Top Ten Best Big Brother Canada 3 Players

The Top Ten

1 Godfrey Mangwiza

He played both sides perfectly by far the best strategic player in his season but lacked social game and comp wins and time to explain his game to the jury.

Godfrey was so beast amazing competitor won competitions when he needed to! He also made good speeches

This guy had a massive target and still got to the end

Played an amazing player - ZachAttack123

2 Kevin Martin Kevin Dallas Martin, Jr. is an American professional basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association.
3 Sarah Hanlon

She was a smart player in the season, she got rid of the people who were big threats such as Zach, Ashleigh (attempted), Bruno

4 Zach Oleynik
5 Bruno Ielo

Season 3's best player without a doubt.

Dumb Coup D'├ętat ruined his game, the winner could've gone home that same week instead of him. Really underrated & Insane social game player on feeds, bs that he didn't get shown on T.V. much (since they care note ab int Zach/Ashleigh bs). He used sheilds and alliances effectively. Hands down Top 10 all time in BBCan.

6 Brittnee Blair

Oh come on. WAY underrated

7 Jordan Parhar
8 Ashleigh Wood

She won POVs when her back was against the wall and made the second best move in the season, Brittnee out who is a strong competitor

I think people underestimate Ashleigh. People though she was a weak player in the beginning of the game but really stepped up her game when all her allies left and won one hoh, three povs, and the second part of the final hoh. She also cut her showmance who was the biggest target in the house. I think people who have liked her if she was less soft and more cutthroat

9 Johnny Colatruglio
10 Naeha Sareen

Flipped all house and was screwed by an instant eviction

The Contenders

11 Steve Arienta

He wasn't even in this season, what

12 Sindy Nguyen

She was very smart

13 Willow MacDonald
14 Graig Merritt
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