Best Cities In Croatia


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1 Zagreb

I love it... I was there and I really love it, they have new trams and trains produced by themselves.

I love the contrast between the old city and new city in Zagreb. - Enigmadragon12

I want to live there

Much better than rest of Europe. Uncredible safe, cheap, nice people, very handsome, relaxing atmosphere.

2 Split

Easy living. Beautiful coast very friendly people. Nice looking women!

The site of Ultra Europe.

3 Rijeka
4 Osijek

The most beautiful city to live in. Many parks, you can ride a bike almost everywhere, and it is safe during the days and nights.

5 Zadar

O tu mi je cura

6 Pula

Miles and miles of beautiful beaches, full of history and nice people

7 Dubrovnik

It's too expensive. Besides, a tree in Canada looks better. - Blight

The best culture,it's the most resiliant city in Croatia (as it survived many earthquakes that did a lot of damage and survived attempts in conquest). Besides that it is simply STUNNING and I can't wait to go back here - blue-mermaid

The best one.

8 Slavonski Brod
9 Vinkovci
10 Šibenik

City with 4 fortress, 2 national parks, and one of the most beautiful cathedral in the world.

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? Bjelovar

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11 Karlovac
12 Varaždin
13 Čakovec
14 Vukovar
15 Velika Gorica
16 Korcula

Most beautiful - dt

17 Sisak

This city is over 2000 years old YES YOU HEARD IT RIGHT, 2000 YEARS OLD! Also it has big history

Awesome city

18 Rovinj
19 Imotski
20 Orahovica
21 Orebic
22 Knin
23 Mali Lošinj
24 Đakovo
25 Pazin
26 Vela Luka
27 Blato
28 Bilje
29 Mandre

Mali gradić na Pagu

30 Porec
31 Buzet
32 Sinj
33 Umag
34 Novigrad
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1. Zagreb
2. Pula
3. Dubrovnik
1. Zagreb
2. Dubrovnik
3. Split
1. Zagreb
2. Split
3. Rijeka


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