Biggest Problems with Pink Gold Peach


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1 Created as a Girlfriend for Metal Mario

Metal Mario doesn't need a girlfriend.He is better when he is independent.

Was Shigeru Miyamoto on shrooms when he approved her?

How about "somebody created her" - DCfnaf

2 Random

When I first saw her, I was like "WHAT IS THIS? " So annoying and stupid.

Who the hell saw this coming? - Randomator

3 She's Another Clone

A clone of a character nobody liked in the FIRST place.

Stop saying that daisy and rosalina are peach clones. Just because daisy wears the same outfit like peach doesn't make her a peach clone and just because rosalina has blond hair like peach doesn't make her a peach clone. Pink gold peach is the real clone of Princess peach because she basically copies what peach does.

This is actually incorrect, PGP is not a clone, she's a VERSION of Peach, that's two different things if I'm going to be honest, not to be annoying but she isn't really a clone, just a metal version of Peach. - darthvadern

She's a true Peach clone and morons want to say Daisy or Rosalina are Peach clones - ParkerFang

4 Lazy

Very lazy, they choosed this instead of Birdo. - darthvadern

5 Replaced Fan Favorites

I don't exactly think one character can replace many. Also, I don't see any other filler being blamed but her. - Qryzx

Why isn't this #1?

Why? Birdo is my waifu sin't here! - darthvadern

Rip Dry Bones,Diddy Kong,Birdo,Petey Piranah, Bowser Jr, etc. - Randomator

They got replaced by a bad character in the original Mario Kart 8 - Randomator

6 Exists for No Reason

... Why?

She has no purpose in Mario Kart.

The only positive thing about her is that she hasnt been kidnapped yet :/

At least Metal Mario had a purpose

7 Ruined Mario Kart 8's Roster

Kraplings ruined the roster, they are 99999 times worse than her

This isn't really true, she exists in MK8 Deluxe but no one claims that roster is ruined. - darthvadern

8 She Makes People Like Metal Mario
9 Wasted a Character Spot


10 She Took Candy Kong's Chance

WHO'S CANDY KONG?!? - will_smm2

Why is this here? This reason is made by some candy fan.

Wow, that's a load of Bullcrap. How about we blame Isabelle or Inkling for "replacing" other characters, why don't we? - Qryzx

Instead of a different female we get a new re color of peach there's already baby Peach, baby Daisy, Rosalina, Daisy damn it and now there's baby Rosalina, pink Gold Peach, and cat Peach. No wonder everyone hates the peach clones.

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11 Has No Background Whatsoever

Metal Mario was at least a power up from Mario 64.
The koopalings were at least from many Mario games.
Rosalina was at least from galaxy and 3D World.
Daisy was at least from Super Mario Land and several spin offs.
Pink Gold Peach has no history or background in the Mario franchise whatsoever. We could've gotten a character like funky to return or a newcomer take her place. Her design is lazy. There was no power up that made peach pink gold. You can see why youtubers like Nathaniel Bandy HATE her so much. The roster in MK8DX adds good characters like inkling and link who aren't in Mario but she's STILL THERE!

Again not many other filler had a background either. - Qryzx

Pink gold peach was created just for mk8, and she's not even a cool character. she's just pink metal peach
at least metal mario was from SM64

Exactly.Why would you randomly add a character if the character has no history? Am I right?

12 She's pointless
13 She's a hard ass

How am I supposed to spank a booty made outta metal?

"Bite my shiny metal ass" ~ Bender

14 Her Fans are Annoying and Stupid

Well take that back look at the kraplings terrible dumb butt fanbase ugh I wanna Kill those characters, they make that metal clone that’s a problem good

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