Biggest Problems with Pink Gold Peach


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1 Created as a Girlfriend for Metal Mario

How about "somebody created her" - DCfnaf

Was Shigeru Miyamoto on shrooms when he approved her?

2 Random

Who the hell saw this coming? - Randomator

3 Lazy
4 She's Another Clone

Stop saying that daisy and rosalina are peach clones. Just because daisy wears the same outfit like peach doesn't make her a peach clone and just because rosalina has blond hair like peach doesn't make her a peach clone. Pink gold peach is the real clone of Princess peach because she basically copies what peach does.

She's a true Peach clone and morons want to say Daisy or Rosalina are Peach clones - ParkerFang

As if we don't have enough already - Randomator

I hate these clones so much. They are so useless and a waste of character space! I don't like peach but PGP is even worse than her and any person with brains will pick Peach over her.

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5 Replaced Fan Favorites

Rip Dry Bones,Diddy Kong,Birdo,Petey Piranah, Bowser Jr, etc. - Randomator

6 Ruined Mario Kart 8's Roster
7 Exists for No Reason

At least Metal Mario had a purpose - Gametheorysucks

8 She Makes People Like Metal Mario
9 Wasted a Character Spot
10 Has No Background Whatsoever

At least Metal Mario was a power up in Mario 64 - Randomator

She has no reason to be in the game at all. She was NEVER in any other Mario game except MK8, not to mention there was a looong list of characters people wanted from previous Mario Karts or other games in the Mario series. They should've put Dixie Kong there instead. She would've made a LOT more sense than PGP, on the account that she has a personality, was somebody people wanted, and was actually in a game before!
What was Nintendo thinking?! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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11 She Took Candy Kong's Chance

Instead of a different female we get a new re color of peach there's already baby Peach, baby Daisy, Rosalina, Daisy damn it and now there's baby Rosalina, pink Gold Peach, and cat Peach. No wonder everyone hates the peach clones.

Because she's a slut unlike PGP

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