Best Call of Duty: Black Ops III Multiplayer Primary Weapons

Vote for the best multiplayer primary weapon of the new Call of Duty game.

The Top Ten

1 Kuda

The Kuda is my favorite weapon in the is overall a great weapon to use

Good as gun

It's a assult rifle in a smgs body! (i got my most kills with this gun! ) - CODcaker45

3 Weevil

Weevil was thought to be some terrible smg. Until people used it... Even I use it now.

The absolute perfect gun for the Spray-n-Prayer. - Miniman1676

4 Vesper
5 Pharo
6 ARK-7
7 Razorback
8 XR-2
9 HVK-30
10 Man-o-War

The Contenders

11 ICR-1

How is this not number one? its an all rounded good assault rifle, it's my favorite along with the drakon.
i get top on my team with this a lot so yeah, and I get top with the drakon too so yeah this is by far the best AR for me. - OPminecraft

12 M8A7

Quick Kills if you're relatively accurate. Next to zero recoil and with the ELO sight, you cannot miss.

What is this this a beast its like the m8a1 from bo2 op asf

13 205 Brecci
14 Dingo
15 SVG-100
16 KN-44

With Quickdraw, Stock, and silencer this thing is a beats. You can win almost any gunfight from long range to up close. This is your rushing assault rifle in Black Ops 3

17 Sheiva
18 KRM-262
19 Haymaker 12
20 Argus
21 BRM
22 Gorgon

Greatest LMG in the history of Video Games, you uncultured pricks.

This is cow manure

23 48 Dredge
24 Locus
25 Drakon

Best semi auto sniper since the barret I get top on my team with this and the icr.
its got super high damage and its semi auto, plus 20 bullets in the clip is BEASTLY.
also in zombies it's a one shot headshot with pack a punch and dbl tap 2.0 at round 40 - OPminecraft

26 P-06
27 SVG-100
28 Man-o-War
29 Sheiva
30 M8A7
31 KRM-262
32 205 Brecci
33 Haymaker 12
34 Argus
35 BRM
36 Dingo
37 Gorgon
38 48 Dredge
39 Locus
40 Drakon
41 P-06
42 BlackCell

Best gun in all of Call of Duty, doubt this gun and I'll come to your house and I'll be sure to behead you and your family. Don't you dare @ me

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