Top 10 Call of Duty Zombies Bullet Shooting Weapons

yeah im back... half of you are probably angry at me for not putting the vitrolic withering on my other list...
i called myself stupid for that but now its getting merged with the top 10 nazi zombies wunder weapons so yeah... BUT THIS IS A NEW STORY. we are counting down the top 10 BULLET shooting weapons in zombies! also this is my personal opinion and if you dont like it feel free to make your own list, now lets get on with it! so no wonder weapons :3

The Top Ten

1 AN-94

When you can basically buy for free in buried and easy to obtain in Die Rise, yeah it's pretty overpowered.

ALL THE HATE COME AT ME BRUH!, this gun is only better than the ppsh because of its difficulty to get,Or else they are even. But if treyarch didn't have some stupid logic to put the best gun in the game on the wall... It would have been a tie. But for some reason this Overpowered BEAST is on the wall.Except its only on die rise and buried so treyarch must have known they made beast so they caged it in 2 maps. - OPminecraft

2 PPSH-41

Everyone knows this gun is amazing. If you don't like it its probably because you don't like zombies, because this gun is amazing, its called the reaper when you pack a punch it for gods sake. - OPminecraft

3 MG42

Nostalgia nostalgia nostalgia... This gun was the original amazing MG this got me to like round 100 billion on der riese camping at the catwalk, the rate of fire is almost as high as the PPSH. Speaking of which... - OPminecraft

4 MG08

This is the same as the LSAT except with a faster reload time, this is amazing, I put it above the browning because I'm pretty sure you can move faster while holding it than you can with the browning. - OPminecraft

5 M1919 Browning

This thing is really good, again it wrecks zombies like no tommorow but again as with the death machineYou move like a snail. - OPminecraft

6 The Death Machine

I loved that they put this in mob of the dead, this thing wrecks zombies like no tommorow, the only problem is its waaay too heavy. - OPminecraft


I love this weapon. It has gotten me out of sooo many situations on town. But usally what kills me is its reload time even with speed cola - OPminecraft

8 Uzi

HAVE YOU USED THIS ON MOB OF THE DEAD. Its almost like getting a box weapon OFF THE WALL. - OPminecraft

9 Olympia

Ok, I get it putting the olympia above the m14 is gonna upset a lot of people. But hear me out,The olympia normally sucks, pack a punch it and its good till round 30. - OPminecraft

10 M14

This is just for all of us. We all love this gun, getting it off the wall on round 4 or being stupid and getting it off on round 1 with the 500 you have... Its not stupid but it's a waste because you can just knife the zombies. Anyways this weapon is pretty good I'm sure everyone has used it once. - OPminecraft

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