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Welcome! Let's talk about the wonderful world of closing logos. Typically, logos don't really look all that bad. Sometimes, they can be more interesting than the actual show or movie the company produced! But looking back at them, you realize that some of them look horrible! While most of these logos will make you shudder in cringe, others are so-bad-they're-good. These logos include film, video games, and television logos. and if you like these logos, that's fine! Since TheTopTens is opinion-based after all and the logo's creator might just appreciate it. With those said, let's go!
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1 The Video Bancorp (1990)

If you're familiar with these kinds of logos, you basically know that Video Bancorp would be number one without even clicking on the list! This logo wouldn't be as bad as it is if it weren't for the text saying "Thanks you for using our product!" That's what it literally says. Now not too much is known about the logo other than the fact that it mostly appeared on public domain Popeye VHSes. With one in particular even having hardcore pornography in it. So not only is the logo cheesy, but the company is rather strange too. Talk about out of context.

That's kind of embarassing. "Thanks you" for making this list! I think what it actually says is "The Video Bancorp thanks you for using our product", which is less cheesy but still dumb

2 Family Home Entertainment (1981)

Next up, we have a somewhat cheesy logo from the 80s. The music sounds really unappealing and the text at the end looks really unreadable. Family Home Entertainment? More like Family Home Disappointment, am I right? So first we see a purple "star" zooming in towards you Viacom V of Doom-style, but at the last minute, the star shapeshifts to "Family Home" with Entertainment coming below in a pretty ugly font too. Contrary to its name, FHE also released some adult films in the early 80s before USA Home Video's formation in 1982.

3 PBS (1971)

Seriously? Someone spam-voting this too? Whoever is doing this, please know that if you want to see this higher on the list, it would be easier to remix instead of spam-voting. Not only will it be less annoying, but will raise the things you want higher on the list. I hope you accept this mysterious voter.

Oh yeah, I forgot how cheesy this one was... Not as cheesy as Pony Canyon's logo from 1989, it's still really cheap. But then again, it's 1971. What did you expect?

4 Pony Canyon (1989)

Okay, so now we went from the cheesiest of the bunch to the most bizarre. So first we see an eye, that zooms in, then some creepy face (may or may not be PC's mascot) appears laughing but then cries. Then a whole bunch of nonsensical things occurs. This logo, while not as bad as FHE, is still pretty cheesy and pretty creepy too.

5 Vadi-mon (1982)

Stupid name aside, this logo just has poor animation! The music feels SUPER depressing and the eyes at the beginning of the logo feel really out of place! Also, the planets disintegrating feel really out of place for a home video logo. And the eyes at the beginning is probably the most random thing found here.

The final scene where the logo zooms in is the cheesiest part. But I really love this logo though.

6 L.A. Hero (1992)

Honestly the worst anime logo out there. firstly, while the music is really relaxing (but annoying), what really makes the logo cheesy is the animation. All that it just is are a bunch of flying letters that look like they were made in PowerPoint. Plus, the red "sun" (possibly FHE's cousin) was poorly made as well as unneeded.

7 Zombastic Productions (2001)

Oh boy, we have this logo... Where to start on this one... The logo is illogical. So first, we see a flying skull in space as a hand gets a syringe full of pink substance, and then it goes into the skull. As soon as that happens, the skull opens its mouth with the cheesiest frame movement ever and screams (I find the scream "so bad it's good"). One that ends, the logo appears. Once the logo ends, the Skeleton returns but now bleeding as it disintegrates. That was something...

More scarier than cheesy

8 Sega (Argentina) (1990)

No, this isn't the video game company we all know and love, this Sega I'm talking about is actually an Argentinean VHS distribution service (just like CBS/Fox Video and Family Home Entertainment). Firstly, the quality of the logo is notably poor. With the very cheap CGI models (worse than the ones found in Pony Canyon) and why is the logo in black and white? At least the other logos on this list are in color. The creepy music doesn't really help with the tone of this logo.

Also, speaking of Sega, can't wait until someone forms a VHS company named Nintendø or a DVD service named χbox!

9 Cookie Jar Entertainment (2004)

Now my main issue with this logo is that it's seen everywhere and is very forgettable. And it plasters nearly every previous logo of the studio's Cookie Jar has acquired. Even the iconic DiC "Kid in bed" logo couldn't save itself from THE JAR OF EVIL! But in all seriousness, the logo doesn't really look like a jar and the logo just is a bunch of kids yelling the logo's name. The WildBrain logo from 2019 is far better.

10 Burger King (2021)

Oversimplified logos. While simple and memorable logos line the 1996 Warner Home Video logo or the Windows 10 logos are memorable, this one is just forgettable if anything.

The Contenders
11 KWSU (1976)

Yet another cheesy logo from the late 70s/early 80s. So with this logo, we have ear-grinding music that sounds like an Atari system dying, and the KWSU logo doesn't really look like a KWSU logo. It looks like it says CWUV instead.

I don't know why this exists. I need help.

12 Walt Disney Home Video (1992)

To be honest, this logo shares a similar problem to the Cookie Jar Entertainment logo. IT'S SEEN EVERYWHERE. Plus, there's not really any animation. Just the golden text shining. And it makes the logo worse when you compare it to the next and previous Disney logos. The one from 1986 has Mickey, their mascot, while the 2003 version is short, simple, and memorable. And then there are the variants. So many variants. One of the variants in particular (from 1995) is just blue generic text. It just shows the quality drop of Disney in general after Toy Story and The Lion King.

I would agree, this is lazy, especially compared to the UK version which was CGI and looked like a Disney World road sign.

13 Telemundo (1997)
14 MTV (1981)

To be honest, this is the best looking logo on the list. It didn't plaster objectively better logos and it didn't invade our personal spaces.

15 FADYO (2021)

I forgot about this hot garbage. This logo is a lawsuit's dream as they stole music from The Beetles. Not only that, but also the Universal Studios logo from 1990. The editing in this logo makes the 1981 FHE logo look good in comparison. Why couldn't the spam-voters go here instead of the 1971 PBS logo? At least that one, it was understandable sine it was in 1971. But this logo, but this logo was from 2003. Which is unacceptable.

16 Warner Bros. (1972)
17 PAP Video (1986)
18 Summit Entertainment (2018)
19 Boyd's Video and Video Films (Early 1980s)
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