Iglesia ni Cristo (The Church of Christ)


The doctrines and teachings of the Church of Christ are all based on Word of God written in the Bible

There is no comparison with other religious organizations when it comes to leadership and performance. The Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) in the seven years administration of Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, our present Executive Minister has attained unprecedented victories never before achieved by the Church, despite heavy persecutions suffered from the enemies of the Church. Not even Brother Eduardo V. Manalo was spared from painful trials, considering, that the trials given by God to our beloved brother, are likened to trials and tribulations experienced by the early chosen leaders of God... like Abraham and Noah. In choosing between his mother, two younger brothers and a sister... though truly painful, he has chosen to follow the will of God... that is to excommunicate them for being rebellious to the Church Administration... a decision where people outside the Church of Christ cannot fully understand... but among members of the Church, is a valiant and courageous decision made ...more

Iglesia Ni Cristo doctrines and teachings are always base on the Holy Scriptures. Oftentimes many people says the religion members are blindfolded followers because of its uniformity in following instructions coming from the church administration but the truth behind these are all base on the Holy Scriptures. It is really difficult forum ordinary person to follow orders, instructions if he didn't know the value of being righteous in the words of God. When you want to follow God, everyone self should really sacrifice to its own will which Christ is the one who did this when he was still on Earth. Jesus Christ never value his own will but follow all the words of God wherein the Iglesia Ni Cristo is also practicing before and even nowadays. The needed of the flesh, own will will be set aside if you value what really God wanted you to do so.

There are may churches today that claims, they are the true church which our Lord Jesus Christ built, but only this church, Church of Christ is the one which is Qualified in all the prophesies and pronouncements in the Bible. This church is the Only Church that is 100% accurate in all Bible Teachings!. And for those who say that " there is no need to attend or be a member of, of any church to be saved. Just accept Christ as your personal savior, and that's it". You need to start attending Bible Studies in Iglesia Ni Cristo(Church Of Christ). Because, why would our Lord Jesus Christ build a Church, if it is not neccesary for man's salvation?.#ProudINCmember

The more sure word of prophecy! The INC has certainly met the criteria or standard given by God in the bible. The laws and commandments of God written in the bible are what is being taught. This church also has the testimony of Jesus which is the spirit of prophecy fulfilled. So numerous are the prophecies fulfilled pertaining to the reemergence of Christ's other sheep and of a genuine messenger given the right to preach the pristine gospel to bring about belief in the true faith and baptism into the one true body or Church of Christ. Every biblical doctrine taught in the Iglesia Ni Cristo is in harmony with one another without contradiction just like each piece in a jigsaw puzzle is connected or fits perfectly with one another. Everything is crystal clear and makes perfect sense because God is not the author of confusion.

The Iglesia Ni Cristo is the last God's work for the salvation of man. It was prophesied even by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself that, "In the future, there will be one flock and one shepherd" and the fulfillment is non other than the Iglesia Ni Cristo which began in the far east.

I believe that the iglesia ni cristo is the only true religion in the world. The doctrines taught were all based in the holy bible. The oneness is existing. That God the Father is the one true God and Jesus, our mediator to HIM.

There are no gray areas in its doctrine especially the one on salvation. Backed up by historical events and fruition of biblical prophecies. Truly this Church exhibits the One God, One Savior, & One Body doctrine as mentioned in the Bible.

This is the one true church written in the bible (rome 16:16)

We invite everyone and anyone to listen to the Biblical teachings being taught inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo. I was once an altar boy in the Catholic Church. I was introduced to the Church of Christ in the most unusual circumstances. But as they say, it is a blessing in disguise. Open your hearts and minds and be ready to receive the pure teachings of God. Praise be to God! - PompeiManuel

INC always united!
One faith.
One love.
One hope

The only true church showered with God's love and protection.

I am a registered physical therapist ad soon to be a medical doctor in the USA. I can attribute my professional success to the disiclipine and the teachings I receive constantly from the church administration as they are written in the holy scripture. There's nothing as organized organization in the whole entire world compared to this church.

The one and only true church built by our Lord Jesus Christ! We invite everyone to please listen to the doctrines purely based on the Bible upheld by the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ).

There is only one true Church. It is in the Bible. It bears the name of the Founder. It is the fulfillment of the biblical prophesies. It is monotheistic. It has a centralized form of administration. It is united in all of its aspects. It is concerned for the welfare of it's members, and even non-members. It is pro-Bible, pro-Christ, and pro-God.

It only takes a cursory examination of the beliefs of other religions to start seeing contradictions and personal opinions of their leaders. The INC is 100% bible based in its position on all matters.

Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) house of worship is always magnificent. Now a days INC is the only religion that continuing on expanding and building churches all over the world. No religions can compare to Iglesia ni Cristo when it comes to unity, solidarity and camaraderie. Almost all countries today faces economic crisis but Iglesia ni Cristo is still strong and dynamic you can see it on the churches that they have and on ongoing constructions of some church all over the world.


This is what we do to prove it. When you ask any question about spiritual stuff and your minister doesn't even open the bible to answer it then WHY ARE YOU NOT DOUBTING THE RELIGION YOU'RE INTO? Iglesia Ni Cristo is so far (out of all the religions I have observed) is the ONLY church that will never answer your question based on their own knowledge. Actually, for me, the only thing that holds back a lot of people who were invited or who have been observing, to join Iglesia Ni Cristo is either; traditions they believed in, self denial and worldly reasons that they know they can never hold on to when the judgment day comes. I am proud to be Iglesia Ni Cristo.

Maybe out of jealousy or for whatever evil motives, other religions keep on bombarding the Iglesia Ni Cristo with many unfair and malicious accusations. Yet the phenomenal growth and success of the truth in every endeavor from a very humble beginning, its crystal clear doctrine, is undeniably the works of the Almighty. If the accusers try to demerit the Iglesia Ni Cristo as the true church, surely they are in great dilemma in offering an option.

The Iglesia Ni Cristo or Church of Christ has expanded to more than 130 countries and has set multiple world records. This religion is unique because their doctrines are biblical. It stands independent from other religions as many members around the world share their faith. As mentioned in countless Bible Studies and Worship Services, the reemergence of the Church of Christ/Daughter of Zion in these last days was already prophesied in the Holy Scriptures. This is God's final work of salvation in this world to the many chosen people.

Iglesia ni Cristo is the only way to be one with Christ. God shall never abandon this church and shall show the whole world it's true.

This is Jesus' One True Church as expressed in the Bible. All the prophecies foresee the re-establishment in these last days, of the Church that Christ founded himself. All the teachings are based on the Bible. All the commandments that its members obey are grounded on what is in the Bible. Ministers and ministerial workers, if you have seen or attended some of the Church's evangelical mission, base their arguments and teachings solely on the Bible. There is no doubt that the Church of the Christ is the One True Church that is recognized by God and will receive His Promise of the Holy Land.

ROME 16:16 based on the bible the ONLY Church Of Christ

Indeed this is the one true Church established by Christ. A Church that strictly obeys the teachings of God written in the Bible (the sole basis of the INC members' faith)