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21 Point Master

Double points forever... - laci9

V 2 Comments
22 Expert Boom V 2 Comments
23 Terminator

You got a minigun. It's cost 5000. - laci9

24 Firewalker Tequila

Cost is 2000 and its color scheme is orange and red with a guy running on fire for a logo. What it does is reduced damage from exploding enemies and walking on fire(hence the name) finally if a zombie touches you there's a small explosion that mainly catches them on fire(making them weaker).

25 Boomerade

- Turns Grenades Into Wine Bottles (Like Perka Cola bottles)
- Each of the bottles have one attribute (which are all different)
- Fire( Burning) Air (Jet Gun affect) Acid (Also Burning) Possesion(makes all zombies go after one area/ zombie)
- Cost is 1500 for each buy (can buy multiple time if out of bottles)
- Each Time bought it will spawn a nuke (you don't have to pick it up)
- Only one nuke per round

26 Perk-o-Rama

This is a machine that allows you to have 2 more perk slots, (this is not a perk, it's a machine like the PaP)

27 Combustion Champagne

Costs 3000 points. Your grenades disappear, and every 15 seconds, you can throw a fireball, which is a contact explosive. It deals damage equal to a frag grenade. Also, when you are downed, a wave of fire bursts out and scorches zombies around you.

28 Uppergrade
29 Hunter's Whiskey

Increases your bullet damage and allows them to pass through certain materials. It also makes your
bullets to travel as far as sniper bullets

30 Two's a Crowd
31 Not the Second One
32 Wall Crawler V 1 Comment
33 Moon Gravity

Allows you to boost jump or jump higher

34 Deadshot Daquiri 2.0

Ads quicker, increases hip fire accuracy by 30%, reduces recoil and idle sway completely, auto aim for the head instead of chest, you are able to hip fire while sprinting, zombies you ads at will move slower.

35 Whiz Fizz V 1 Comment
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