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101 AttackingTucans
102 popularMMOs

It took me so long to find Popularmmos. I'm actually disappointed that he is 256 on the list. I always watch his videos.

Why is popularmmos so far down on the list? In my opinion he should be on the top.

He is so amazing! What I think is that he is so cool with everything!


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103 SmarkBusters
104 It's Ok to Be smart
105 AlienNutZToobe
106 shaun0728‎
107 Therigrox
108 OneyNG
109 SuperGreninja3482
110 VanossGaming

By far the funniest and most original gaming content. He's extremely popular without even asking for it. He never asks for subs or likes, he's just glad you took the time to watch his videos.

One of the best gaming comedians I have know but not only for gaming skills but for skills in other areas such as animations

You guys don't know what your doing your wrong vanoss should be on the 1st page

He's Canadian. That's all I need.

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111 PrankvsPrank

Since when these guys are on the bottom of the list? - FlakyCuddles43

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112 TheSyndicateProject

Are you joking? 110 is outrageous... Half the channels in the top 10 I've never heard of.

Why the hell is Syndicate 80th on the list? He is amazing!

Why is syndicate at 98? should be in the top 20 at least, not 98?!?

I love your videos there awesome

113 avengedsevenfold

A7X makes the best songs and cool videos to go with them (my favorite being A Little Piece Of Heaven. ) One of my all-time favorite bands foREVer

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114 Planet Dolan

The best channel. Super Planet Dolan is a blast! Great narrating and animation. Worth a watch!

115 Nathaniel Bandy

If I could give Nathaniel 500$ I would

I love his triggered videos

Best Chanel ever!

He's a great youtuber but doesn't have a lot of variety. All he talks about is Mario games. - MaxPap

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116 Dcigs
117 TobyGames

"Don't put your head in there! Don't you put your head in there! What are you doing?! "
-Tobuscus: Happy Wheels

I'm so sorry but the only thing about tobby is he is so loud no affence

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118 PMRants

I like him better than ADoseofBuckley because he has more charisma. He isn't trying to be angry in his videos like most ranters, he's just trying to be as honest and outspoken as he can be. He's calm, smart, funny, and creative. He's very underrated in my opinion.

He's rational. Meaning that he'll respect your opinion if he disagrees with it or not.

I love all of his videos. The only one I don't like from him is the brutal/deathcore is not music video.

It is funny the way he copies them

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119 Dude Perfect

They are one of the best if not the best. They should not be this down on the list. They should at least be on top 20.

There the best

Dude perfect is the best

They rock

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120 Thoughty2 V 1 Comment
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