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361 OTRSCentral
362 SevenSuperGirls

I'll have to agree even though these girls are talented, they don't compare to everyone on the top tens - FlakyCuddles43

Watch it because listen to its name its super

Seven super girls are awesome and fun

This channel sucks now because kaelyn left

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363 jennxpenn

It was great until she talked too much about boyfriends and became another one of those stereotypical YouTubers.

364 Machinima

Machinima Are the kings of youtube gaming if we had no machinima there would be no youtube gaming

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365 MessYourself V 1 Comment
366 Quarter Guy

This guy makes my day

367 Watcherofthe2000s
368 Cobanermani456

His video game playthrough videos are very entertaining to watch, and he's one of the few YouTubers I know that don't just cuss and shout like a retard all over the place. This guy has QUALITY when it comes to recording his videos. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

369 Crainer Commentates
370 F2 Freestylers
371 Fantano
372 Cryptize
373 Vinyl Rewind
374 coldmirror coldmirror Kathrin Fricke, better known by her channel name coldmirror, is a German YouTube star, voice actress, comedian, web host and internet personality born on October 13, 1984 . more.

Actually she's the funniest user on YouTube and I love her Harry Potter parodies. But she is from Germany and so she has not that much subscribers ;( - AllAustrianReject

375 HISHEdotcom
376 KurtHugoSchneider
377 AKSpartanKiIIer‎
378 Jimmy Kimmel Live
379 BadgeOfShame
380 Salaheddine
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