makes him great for ever... The way he balances his spirituality and his stardom must be contemplated before comparing him with actors like vijay, ajith, etc.. Finally, I would say that rajinikanth is definitely an ...more

Padayappa, Chandramugi, Sivaji, Enthiran these are record break block buster movies! Who can break it except Superstar RAJNI...?

Rajnikanth should be placed on the top of the tree.. What did vijay do in the film industry other copying styles of various artistes.. The only thing he does to perfection is dance.. Is that the criteria you chose to select your number one in Tamil Cinema.. Kamal at number 5! So sad that you people have forgot the definition for an actor.. And the everest of indian cinema placed at number 4! What a shame that you guys have voted this crap called Joseph Vijay as number 1 in tamil cinema..

I was born on 1989 why I'm telling this is because I dint get a chance to watch superstar on screens in early 70's I'm much worried about that but once I got chance to watch my thala rajini's movie in theatre that's anamalai that was critical moment cause I begged my father and rolled on road dust to see the movie I was bet severely by my father, he wasn't able to console and control me finally he took me to movie... What I'm trying to tell is only one hero who can make the kids, elders, granny's, grandpa pull them toward him

4 Surya Sivakumar

He is really hard working person & He looks like hero I would say...
He is having good face to accommodate all the character...
He is having good enough attitude to listen seniors...
For sure he will become good hero in south India...

He's one of the precious gem that can be found. Surya is a really versatile and handsome actor... Why still not yet give him a title... I would suggest six pack nayagan

Hard working person and choosing the best movie that suits him and entertain the viewers

He is such an awesome actor, a humble human being who dedicates so much for his films and contributes a lot to the community. He is such a good actor, and does perfect films with wonderful message for the society. Agaram foundation has helped lots of people to change their lives into better ones. He is such a talented actor and a has a very kind soul.

5 Kamal Haasan Kamal Haasan is an Indian film actor, screenwriter, director, producer, playback singer, choreographer, lyricist, philanthropist and dancer who works primarily in the Tamil film industry.

He is definitely one of the world's best actors comparable with marlon brando, jim carry, harrison ford and mel gibson.. Also he is one of the best directors of the world and a top class film maker in all respect... You can nowhere catch a man like him acting for 54 years and still with top position and large followers and multifaced actor, given blockbusters in all 5 languages he acted... Highest number of filmfare awards and many national awards and highest number of films represented for oscar entry from India.. Actor, Director, Producer, Script and screenplay writer, choreographer, playback singer, lyricist and manymore..

Hi everybody, Please don't compare the Legend versatile actor, with kids like Vijay, we have some dignity with whom we compare.! Please..!

All is well, Focusing only the Business for earning Money, that they want any one guy, who is currently familiar, to run business.

Previous Mr. Rajinikanth, (But he came with many hurdles, so we should concern & respect him), Now the blank place for trying to Nominate by forcefully.

Vijay, Ajith, Rajni may top list because of them being the most liked but when it comes to acting none can deny that Kamal hasaan,a man born for Srinivasan and Rajalakshmi had sculptured himself into a ideal for acting. After watching his acting, direction, screenplay, production, etc, no one can dare to deny the fact that he is the best of all actors in India from all times. Studying just 10th he is now a man of great knowledge, wisdom, public service, helping tendency and acting.I personally consider him as one of the definition for Tamil cinema. My role model.

Kamal haasan is undoubtedly the best ACTOR this world has ever seen, and I say this as a vijay fan. He may be not as popular as his contemporaries, but an actor should be judged based on his talent, which is why I place him at the top, followed by rajini, surya-vikram-dhanush, ajith, then vijay (still waiting for an outsstanding performance from you thalaivaa)

6 Sivaji Ganesan

Of course Sivaji is an actor par excellence. It is actually an honour only for all awards to reach him than for him to acquire awards. He is the first Indian to have acquired the an International Award in the movie "Veera Pandia Kattabomman" and probably the first to have been praised as far better by Marlon Brando, 3 time Oscar Award winner, himself in the United States. He confessed Sivaji can act like him but not him like Sivaji. That's the greatest accolade for India for having given birth to an extraordinary son with unmatched exceptional quality of acting talent.

The present genration should see some of his black and white movie and then participate in this voting. Sivaji should be the number one in India if not in the wrold. He only introduced the different style for different characters. His lip movement for carnatic songs in movies is unbelievable. The doyen of carnatic music Chemmangudi could not beive that TMS was singing for Sivaji. Once Kanchi Periyavar was wondering why his photo was printed in cinema poster on seeing sivaji as Appar in Thiruvarutchelvar poster. Had he born in USA he would have been number one there beating Marlin Brando

I have never been amazed (other than Vikram) more and felt so proud and so involved in a film by sheer acting skills. Sivaji Ganesan is and will remain unmatched for years to come

He is the God of Tamil cinema. An actor whose acting reached all over western world way before bollywood got any popularity outside india

7 Dhanush Venkatesh Prabhu, better known by his stage name Dhanush, is an Indian film actor, producer, director, writer, lyricist, screenwriter and playback singer who usually works in Tamil cinema. Dhanush's first film was Thulluvadho Ilamai, a 2002 coming-of-age film directed by his father, Kasthuri Raja.

One of the most Finest Actor in India. He has great ability of living as the character in the Film. He is a Versatile Actor. Multifaceted Human who succeeds in any department he enters eg:-Acting,Direction, Lyricist, Producer, Dancer,etc... He has introduced many aspiring actors in Tamil Cinema.

Of course there are legends in tamil cinema but no one can do what dhanush did he's a pure artist of current generation he's the best undoubtedly being one of the highest paid star doing scenes like apology scene in asuran & bathroom scene in vada chennai shows his dedication and passion towards cinema hail his art tamil cinema doesn't need legendary actors like rajini or kamal to save art of acting it needs natural actors like dhanush.

Dhanush is the only actor who can make a Kollywood movie look like a Hollywood movie, the guy has got talent, he is master when it comes to adapt to any role, of all the tamil actors who I have seen, Dhanush performance should be side by side with the Great kamal Haasan, and Vikram, 3 actors who can adapt to any role, But dhanush is a Gem, I'm a person who watches a lot of English movies, But when I saw Dhanushes performance from Kadal Kondein to movies like VIP, Maryaan, Moonu etc etc etc, pudupettai-(the scene where he gets hammered and still asks for it is priceless) this guy simply brings the best in Tamil Movies and his songs and Lyrics, dance, everything is Amazing, a truly blessed actor. I vote his devotion, performance, and an amazing classy person that ever walked the carpets of kollywood!

Dhanush the future of superstar.. He has the talent and also he his the son in law of superstar.. He rocks for ever.. He has won a national award...

8 Vikram Kennedy

He is best actor in tamil film industry. No replace for this actor. Very hard worker creative new making of acting in current film industry. Then very reality acting action movie any one character is acting very beauty...

Why are people like ajith and vijay even at the top? They don't even act, the only reason they're so popular is because they act in those stupid movies with cool stunts and music. Like they don't even do those stunts either, they're done by doubles. This generation is spiraling downward. Honestly, Vikram is probably the probably THE best actor in the Tamil film industry(apart from Kamal maybe). He's acted in so many different roles and pulled them all off flawlessly.

He is a really a mass hero in Tamil industry. His dedication and hard work proves that he is the best of all actors. Different thinkings, different characters in each films will set him in a high position and acquires the role model of all new actors. I agreed the following points "He is really a versatile among the lot in point of performance"

Vikram goes to such effort to make things work - in one word, he's hardworking. No one can come near him when it comes to the effort he puts into films. You only have to watch 'I' to comprehend that. Girls diet till death but they couldn't lose all that weight like vikram did -for a film- AND THEN LOSE IT ALL! Not only this but he's handsome, and a good actor and so down-to-earth too.

9 Silambarasan Rajendar

Versatile but not on track... Born actor. He is destined for bigger things, but he spoils himself... He has got the most loyal fan base after Rajni and Ajith. Probably the most versatile after Kamalhassan. Many rates his abilities as an actor above or at equal at the least to the likes of suriya, dhanush. Having said all these, he has not reached the places his contemporaries like Dhanush has.. that's a shame on him... Tamil cinema shouldn't let loose a great talent. Many don't like him, but many would agree with what I have told above.

Simbhu-multi talented, he directed movie in his 19 th age, he knows editing, directing, acting, directing, lyrics, msic composition. He did all in his movies, real mlti talented here, added to this he is a dancer

Simbu is one of the most popular and leading actor in Tamil industry.He is multi talented artist and he plays several roles in cinema to cover the Dancing, singing his own songs, song writer, dialogue deliveries, album specialist, philanthropist and too playboy catch the young girls heart.and he is mass...

One of the worst ever. Always arrogant trying to show off even though he's talentless. Dhanush kicks his ass, dhanush is more successful, more talented, seems to have better personality, and has the woman of simbhus dreams.

10 Karthi Karthik Sivakumar, better known by his stage name Karthi, is an Indian film actor who works primarily in the Tamil film industry.

He is known for his simplicity. Please do follow this karthik even when you achieve greater heights in your life. Wish you a happy married life

He is good a hearted person. He maintains good relationship with others. He wont hurt any one while he talk. He is a good son for his parents

He is the real actor in Tamil. His Action are mind blowing... What an actor! Then He is the most Handsome star in Tamil... We Love KARTHI... You are the hero.

He is a rocking star he is very simple man I want to meet my hero karthi please fans vote for him and please karthi sir act many films to beat other heroes in Tamil. Kollywood is boring without your movie. I like karthi so much.

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11 Sivakarthikeyan Sivakarthikeyan is an Indian actor, comedian, playback singer, producer and lyricist who works in Tamil films.

Sivakarthikeyan is my favourite hero.
His movie are very nice.
He is good person.
He is the most talented person and he is the good actor.
I love sivakarthikeyan

Sivakarthikeyan is my favorite hero, singer,dancer,lyric writer,producer.
He done a great work in remo.
His movies are very very nice.
He is a good person,human being.
I love sivakarthikeyan Bro.
8 years of sk fan only.
His simplicity attracts all.
He is the one "prince of kollywood ".
The reason for he is become a producer is "ToHis friend dreams become true".
Kids ara love sivakarthikeyan.
I love sivakarthikeyan

He I the most talented person and he is the very good actor.
I'm made fan of Sivakartikeyan.
I love Sivakartikeyan for his comedy and action.
Also for his acting.

He is the Best Entertainer and best Commercial actor. Youngsters roll model. Everybody like this person. Also Kids like this person. He is Producing best Commercial and family Entertaining Movies.Girls are like Sivakarthikeyan. He is Produce the Kanaa Movie in 2018. He is Talents are Actor,Lyricst,Singer, Producer. He is the Mimicary artist in Vijay T.V. Channel. Best popular Person in tamilnadu. He is the Social Service Provider.

12 Aarya

His willingness, versatility and the best honest personality not just on screen but in real life.

I like very much arya was a great star in India. He was really great. I like you so much

Arya is a hard working man he is one of the person we can say who came to top by his confidence

Arya is a superb actor and damn good looking..I love him

13 Ram Charan Teja

He is very decent actor and very good dancer and he will become a number 1 star in telugu industry

Charan my cute and best actor after suriya

He is very good dancer and actor. That's it.

Most talented hero

14 Vijay Sethupathi Vijaya Gurunatha "Vijay" Sethupathi, is an Indian film actor, producer, lyricist, and dialogue writer who works in Tamil films.Following a stint as an accountant, Sethupathi began considering an acting career.

He is simple superb in what he does and he is the only actor is the world to sya that he don't want his fans to follow or spend money for him ex poster for his movie, watching his movie 1st day with a struggle on there life. he also said all his fans that go learn and do their work don't follow me follow your family and friends and learn and earn money hardwork. Movies is just for entrainment number 1 tells like this he is the man of casual and real good man

Excellent find from South film industry. I am pretty sure he'll find success in whatever he steps in. Very very versatile. I am from Pune and I can follow a little Tamil but I watch all his movies.

He is the future number 1 actor and mass hero of all time. Believe that!
Very good and casual he is real life hero in his personality.
He is very different then all other heros in the universe

I like him because of his casual acting

15 Suriya Saravanan Sivakumar, better known by his stage name Suriya, is an Indian film actor, producer and television presenter, who is currently working in the Tamil film industry.

He is the most good looking actor and also talented. He is a versilite actor.The only thing is he does not have a die hard fans among masses. But he is the most desired one. He also has more number of fans next to mahesh babu who is super star in telugu

Surya uncle is an smart actor. In my family everyone likes surya uncle. And now recently an movie came called " ANJAAN " I love that movie. He is an very good actor and I like him very much.

He is a very good person I like you very much

I love you suriya because, you are hundred of handsomest person and you cutest smile o god I am die... you are a simply good man

16 Mammootty Mammootty is an Indian film actor and producer best known for his work in the Malayalam film industry .

Complete actor of the world. Mega star of the world. Mega actor. Face of Indian Cinema. These are the titles given to this acting legend. Most versatile actor ever produced. His Tamil films like Thalapathy, Anandam, Makkal Atchi, Kandukonden Kandukonden and his latest Peranbu shows how versatile he is being in tamil film industry.

The acting full original 3 time national awards winner

Just watch Thalapathy(1993), Kandukodain Kandukodain, Makkal Aatchi, Aanadham, Mounam Sammadam, Peranbu(2019)(most IMDb rated Tamil film) can see the best range of acting from these films...Acted 15 Tamil films...most successful Malayalam actor in Tamil film

Mega star, ever green star mamooty

17 Jeeva

Jeeva is the hottest person I have ever seen and I love him no matter what people say. I like all your movies and I wiill continue to support you. Hope your movie yaan will be a blockbuster hit! I love you JEEVA! "

Jeeva is the most handsome hero! He is good in acting! He is a positive thinker and a broad minded person! I love his film rowthiram very much and it is a mass film...

I like c your movie neethane en ponvasantham..
... Your acting like real love n affection

He z a fantastic actor ever I like you too much jeeva. KO z your ever best movie I love KO

18 Santhanam

Hard worker in his life...such a role model to youth for present generation.. Santhanam always next level...a real hero with support he got the place in film industry

Santhanam uncle is an very big comedian. I laugh like hell when I see his comedy. He is an very good comedian. I like him very much.

He is a great actor with all skill especially with humour which most of the actors have

I like him very much as he is acting is best and as so so stylish than other

19 R. Madhavan

He is always the chocolate hero in among women heart. Maddy always have good acting and versatile hero. I love to watch thambi movie because that film show good message to society. Finally I would like to said (come on maddy please give more quality film ).

Madhavan is one of the best and most hardworking actors in india. His film selection is superb and he is very charming

His smile is appealing to everyone. His acting is natural. He deserves all the praise, applause and fans.

Could have been the next superstar with his good looks and acting but he miss it.

20 Jayam Ravi

One of the coolest actor I ever see, Always my favourite actor,and Top 1 in my list, Thank you Sir, for giving us entertainment movies in this kollywood, Hope you will rock in upcoming films

He is the multi talented actor mastering in every joners in every films more over he is an awesome fit for movies emphasizing social values due to his ultimate dialogue delivary and acting,further he is also most romantic hero in Tamil industry.

The most Hansome who can handle different genres of movies. His dancing skills are mind blowing. Engeyum Kadhal all time favorite

One of the best tamil actor. His acting in his each movie is speechless. Hats off to you sir.

21 Vishal Krishna

Vishal is my favourite actor in Tamil he is 1 and only real hero in cinema and in our society because he helps so many peoples.
Vishal is Real Hero and Next Super Star hero in tamil

Great come back by Pandiya Nadu film.. He changed his total character.. Directors bala shankar mani ratnam are appreciated his performance in the movie.. Bala also going to do a film for him so in future he will become best..

Vishal started off great with movies like sandaikozhi thimiru but the last couple of years nothing from him.. He better soon deliver a hit or jeeva is going to take over him.

His acting skills are superb - especially in the film Poojai. I love that one because it had full action and some comedy as well. His upcoming movie is Marudhu so wonder how that goes...

22 Vadivelu

Great comedian. He helps a lot to overcome stress. Want to see more of vadivelu "s jokes in future movies.

Vaigaikuyal is the great comedy actor in the India.

The most Hilarious Comedy to be ever seen on a screen

We are waiting back again in screen...

23 Bharath Bharath is an Indian film actor, working predominantly in the Tamil film industry along with a few films in Malayalam, Hindi and Telugu.

He is talented but he doesn't get supports from other. He will soon get a best place in south Indian cinema

Bharath is one of the most talented actor in South Indian cinema. better than so called famous actors.

He is a very good actor, but the only reason he is not as famous as the other actors because he does not have any connections in Tamil cinema

No this answer is wrong, he has all the connection, but he got greedy which most actors mistake and it will just disappear in the shadow.

24 M. G. Ramachandran Marudur Gopalan Ramachandran (17 January 1917 – 24 December 1987), popularly known as MGR, was an Indian actor. He is regarded as one of the most influential actors of the Tamil film industry. He dominated Tamil Film Industry for three decades as a Super Star after M.K.Thaygaraja Bhagavathar. He made more.

He should be in no 1st position if you don't believe me you go to and see who ranks 1st in INDIA. still his movies after 40 years also giving competetion to all the heroes. the one and only "BOX OFFICE KING" OF TAMIL CINEMA is MGR. It going to be more than 30 Years he died but no one can touch his STARDOM still in TAMILCINEMA. More over he is GOD for many people including me in TAMILNADU. my kind opinion please don't compare him with any heroes. Thank You

One in a million...par excellent! Genius! Master of silabam and martial arts... films project Human Values which is quint essential for life. Love his movies... Golden heart...darling if the masses.

He is the first actor to become CM of Tamil nadu. (Throughout world). Again, he is the first person to win the election in India, while who was admitted in america due to sick health.

Superb hero I have ever seen

25 Karthik Murali Karthikeyan Muthuraman (born 13 September 1960), best known by stage name Karthik, is an Indian film actor, playback singer and politician. He is the son of actor R. Muthuraman. He has also appeared in some Telugu films. Karthik has been the recipient of the Tamil Nadu State Film Awards and the more.

Versatile actor..
Don't reflect shadow of any other actors..

Best actor
Nadipu navrasam

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