Best Valentine's Day Gifts

The best gifts to get your sweetheart on this special day.

The Top Ten

1 Locket Necklace With a Picture of Both of You
2 Flowers

Don't force others to buy you chocolate, grab some flowers!

They will work best...
She'll Love them and when she will smell them that will the best moment for me...
Honey I brought you flowers...
Best of luck everyone for valentine's Prepare well...
And one more thing old but common laugh out loud... - rock64011

3 Romantic Vacation
4 Spa Treatment
5 Diamond Earrings

I don't want flowers I want diamonds!
This should be no. 1 keep it real.

6 Music Box
7 Her Favorite Perfume

So you’re saying I smell bad?

8 Chocolates

I want chocolate. But its gotta have no artifical flavors or colors added to it!

Chocolate is delicious it is even better if you give it to yer girl in a heart shapes box just don't put it on the floor during the night when it's mice season had that happen to me b for what the hell is lingerie.

Chocolates taste delicious! It would be a perfect gift, and better if they are heart shaped and your favorite!

9 Lingerie

Definitely the sexiest idea. But make sure you buy this when you and your girlfriend are in your own house!

Hot damn. That's really all there is to it I think... I mean, come on. Lingerie is sexy, no? Yeah. You know it is.

10 Phone

The Contenders

11 Video Games

I would actually like games for valentines day! I think this should be loved by girls all over the world! Especially me! Imma nerdy girl

12 Fresh Fruit Edible Arrangement
13 Cute Teddy Bear
14 Jewelry
15 Evening Out
16 Sensual Body Products
17 Candy
18 A Whole Day Together
19 A Wedding Proposal
20 Computer
21 A Poem

Written by You of course! Some heart melting phrases, clever rhymes and most important - description of your true feelings. Yea, Imma give Her mine!

22 A Kiss
23 Protected Sex
24 A Picture
25 DVDs
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