Best Things About Minecraft

Minecraft is an awesome game, and there are many great things about it. Here are the best out of all of them.

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1 Building Structures

Building takes a very loong time, but usually your result is having a home!

I really like building in Minecraft, especially cool structures like mansions and bridges. - allamassal

Especially when you finish a huge, detailed structure, the feeling of success is awesome. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Takes too much time, Too slow, Then there's trolls who break everything - B1ueNew

2 Playing With Friends

I love playing with my friends cause it's just boring playing Minecraft by yourself

Playing with friends is fun and you get more done

I usually get a lot of bullies and lovey-doveys.

Well none of my friends play Minecrap. - B1ueNew

3 Adventuring

There is no story. Before you say "MINECRAFT STORY MODE! " No. That's a completely different game you need to buy separately. - B1ueNew

That's kinda what makes it fun. Reality can be whatever you want. - protobro

4 Mining

Especially when you find diamond, emerald, or something else cool. - allamassal

Mining is my life

It's so boring. - B1ueNew


5 Surviving
6 Naturally Generated Buildings

Sure...I mean the Shipwrecks are cool but I can never find the Treasure.

7 Creative Mode

Why hate this building is for everyone - MChkflaguard_Yt

It's basically a Cheat mode.

No its not, you can make building a lot easier, and practise redstone. If you think it is cheat mode, then you lack building skills and imagination - MChkflaguard_Yt

Probably the worst thing about this awful game. - Therandom


8 Fighting The Enderdragon

I actually beat the Ender Dragon in Survival twice! - allamassal

9 The Mission

What is this?

10 All the Mods

Mods are the best. - DaimaoPPK

Well I can't use mods on PS4 so... - B1ueNew

The Contenders

11 Fighting Monsters
12 You get to be creative

This needs to be in the top ten. This game is about "Imagination." *makes rainbows with hands*

I love minecraft because you can't make mistakes it is all about creativity this should be number 1!

13 You Can Tame Pets
14 It Lets You Build Anything You Want
15 Redstone

It's electricity!

16 Mobs Which Makes the Game Harder
17 You Can Install Thousands of Mods

Not on PS4. - B1ueNew

18 It's Fun

Really? That's an option?

19 Finding Herobrine

Fake crap that little kids believe. - B1ueNew

That would be scary!

Herobrine. Is. Fake. - MChkflaguard_Yt

20 Doing the Tutorial

Making the minigame of finding all 12 discs

21 Sheer Number of Blocks
22 Multiplayer

Multiplayer is just really bad. - B1ueNew

23 Burning Things
24 Keeps Evolving

I love allbof the updates exept for crappy 1.9 because it was too fantasy like wings? bruh exept for the sheilds and new arrows and mabye the dual weilding thosw were ok but all that of shulkers and another end eww

25 You Have to Survive from Monsters
26 Making Explosions

Free demolishing!

27 You Can Set You Spawn Point
28 Killing Mobs
29 The Gorgeous Graphics

No it is terrible, blocky clouds? Think of it - MChkflaguard_Yt

30 Building Homes to Live in
31 It's Controlled by Keyboard and Mouse
32 You Can Get Your Stuff Back If You Die

That's a good thing!

33 You Can Make Fun Roller Coasters

Whe...! I like making amusement parks. Kiddie land, Horror land, Food court, Arcade, etc. can make a good park together.

34 It's Educational
35 Unique Mobs
36 Staying up at Night
37 Survival Mode
38 Blowing Things Up
39 Skin Options

Buy skins or customize them!

40 Mining in Caves

This is fun, but with ambience, it makes it creepier.

41 Mini-games
42 You Can Make Servers

That is good with friends or public. I don't like public servers because of bullies and idiots.

43 Different Game Modes
44 Inspires Creativity

That's the point of the game!

45 Maps/Mods/Texture Packs
46 Making Friends
47 Making Your Own Servers
48 Killing Creepers Before They Explode
49 Fun for Anyone

Not for me. - B1ueNew

50 You Can Do Whatever You Want

Sry because I use all caps lock.

Sry. I suppose to type 10

Yep. It's true.

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