I have a Haro F1C I think its that on and I love it, I can't do tricks or anything but it's so smooth, strong and so so fast. Unfortunately I have to get a new bike because my brother is getting it :( Although I might not get a Haro I might get We The People for a change because they are supposed to be really good. I would recommend Haro to any one because they are really fantastic bikes. They are number 2 as well so that just goes to show how many people agree with me!

A Haro was my first BMX, I got a 300.1! My friend has a we the people zodiac and I don't know if its because he doesn't look after it or something but mine seems to be allot better than his. My other friend who is friends with both of us agrees mine is the better BMX. Any boy would be extremely lucky yo get one of these outstanding bikes.

I think that haro is one of the best bmx brands. The bikes look very clean. I've got a black haro 400.2 and it's a very great bike. It's the first bmx bike I ever had and I love it. It costs 535 but I got mine for 400 from my local dealer. I recommend a haro to anyone. Haro keep up the good work

I was new to the bmx world I got a Harold and now I would never look back its a great bike and I personally would recommend the brand to any one... Until I got my haro I had never had a bmx before and this was different to all the others I'd tried it was perfect for me and my style of riding... Great bike

Haro's are the best. They're easy to pedal, very light, and they look awesome. Definitely the right choice for someone that wants to buy a perfect BMX.

I love my Haro. I've never had any problems with it or needed to replace any major parts. I think that the Haro has been under rated for many years.

I love haro bikes because they are so light! Twenty four pounds just owns! Best for BMX and dirt jumping! Overall I would pick this as the best

Its pretty good its gonna be a custom when I'm done with it though its strong as heck it always can take what I put it through but the bars you have to replace and the grips usually the brakes too but I've had it for a year and it just got a dent

My dad died when I was little and before he did he told my mom he was going to buy a bike he came back with a haro and my mom let me have it on my 10th birthday I am now 14 and it works brand new and it is 15 years old now my dad died when I was 5 weeks old so my mom told me this story

Haro personally should be at the top but they're still great everyone says it's a bad bike they change their mind and say actually that's a nice light bike and rise real smooth I recommend the Haro midway it's just a great bike all in all not many problems at all just the brake cable

I rode Haro in the 90's. They were great then, and great now. A very light, beatiful, and durable all around bike. It's a company that has been around for a few decades, and has continuously improved over the years. Even their entry level Annex is better than most mid levels from other brands. This is coming from someone that's rode for many years, and not some kid that just wants what his friends have. Not to take anything away from We The People or Fit, but Haro is definitely a step above. Radio, a subsidiary of We The People, should be in the top 7, their Valac is great. I own it too

I don't know anything about my haro, its red but wasn't originally red... something tells me that the bike was stolen when I got it, it was painted red (like I said, not the original color) and there was a black wheel on the front and a silver wheel on the back, and 2 diff tires - jordanwillis480

Haros are so beast I love the bike it is a good bmx bike for a small price and it is good for good bmxers if you have never heard of the bike then you should really buy one because when I bought mine I thought I had the best bike on earth and I want you to think that too.

I have a haro f1 I have had it for a year everyday it feels like I just got the bike

In my opinion haro should be number on an premium number two as they are both amazing bikes I recommend both of them never had any problems with my premium and my mate has got a haro plaza which is light and easy to use on ramps.

My sr20 is probably the best bike I've ever had. It ROCKS! It's light, has intense tires, amazing graphics and color, and a strong body that will last quite a while. And chrome wheels!

I have a 200.2 and its probably the best bike you can get for the price and is very durable. I have crashed many times and it has had no problems at all. Good for any type of riding especially dirt

I have a haro100.1 and it is cheap and strong but is is a 28 pounder bike
But anyway it is good for beginners because even if the bike slams on concrete it is still good to go
Its appearance or look is so good (black with broken puzzle

I just got a Haro it's the best bike I've had, great for the park or just casually riding. It's light, yet Durable. A very good bike for the price. I would very much recommend it.

The Haro Backtrail X1 is great! I'm not hardcore and I don"t really do any tricks with it, it's just pretty much my source of transportation and you can find me on it whenever I'm on my free time. It's great, I've had it for years and haven't had any problems with it, because it's quality. But Haro overall, definitely recommend!

my haro as been with me 7 years and I still use it I just changed some times the chain and cranks and of course tires

I'm a dinasour since I have my haro f4, it makes me really happy, the day I bought it, my body begins to change, I got this huge tooth, my skin became 5 times thicker than it was. Now I'm a happy dinosaur riding a bicycle, not any, bicycle, a haro bicycle.

My haro is very lite it was 29 pounds and I customized it and now it ways 20.7 pounds and its very nice their frames are strong and they wont snap as well I have a 2011 300.3 haro bmx

I got the 2014 500.1 in chrome. Best bike in the history of bmx street park and dirt it embraces my riding like no other my bmx heart is set on haro
Don't get me wrong I love we the people and fit but haro is more suited to my riding I just love how they still hold a place in the top 2 because when my dad was a kid the 3 best brands were haro, mongoose and redline but out of those 3 haro still remains supreme

Got a Haro TR 2.3, more then 10 years with the bike all components original from factory, Haro is the BEST bike I have ridden in my LIFE!