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81 linkinparktv

Linkin Park is probably one of the greatest rock bands ever. Their channel consists of all of their music videos and some extra stuff like live performances and videos of their world tours which are very funny and entertaining (To me because I'm a die-hard Linkin Park fan). They also make videos to support charities like one of their videos: "Give Light" which is trying to make people donate money so people in povery can get lamps. Touches my heart. My fave video is "Leave Out All The Rest. " Also, the channel design is spooky and cool.

It's a very great channel
Mike and chester always makes me laugh. It should be on the top ten

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SSoHPKC is very funny and has a lot of awesome games on his channel. You should watch some of his videos.

A very good alternative for fans of Smosh that occasionally get tired of constant screaming and toilet humor.

Ssohpkc is one of the best YouTube commentators for gameplay walkthroughs, I suggest to go check out his channel.

83 GradeAUnderA

He is such an awesome dude. He is one of the only youtubers that you can rely on to tell the truth. He is ridiculously funny and actually makes sense.

HOW IS GRADE THIS LOW? Granted this list could've been made ages ago but man he's hilarious and speaks the truth. I love his commentary on dumb animal names and the Paralympics, but also on the state of YouTube.

So funny. He's one of the only YouTube channels I still watch.

Amazing guy

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84 Mrtechnicaldifficult

Funniest guy on YouTube. Genuine guy.

85 The Slow Mo Guys

These guys are the greatest ever!

They are slow

Dan and Gav are the Best! Should be at least in the top 10. - micahisthebest

86 Animalguy001

You just can't top him in my book. Hilarious jokes, good reasoning, an awesome mascot (fawful), oh and top 100 favorite Pokemon is a masterpiece. He's not just my favorite countdown maker, but my favorite YouTube channel ever.

I love him! He is hilarious, cool and awesome! I am also a Pokemon freak. And this comes from a 9 year old girl

Greatest countdown maker on the internet. Period. He's hilarious, very friendly, and has plenty of interesting, even profound insight to offer to the gaming community. My favorite YouTuber. Go check him out! :D

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87 Asap Science

They are good because they give relevant and true information in an easy to digest way.

I know they will never read this but I think they are amazing role models and very smart

They smart people who show real studies

88 AngryJoeShow

Currently one of the greatest game reviewer on YouTube right now. He is the only person who can make a review through parodies and humor, and creating a precise opinion about the game as a fellow gamer. He also throw "Angry Rant", negative opinion about what a certain game lacks and other aspects which are highly unfavorable for gamers in order for the developers to realize what part has the game gone wrong. Some people may call him as a nine year old kid throwing tantrum but stick to it people! Angry Joe along with his sidekick, other Joe amakes good reviews through goofing around and telling the viewers about some stuffs about the game that we can hardly notice but greatly affects the gameplay and other viral aspects of the game. At the end of his video, you will finally know if a game is worth buying or not. He's one of many overrated gaming channels who is totally worth your subs. He deserves high subscribes in YouTube and a high rank in the best gaming channel out there.

Currently. One of the best reviewer in the game industry who added humor through parody and some instances in gaming that he experienced (mostly the game's flaw). He also rant some games in order for the developers to be able to realize what he and the games wants. Most people see him as a three year old throwing tantrum but stick to it people! Angry Joe is one of the only people who tells about some stuffs in games that we can hardly notice but affects the impact, and gameplay of what he is reviewing. Along with other Joe, they make viewers laugh and know more about a game whether gamers would buy it or not. He is one of many underrated gaming channels put there that deserves better sub's and higher rank on this website

Funny, interesting and should be higher!

89 NateWantsToBattle V 2 Comments
90 Most Amazing Top 10
91 TheCurtisParadisShow
92 Janoskians

Why so low? These guys are the best! They're so funny (and also very attractive) at least in top 75

Funniest boys out! Check out Awkward Train Situations! They're going to become big soon!

CUTE HOT SEXY FUNNY they do pranks and they do videos with other YouTubers which is great :D they are also Australian and their Australian accents are TOO sexy they are so perfect and hot ahh

They are hilarious and never fail to impress their fans, love them!

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93 VitalyZDTV

He is the boss! Funniest channel ever

Where's Miranda sings I can't find her!

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94 MarkiplierGAME

This should just say Markiplier, but in any case I stumbled across this fella while trying to find a lets play video for outlast that wasnt a PewDiePie video and that's when I found Mark. I actually found myself enjoying his video and after a few more videos I subscribed to him. Afterall I enjoyed the fact he was a bit smaller channel than PewDiePie and he came across as a good down to earth guy. One thing I will say is that I was impressed he had hit the 1million mark on YouTube but on months later and he's almost at a stunning 5 million subscribers. For someone that started his channel in 2012, that is impressive. I know he happens to do lets play games with PewDiePie and the two are friends so that maybe the connection there as to his success. In any case it's awesome seeing a guy doing what he loves and it really reflects on his channels growth. Don't get me wrong I like PewDiePie but I connect more with Markiplier. Congratulations on living the American Dream Mark!

Best LPer I've seen so far. Much less staged than many of the others, hilarious on A... Very special level, and foremost an awesome and charitable person. You should really try his channel out, he plays mainly Indie horror games, but also some rage games and bigger, commercial games, like Dead Space and now The Last of Us.

I think of two things when I think of markiplier. Tiny Box Tim and "SHUT UP NURSE! "

Markiplier is the best

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95 Epic Meal Time

This channel makes me so hungry... Not to mention I body build and all that protein they eat... Mother of God hook a brother up will ya?

This channel is so cool, it's basically all about eating. Who wouldn't love that?

I don't want to sound like a hater I like them but its harvey and his drunken crew eats unhealty foods but I still like them - whodafuqisthisguy

They make me hungry

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96 Baratsandbereta

These guys are so underrated. I know that they don't do much anymore on account of Joe Bereta joining SourceFed as a top notch, quality host, but seriously, BaratsandBereta needs more attention

97 iSekC‎
98 InformOverload
99 ElectricDragon505


The actual YouTuber himself. Not just Animat Reviews. That said, he's very humorous in his videos and always does great movie reviews. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

100 Lucahjin

Lucahjin is extremely funny. Her Lets Plays are a blast to watch with her hilarious memorable quotes that crack me up. Every episode makes me laugh with all of her jokes that she makes.

Lucahjin is underrated she is extremely funny. Every single Lets play is a blast. She has a lot hilarious quotes. Every episode I enjoy watching. with a laugh every time I watch her.

Lucahjin is extremely funny. her humor is hilarious with memorable quotes that makes me crack up. I like her for her witty and funny personality. Her Lps are a blast to watch. with her humor that just makes me cry in sheer laughter.

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