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41 kevjumba

NIcer than others and a great guy with a great dad. Again reat people. I love him. Just amazing and amazing

I wish he would still be here today because this would have been 10 years ago he started his channel

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42 FPSRussia

World class badass. For Mother Russia comrade.

This guy rocks, our favorite weapons fanatic

The best weapons fanatic out there


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43 PointlessBlog

Alfie is always so happy. I can't help but smile when I watch his videos, because he is always smiling.

One of the best YouTubers I know

Amazingg! Honestly though, made me laugh when I really wasn't in the mood and he's gotten me through some tough times! He's so beautiful and funny and aw c: if you don't like him then why? :o defiantly check out his channel!

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44 Humble the Poet

Love the song #leh he made with superwoman

45 CaptainSparklez

I love him. He's a great gamer and a hilarious, kind person. He deserves a higher ranking than this. Stay cool, Jordan.

By far best Minecraft YouTube out there.

The best there ever was! He plays so many different games which makes it SO MUCH MORE FUN!

This is one of the greatest mine craft YouTubers ever

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46 EWNetwork
47 freddiew

Best video quality and videos I've seen. I love how he actually interacts with his viewers and isn't snobby about what he knows.

He actually works HARD on his videos... Come on people. Let's see RayWilliamJohnson or Nigahiga do what he does...

It angers me to see such a great, talented channel lying so painfully low down this list. His VFX editing are legendary, the gun fights are intense and sometimes touching, the quality is movie-like. Totally unbelievable that he's 17. Come on people stop voting for the channels with the most subscribers/views, vote for the BEST one!

He should be in top 1 in my opinion

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48 CinemaSins

I really like cinemasins! It's funny, and true. The only reason people seem to hate this is because they're mad about their favorite movie getting "bashed." But if they'd see "everything wrong with Cinema Sins" you'd see that they actually like movies.

I love CinemaSins! The voice is awesome and the observations made are so interesting to discover and I absolutely loved his description of Twilight. Really sharp and almost always funny.

Love conversations with myself! Probably my favorite but the sins videos are hilarious too.

I LOVE CINEMA SINS! I watch them every day.

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49 TheJWittz

So funny yet informative.

Put him in top 25

I ve his Pokemon videos! They're so cool and... I just love him!


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50 TomSKA

We wouldn't have Eddsworld without TomSka. - naFrovivuS

I think this is really funny. And kids and parents will laugh along with the funny jokes in each episode

HE CREATED ASDF MOVIES! HOW IS THIS DUDE #58!? He also make funny comedy sketches too! If you need a quick laugh, his lighthearted videos will definitely cheer you up.

Ugh, these comments. TomSka isn't just great for asdfmovie, he has some really funny skits too. - isaaonrtdmtr

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51 Nostalgia Critic

I've been watching this guy videos since a really long time now. Yeah, he has very specific style (his screaming can make one furious) and it's not for everyone, but I love it - some of his works made me literally laugh out insanely loud. And what's most important - he knows what he saying. I mean, he has knowledge on cinematography and I learned a lot from him. Bad script, direction, you name it - fewer and fewer movies can get away with it flaws from me :-D

Holy hell, he made it this high up? Good for him! I love him, but seeing him this high is shocking to me. He's not my best mind you, but I'm still happy for him.

How is Nostalgia Critic not in the top 10? Nostalgia Critic is without a doubt the funniest movie reviewer I've ever seen! - Disneykid00

Oh hell yes NC is amazing!

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52 Achievement Hunter

there good

53 supermarioglitchy4

The videos are so hilarious and random! I'm 100% SURE ITS GOING TO MAKE YOU LAUGH!

Straight up insanity. But in a fun way.

Retarted 64? He Really Sticks With It doesn't He!

54 SullyPwnz V 1 Comment
55 supermariologan

He makes me laugh on a bad day. Only probably is videos take time to wait, so subscribe to him!

I watch his videos all the time they are very funny

It is just so dam funny check it out and vote for it is you don't like this screw you!

This guy makes the best videos they are so funny

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56 DanTDM

He deserves better the top tens don't know what their doing

Just write anything

Funny makes me giggle also is really awesome and amazing

He should be coming first in top ten!

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57 FreQuenczy V 1 Comment
58 Yomama

I'm sorry, my mom doesn't have a YouTube channel

Best yo mamma jokes ever

Amazing yo mama is so fat!

A.K. A best yo mama jokes - whodafuqisthisguy

59 JonTronShow

I couldn't find Peanut Butter Gamer so Jontron is the next best thing

This comedic lord is under Annoying Orange? What a sin.

HE SHOULD BE #1. Script over improv children, script over improv.


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60 SeaNanners

The only reason I know about him is that he posted the first known Minecraft video EVER. I mean, like, late 2009. But the cool thing about the video is he tells you what the game is about.

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