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221 DarkSquidge
222 Spencer FC

Best YouTuber ever... he puts a LOT of effort in his videos
if you like FIFA and football I suggest you go and subscribe to him

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223 thebrainscoop
224 greenscorpion64
225 ElectricUnicycleCrew
226 Dtoth09
227 The Canadian Studmuffin
228 Kartoon Management
229 AnimeAmericaPodcast V 3 Comments
230 Lazy Game Reviews
231 BFvsGF

There is no way bfvsgf is all the way down here with 7 million subscribers

PVP SAN! Where's the dope fresh nation at? On your way, LIKE NYLAH KITTY on Facebook!

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232 phantomstrider8

He Is the best cartoon top 10 list maker ever did you know his actually Australian

Not many people know him, but some of his top 10 lists are pretty funny when he shows his reaction.

Best YouTuber

233 OfficialNerdCubed

He is so cool and funny! There's a thing on the celling and it's shooting me, now it's dead like all it's friends someone broke this screen that's sad. :(

How is this not on the list? He is amazing!

He's awesome but mostly super funny

He does pain that's what matters

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234 Matt Santoro

Very funny and informative. I like watching his fun fact lists and laughing at his jokes.

His Videos Are Funny And Interesting.Though Some Videos Tend To Creep Me Out A Little

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235 Lucas and Jenny

What a STUPID CHANNEL it has become, the channel, originally called "lucas" used to be good and safe for all audiences, just like with the FRED channel, but now, since late-2013, it has changed, those two stars have turned to the dark side with bad words, sex talk, porn challenges, and such.

It's just such a piece of waste to see once decent stars turn into monster perverts, This is why some people including me are staying away from live action shows and movies and only sticking with cartoons.

This shouldn't have ever happened, he ruined Fred, and Jenny ruined Agatha, this was more like porn than their actual careers, they lost their vibes, and really went overboard with sex, all that happened in those days was that they were talking about sex and porn, yet twerking in front of the camera, yet that was when he exposed his sexuality to the world, and it went really viral, yet that was when Fred took a nudie (though censored) with Jenny, who was already clothed in her waist, and that went viral too, it's just so sad that these stars, who were once part of kid shows, would do these dangerous things and have such filthy acts, and yet those moves were against YouTube's terms of use.
Yet the people who once saw Fred, saw this, they stopped watching Fred, and those who watched Jessie and got into this, decided to stop watching Jessie.
They aren't good role models anymore, they're just like Miley Cyrus.

It's so sad that these once beloved stars took a dangerous turn, why must so many stars from kids stuff do those things, Miley Cyrus was on Hannah Montana, and that was for kids, Lucas was on Fred, and that was also for kids, Jenny guest starred as Agatha on Jessie, which again, was for kids, now they all took a bad downward spiral in their lives and lost so many fans and can't be good again (Jenny recovered, but the other two haven't), what a piece of crap, this channel used to be good from 2008 to early 2013, but now it's crap.
They can't be good again, What is WRONG WITH THIS WORLD!

This ruined Fred and Jessie for me, Fred was annoying, but funny, Jessie was just a typical T.V. show, but what they did on this channel just ruined them.

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236 EvanTubeHD V 2 Comments
237 Black Critic Guy

While he may be a basic YouTube reviewer that reviews movies and anime series on a regular basis, he always does his best to incorporate constructive reasoning with some good old-fashioned humor in his reviews. For example, just go and watch the first few seconds of his Aki Sora rant. You will be laughing and falling off the edge of your chair after seeing it. Also, he's one of the few YouTube reviewers that I actually like considering most reviewers tend to be close-minded and very inconsiderate towards other people's opinions. BCG in particular is a great example of a YouTube who can review and rant on certain things while still being able to respect different opinions. You know, some anime reviewers could learn a thing or two from him. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Black Critic Guy is currently my favorite anime reviewer right now! He does great reviews and rants and is really nice and funny! Plus, he respects people's opinions, unlike cough*Anime America Podcast*cough. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Love this guy! His jokes are funny, and he has very good reasoning for his likes and dislikes. One of my favorite YouTubers! - Absolite

238 Flamesonfire1212
239 Crabstickz
240 Antvenom

This guy deserves more subscribers

Once you start watching his videos, it's pretty hard to stop. Except if you decide to watch a Cupquake video. =P Most YouTubers these days make extremely addictive videos, and AntVenom is the most addicting.

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