Top 10 Canon and Fanon Couples in the Dragon Ball Franchise


The Top Ten

1 Bardock x Gine Bardock x Gine

I wish we see more scenes of them together.maybe when Dragonball return next year if the rumors are true?

They're just perfect for each other. He saved her life many times and she fell in love him, when he found out, instead of getting mad, he admitted he felt the same. Dragon Ball Minus Should have totally covered more of them! Saiyans don't fall in love or care for their offspring. They only mate for reproductive purposes. But Bardock and Gine's bond was tied together by love for each other, something usually non existent among Saiyans. But they did Both are also calm and quiet, the only difference is that Bardock is a warrior and Gine is Timid, but definitely not a coward. They're also parents of the legend Goku. They not only loved each other, but they loved their children. They were the ones who sent Goku to earth to keep him safe. Check DB Minus if you don't believe me. Bardock x Gine For Life <3 <3 <3 - pratham2025

2 Bulma x Vegeta

Vegeta and Bulma are awesome together they have lovely relationship.

3 Gohan x Videl

Yeah of course for number one for gohan /videl they are perfect for each other.

Gohan / videl all the way

4 Cabba x Caulifla Cabba x Caulifla

They would be adorable couple๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜

5 Krillin x Android 18
6 Trunks x Mai
7 Vegito x Bulchi
8 Goku x Chichi
9 Future Trunks x Future Mai
10 Goku x Bulma

The Contenders

11 Pan x Trunks
12 Pan x Uub
13 Marron x Goten
14 Marron x Trunks
15 Bulla x Goten
16 Bulla x Uub
17 Goku x Heles
18 Gohan x Angela
19 Gohan x Piccolo
20 Gohan x Caulifla
21 Goku x Caulifla
22 Gohan x Lime
23 Gohan x Kale
24 Gohan x Dende
25 Gohan x Erasa
26 Gohan x Cocoa
27 Raditz x Launch
28 Fasha x Tora
29 Frieza x Gohan
30 Broly x Chirai
31 Broly x Kale
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