Best Multiplayer Maps On Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Any fan who loves Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Call of Duty 6) will love this list. Feel free to add a map onto it and feel free to comment.
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1 Terminal

This map is brilliant in many different ways. Ways such as:

- It is a great map for combat with the long hallway and the glass windows.

- It is great for sniping because the spawn points are away each end of the map and there is an addictive area on the map where many players go to and you can gather a good amount of kills.

- There are many good hiding spots in the map such as in the back of the plane, jumping off the truck near the back of the plane to glitch out of the map, in between the glass elevators and more spots.

- Many more reasons why this map is the overall best map in the game. In my opinion anyway.

2 Highrise

Well why not? After all it has got the best sniping ground also I find it fun to jump off the roof when I'm out of ammo. The places I like to snipe are on the crane on the elevators that allow window washers to wash windows

This map is great for sniping as we all know. But the construction area around the map is heavily overused. They are some good camping places in both apartments.

The fact that you can sneak up into you're enemy teams building is brilliant, and playing it on demolition is really fun.

3 Favela

Favela is my favorite map ever created in Call of Duty history. Multiple reasons: the feel of this map; you can hear background noises of kids giggling, dogs barking, cars beeping. You really feel like you're in a Brazilian shantytown. But there's way more than that: this map is good for every game mode, every play-style and the layout is simply brilliant. The rooftop battles made this map so much fun! The three floors battles are just so well design! This map is a rusher wet-dream but also a sniper heaven at the same time.

4 Rust

Rust is one of the best maps I've played. It is small and different too other maps with its design and mixed terrain but that's the recipient too making a perfect map. Close fighting and high octane battles. A classic of Call of Duty maps and one to remember.

This map resembles Hardhat. It is crazy and fun. Domination almost seems like 1 big flag. Because of the small map, Free-For-All is a nightmare for players with little experience online.

It's so fast paced and crazy, it's all about reaction time really. I like it because People can't really camp or snipe, which makes it faced paced while staying fresh. This is like the only map I can win FFA on, but I do pretty well on it.

5 Skidrow

Skidrow can be anything and it is everything. If you're looking for close quarters combat, there is no shortage, SMG's can rock this world, as can shotguns. There is no better map in Call of Duty history (in my opinion) that is better for running around and knifing people left and right. So many long killstreaks just by tac knifing on this map. Additionally, assault rifles can sit back at C flag (dom) or in the area at the end of the hallway on either side, as can snipers. It fits every play style and every player. The only fault I can give it is that air support isn't great unless spwantrapping A flag in domination.

6 Scrapyard

I LOVE this map, it's so fast-paced yet it's not the slaughterhouse that rust is. This map is basically like a combination of highrise and rust, yet you don't get killed from behind by CAMPERS every 2 seconds. Thus making scrapyard (in my opinion) the BEST map for getting scores like 20+ kills and 2-6 deaths (and I suck at Call of Duty)

Should be in top 3. They remade it in Ghosts, that's how good it was. Fast paced, could own with any gun. Any mode fun.

7 Afghan

This map is a great map for all weapons. Basically any game mode can work on this terrific place. Great areas to be in without over powering the match. This map is epic and it;s a completely fair and fun map.

Whats to hate about this map? , I mean for any sniper this is heaven for them!
I personally like it on sabotage mode. that's brilliant.

8 Rundown

Three lane layout with the bridges made it balanced in all game modes. Lots of buildings to play defensively. Both spawn sides balanced. Easiest map to nuke on in my opinion

9 Wasteland

If you like sniping, this a great map. But with little cover it isn't as fun for stealthy people like myself. by the way where is ESTATE? You use every playing style on that map.

10 Sub Base

This is a snowy place better than derail and it got better spots

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11 Vacant
12 Crash
13 Estate

Good open spaces and a large cabin make for all rounded play. Cabin best area to fight in as it is balanced and provides intense combat.

14 Quarry

Go on Search and Destroy and get a javelin on if your playing against trickshotters and go to the javelin spot. I always get a quad or more

15 Karachi
16 Trailer Park

This was the best map added to the game, was perfect for Search and Destroy yet was also perfect for other game modes like Domination, Demolition, etc.

17 Invasion

A good urban fighting mid-sized map with good flow and easy to remember landmarks. Invasion is visually appealing and provides variety by mixing indoor and outdoor areas in a basic design which suits many different playing styles. dlc

18 Bailout
19 Carnival
20 Storm
21 Overgrown

This is the best map period. You can fight effectively anyway you like.

22 Fuel
23 Strike
24 Derail

Playing this on search and destroy is sweet.

25 Underpass
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