Top Ten Best Cities In New Zealand


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1 Auckland

It is the best city in the whole world indeed, because we are blessed. - NZGUY85

You will get harassed by john key pulling your ponytail

I live here it is the best

Auckland for the win - NethercraftMC

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2 Wellington

Wellington is the best city as it hosts the great American warships like USS Enterprise and USS America.

Wellington is the coolest little capital in the world! So blessed to live here.

3 Christchurch

Christchurch is amazing! It has friendly people and the variety of cultures is very diverse. I am so proud to be from Christchurch, and even through the earthquakes we managed to stick together and pull through.

4 Hamilton V 1 Comment
5 Napier-Hastings

I live here so that why!

Nice weather I guess

6 Tauranga
7 Dunedin
8 Palmerston North

Palmy all the way m8

9 Nelson

Dunedin is my favorite city because the police are all corrupt and I can do any thing I want while under the influence of anything I want. As a 93, year old nudist and ex convict the importance of a corrupt police force and a citizenry that can't spell 'morality' is extremely important to me

10 Rotorus V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 New Plymouth
12 Invercargill

Invercargill is the Scottish city in New Zealand. It has Tay Street, Dee Street and of course the Invercargill March, played by the US Marines.

Best city. Wide streets. More war heroes than any other. Invercargill March is the best music from NZ.

13 Whanganui V 1 Comment
14 Rotorua
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