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81 barelypolitical

You guys can't hate on the 48th most subscribed channel of all time and the key of awesome

Love this channel, especially Mark, Jan, Lauren, and Stasia. A DefenderOfAwesome forever!

82 GameXplain
83 Animalguy001

You just can't top him in my book. Hilarious jokes, good reasoning, an awesome mascot (fawful), oh and top 100 favorite Pokemon is a masterpiece. He's not just my favorite countdown maker, but my favorite YouTube channel ever.

I love him! He is hilarious, cool and awesome! I am also a Pokemon freak. And this comes from a 9 year old girl

Greatest countdown maker on the internet. Period. He's hilarious, very friendly, and has plenty of interesting, even profound insight to offer to the gaming community. My favorite YouTuber. Go check him out! :D

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84 Asap Science

They are good because they give relevant and true information in an easy to digest way.

I know they will never read this but I think they are amazing role models and very smart

They smart people who show real studies

85 Most Amazing Top 10
86 TheCurtisParadisShow
87 Janoskians

Why so low? These guys are the best! They're so funny (and also very attractive) at least in top 75

Funniest boys out! Check out Awkward Train Situations! They're going to become big soon!

CUTE HOT SEXY FUNNY they do pranks and they do videos with other YouTubers which is great :D they are also Australian and their Australian accents are TOO sexy they are so perfect and hot ahh

They are hilarious and never fail to impress their fans, love them!

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88 TheAmazingAtheist

Great channel, love hi views on all topics including atheism and politics. Also he is very very funny.

If you have not watched his Banned from... videos than you have never lived

Should be way higher up

I love TJ's videos!

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89 VitalyZDTV

He is the boss! Funniest channel ever

Where's Miranda sings I can't find her!

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90 Baratsandbereta

These guys are so underrated. I know that they don't do much anymore on account of Joe Bereta joining SourceFed as a top notch, quality host, but seriously, BaratsandBereta needs more attention

91 iSekCā€Ž
92 InformOverload
93 Lucahjin

Lucahjin is extremely funny. Her Lets Plays are a blast to watch with her hilarious memorable quotes that crack me up. Every episode makes me laugh with all of her jokes that she makes.

Lucahjin is underrated she is extremely funny. Every single Lets play is a blast. She has a lot hilarious quotes. Every episode I enjoy watching. with a laugh every time I watch her.

Lucahjin is extremely funny. her humor is hilarious with memorable quotes that makes me crack up. I like her for her witty and funny personality. Her Lps are a blast to watch. with her humor that just makes me cry in sheer laughter.

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I love his videos with Eugene Yackle! They are so funny! Probably one of the best Call of Duty gamers on YouTube - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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95 Jim Sterling
96 Jeepersmedia

So cool and funny! I love this guy!

, I remember watching his videos when I was 7. Mike Mozart is the king of toy reviews! - FlakyCuddles43

I love Mike Mozart's videos. Especially the Snow White Pez video! So funny! - Powerfulgirl10

Mike mozart makes the best toy reviews ever!

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97 NateWantsToBattle V 2 Comments
98 BlastphamousHD

If he would just react to more murderous top 5, 10, 15 lists, he will get way more popular - bobbythebrony

Why is he so high?
He react many vine compilation and stuff
He tried to try not to laugh but he failed except the hardest version

Great YouTuber and released many videos a day on a bunch of different channels.

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99 Geekvolution
100 MarcusButlerTV
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