Best Call of Duty: Black Ops III Multiplayer Primary Weapons

Vote for the best multiplayer primary weapon of the new Call of Duty game.

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1 Kuda

The Kuda is my favorite weapon in the is overall a great weapon to use

Good as gun

It's a assult rifle in a smgs body! (i got my most kills with this gun! ) - CODcaker45

3 Weevil

Weevil was thought to be some terrible smg. Until people used it... Even I use it now.

The absolute perfect gun for the Spray-n-Prayer. - Miniman1676

4 Vesper
5 Pharo
6 ARK-7
7 Razorback
8 XR-2
9 HVK-30
10 ICR-1

How is this not number one? its an all rounded good assault rifle, it's my favorite along with the drakon.
i get top on my team with this a lot so yeah, and I get top with the drakon too so yeah this is by far the best AR for me. - OPminecraft

The Contenders

11 M8A7

Quick Kills if you're relatively accurate. Next to zero recoil and with the ELO sight, you cannot miss.

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12 Dingo
13 Man-o-War
14 Sheiva
15 KRM-262
16 205 Brecci
17 Haymaker 12
18 Argus
19 BRM
20 Gorgon
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