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1 Origins

This is the best map. Diesel makes it challenging. The new weapons in the mystery box and I personally love the idea that samantha is talking to you through most of the map. Its big and open and yet sometimes the frustrating deaths of a giant robot squishing you yet its still the best map.

I love this map because once you get set up you can get up to really high rounds. Like his one time I was playing with my friend and my average round was 10... we got up to round 34, after we got the staffs and upgraded them, plus we still probably could have kept going if we didn't get cornered. So yeah defiantly recommend the map, and if your looking on buying it it is really worth it.

I love this map, especially when your friends are over and are playing origins, you can do many stuff as the maxis drone or build wonder weapons as the elemental staffs. Also this map can be done, you acces the crazy place and the crazy room where the generator zombies ( which I call king arthurs) come in high quantity. There is also new mystery box weapons like the MG08. The thing that you need to power generators to make power is awesome. The best part of it is on rounds 7-8-9 when you are preparing yourself for the panzer soldat and hear his gears noise and say in your mind " he's coming, he's coming " and when you take out your best weapon and go near gen1 to take the zombie blood, that's just amazing

Best zombies map ever

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2 Buried

This map is so AWESOME cause you are trying to survive as long as you can you have to look for stuff to try together your perks what I love about buried is when you go through the witches when you get hit by them they take your money when they take everything that when they start hitting you when you make it out of the witches house there will be a maze it's fun trying to look for that building and go pack a punch your weapons I LOVE THIS MAP

Buried is the only map pack I have and 2 b honest, it is confusing at first but once u understand the map and the objectives it's a whole lot more exciting and fun. This map is obviously the best.

Best map ever. Your interacting with the environment now. Its not just see a zombie and shoot now. Now you can do a lot more stuff and have more fun with other players.

Huh? Oritrash is number 1? Bad ee, annoying panzer and robot, terrible layout, and the one good thing about? Re-skinned characters

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3 Mob of the Dead

I think mob of the dead is clearly the best map. There are so many amazing things you can do in this prison. It is especially cool how it is actually a throwback to the real Alcatraz island. It is quite challenging since there are a bunch of doors you need to open, and the map is very big. Once you play it a few times you will get to know the map better. It is very fun and I recommend you get the dlc for it.

Yes I believe that it has lots of secrets and special missions to do in the map such as the plane. It also has lots of new things such as the new characters and wonder weapons. Its the best map I liked in all the zombie maps.

Amazing map I love it. I had a little bit of trouble learning it at first but when I figured it out I instantly fell in love with it, and the new wonder weapons the blunder gat and hells retriever are awesome and also the upgraded versions. Also there is a new melee weapon to keep it interesting and an awesome boss who can shut down perks and gives you 1000 points upon defeating him BRUTUS. I don't have trouble with this map anymore and the huge amount of space on both the bridge and in the cafeteria make for effective training. My highest round on this map is 54 add me on Xbox my GT is THEKINGS DUKE45 if you add me I'll do the Easter Egg with you

Very good map with a lot of puzzles.

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4 Nuketown

I really like this map, but it's really hard because random things get placed at random times in the map, sort of like the elevators in die rise.

The map may be small, but the area looks so epic with a nuke explosion in the distance

Its so small, yet so exhilarating!

so awesome

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5 Die Rise

It's so hard, there's so many parts and so few tables, I just can't figure out which of the parts go with each other. The mystery box is so hard to find, I once found it upside down in a building. You have to open a million door for 1000 each to reach somewhere you don't know anything about it.

Definitely the best zombies map on BO2. Its not overly complicated. As soon as you figure out how to travel through the map easily, the fun really begins

This is a really cool map and very elevated. Just don't like the nova crawlers.

Ok Gry Go Black Ops 2 Ser 23

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6 Tranzit

This map is definitely one of the best because it isn't as complicated as the DLC maps. Plus, the area is huge and having a bus driving around the location is very useful. This is the only map where you can play individual gamemodes for each of the mini-maps. Personally, when I first saw this map, I couldn't stop thinking about it as I was getting it for Christmas. On Christmas Eve, I couldn't sleep because I was so excited.

The deposit box located in the bank in Town is very useful as you can store money from previous matches in the box and withdraw it in later games.

Gust getting to the different locations is fun but some of the bus add ons are annoying, the fact that the map is large and it takes a while to get around bugs me but the large map is great, the wonder weapon sucks ( literally ) but it is the worst wonder weapon of all.

This map is HUGE! There are so many hidden locations and easter eggs to discover, you can play for hours!

I think tranzit was a fun map or game mode and I don't understand why it was so disliked in the bo2 community and I liked it way more than mob of the dead.

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7 Town

It's a very small map but very fun with friends and if you bought the last map pack and get the ray gun mark 2 with the 7 perk glitch your unstoppable and it's just a great map only downside is the lava

Town is awesome cause there is LAVA zombies walk through and when they are on fire you shoot them they blow up my highest round is 67 they were running fast

Cool because of pack-a-punch

I love town

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8 Farm

Lots of sheep, cows and pigs on a nice friendly farm, what more could you want

So dim and so fun, can play it for hours

Yes because for the first then rounds running around is fun and easy. then you can hide in the house which has lots of advantage points the mystery box speed cola and the red life cola

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9 Alcatraz Island

The name is Mob of the Dead, idiots.

This map is clearly the best map in BO2, you guys are all idiots :///

It's called Alcatraz Island, Cellblock

Whichever 4% of people voted for this, are utter, stupid, retarded, idiots. B the way this isn't a map

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10 Bus Depot

Bus depot is the most boring idiotic map ever, because 1 no perks 2 no pack a punch 3 too small 4 nothing to do but camp back in that corner by the mystery box and wait for the zombies to come to u. But since no perks or pack a punch it poses a good challenge for some players

Its sucks! There's nothing to do just you, the mystery box and the zombies

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11 Moon

It's a bit unrealistic because you can jump for a longer time, it's feels like your on the moon or something weird like that

Not in black ops 2 but otherwise this is my favorite zombies map ever because it really changes zombies with the gravity and had a very good wonder weapon. Although people hated the boss I likd him because he stopped you from camping.BEST Easter egg ever!

Definitely the best map especially when you take the Gondola to mob of the dead and take the plane to origins and use the teleporter to get to die rise and of course jumping off the building into the pit of buried where you can take the buss to nuketown and visit tranzit and take the rocket to ascension where you can take the zipline to shi no numa and take the tank to shangra la and use the water blast to get to kino and use the teleporter to get to call of the dead where George Romero hits you all the way to der riese where you can teleport to nackt der untoten

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12 Kino Der Toten V 2 Comments
13 Wunderwaffe

My favorite map the pancakes are the best

This is deffiniately the best because blue waffles are worse than diabetes!

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14 Diner

The food is great, I recommend the burger

I care about the burgers the fries taste sick too!

You are stupid we want real opinions on bo II zombie maps not breakfast

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15 Der Reise

I like the zombies because we have sex

Little kids are on this. You know that right porno?

16 Shi No Numa

This is actually a really good map. It may not be rated the best but because it's so easy and you only need to open 1 door to get the mystery box (plus the wonderwaffe and easy to get ray gun percentage). Be warned though, the water in the swamp slows the crap out of u

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17 Turned

I like turned because it's the only game mode where you can fight other players as a zombie or a human

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18 Nacht der Untoten V 3 Comments
19 Shadows of Evil

It's kind of good because you can do stuff and it's big

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20 Green Run

Have no idea what this is. Just searched up random stuff.

Good camping spots and easy mystery box

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