Best Big Brother 18 (U.S.) Contestants

Your favorite contestants from the 18th Season of the U.S. Big Brother!

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1 Paul Abrahamian Paul Abrahamian

He played the best game out of everyone in the house. It's pretty impressive considering that he didn't really know the game beforehand.

I like his game because everyone else suck

Played the best game by far.

Paul is the biggest liar this game has seen, the funny thing is none of his houseguest caught on to this. He started off slow; forming an alliance with Jozea and Victor, once both were sent packing he managed to maneuver his way into the best position in the house.

He was able to teach victor how to play the game the right way once he came back into the house and helped him deflect the target on his back. Although Victor had an underrated social game I believe that Paul was his social game for majority of the game. He was able to see the cracks forming in alliances and jumped ship at the right times.

Right now Paul is just winning out ever since they took out victor for the third time. He has won the final four HOH, the veto and the first part of the Final HOH comp. He has been on the block 6 times survived every time by making people believe in "friendship". He is one of the best players this game has ever seen although he does say rude things from time to time he is ...more

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2 Da'Vonne Rogers Da'Vonne Rogers

Why do people like her so much? She's a flip-flopper, and spreads information like wildfire and when people throw it back in her face she laughs like she didn't say any of it. Pathetic really. CBS brought back someone who was evicted WEEK 2 in S17, yet there are tons of players America would've rather seen. Sure her DR's are funny, but I don't care for floaters.

I root for people by race for some reason. I root for black people and other races, then white women, I rarely root for a white guy unless I absolutely like him, or he's gay - Twoshawn3

I can't stand her she's a emotional player and has never been able to just keep it in just shut up shut up

How tf is she that high

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3 Bridgette Dunning Bridgette Dunning

I liked her, funny, sincere, kind. Young and annoying at times, but then again shes really young. Hope she comes back. She reminds me of Victor, always cleaning, which shows her respect for the BB house, unlike James, whose always trashing and dirtying things, disrespectful, annoying, immature.

She was a beast, and they were all afraid of her. I hope she comes back to the game!

She would have made it to the final 2 and she would have probably went against victo

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4 Michelle Meyer Michelle Meyer

Aside from her crying, she is so chill, I like how she interrogates everyone and they don't even realize its happening. Hope her and Victor go to the end.

At times is annoying but overall her game is fine

5 Nicole Franzel Nicole Franzel

What a disappointment. I loved her on S16 but I can't stand her game play (if you can even call it that) this season. She's 100% floating through this game and is willing to throw her game away to a brainless piece of meat (Corey).

Why does she get so much hate! Why do they call her Ratcole. She is one of the best players ever.

Please Nicole, do something, other then lie in bed staring at Corey! I yi yi lady, you should have tried out for the Bachelor.

6 Corey Brooks Corey Brooks

Most boring player to watch. Am I the only one who thinks this?!?

What the crap how does corey have 11% of the votes

One of the worst players of all time ffs just an absolute disgrace

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7 James Huling James Huling

He should be #1 or #2 because he by far is America's favorite player. He is so good at this game; he doesn't even have to win a comp to be considered a threat and to me, that says something about how good of a player he is.

I don't understand the intrigue with James, he's a floater, he's disrespectful by trashing the BB house and his so called pranks are annoying, enough already, grow up.

8 Natalie Negrotti Natalie Negrotti

She was actually good at comps and played a big factor in taking out Paulie, who ran the house for several weeks.

She got the house to flip on Paulie.

I like her, most real person in that house!

Other than when she was mad at James, she was so sweet and definitely should have won AFP

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9 Victor Arroyo Victor Arroyo

I like Victor, very respectful, kind, is always cleaning, which shows his respect for other people's property, and how he feels about hygiene.

Victor is one of those players you have to root for. He has been the underdog the whole game and I am surprised he is not in at least the top 3

Hands down one of the best bb players of all time. He made this season watchable thank god he got brought back.

10 Paulie Calafiore Paulie Calafiore

The week where he was evicted and seeing Paulie just utterly meltdown is still probably the funniest weeks in Big Brother history

Great player but really disrespectful

Delusional once he got power.

Didn't like him at all, glad he's gone. I think what turned me off are the negative things he said behind Zakiyah's back as he was still smooching on her.

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11 Zakiyah Everette Zakiyah Everette

Yawn forgot she was on this show halfway through. Pretty sure if you rematch the first 15 episodes you'll see maybe 3 DR's from her. And those 3 are from the first night in the house. She floated and followed Paulie all the way to the Jury.

Useless. Couldn't win anything, clueless, outside of everything yet thought she was in the know. Bad casting choice.

You can always trust zakiyah shes kid trustworthy all you want for a friend

She's black and cute, that's why I rooted for her - Twoshawn3

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12 Frank Eudy Frank Eudy

Still one of the great players of this game. Too bad the had to open her mouth and spread lies about Tiff and Frank and get them to target each other. The pair of them could've blown up everyone else's games and coasted.

Only one other than paul actually playing the game

He sexually harassed the'Vonne - BreeShangahu

13 Tiffany Russo Tiffany Russo

I find it extremely hypocritical that they targeted Tiff because of her sister, yet let Paulie run the house as Cody's brother. Vanessa sure did have a point!

Loved Vanessa so I was Team Tiff all the way, sad she left so soon.

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14 Bronte D'Acquisto Bronte D'Acquisto

She played this game better than a lot of the people left in the house; she got the short end of the stick when the house flipped on her.

She's super sweet to all of her fans

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15 Louis Garcia V 1 Comment
16 Adam Poch Adam Poch


17 Glenn Garcia

Goes down as one of the best players ever

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18 Jozea Flores

I loved Jozea, bring him back. Funny as all heck!

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