Best College Football Teams of 2015-2016


The Top Ten

1 Ohio St. Buckeyes
2 Alabama Crimson Tide Alabama Crimson Tide The Alabama Crimson Tide refers to the 21 men and women varsity teams that represent the University of Alabama.

We won the national champion chip and not just beat the team that beat Ohio state we shut them out why aren't we at the top

Why in the hell is Auburn 3 they weren't even ranked this site is stupid

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3 Auburn Tigers Auburn Tigers

Why is this on here they were crap in 2015.

4 TCU Horned Frogs TCU Horned Frogs
5 Baylor Bears Baylor Bears The Baylor Bears are the sports teams of Baylor University. Baylor's men's sports teams are named the Bears, and some women's teams are named the Lady Bears.
6 Oregon Ducks Oregon Ducks The Oregon Ducks are the athletic teams that represent the University of Oregon, a public flagship research university located in Eugene, Oregon. V 1 Comment
7 Clemson Tigers Clemson Tigers The Clemson Tigers are the athletic teams representing Clemson University. They compete as a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I level (Football Bowl Subdivision, primarily competing in the Atlantic Coast Conference for all sports since the 1953-54 season.
8 Florida St. Seminoles Florida St. Seminoles
9 LSU Tigers LSU Tigers
10 Michigan St. Spartans

The Contenders

11 Michigan Wolverines Michigan Wolverines The Michigan Wolverines comprise 27 varsity sports teams at the University of Michigan. These teams compete in the NCAA's Division I and in the Big Ten Conference in all sports except women's water polo, which competes in the NCAA inter-divisional Collegiate Water Polo Association.
12 Wisconsin Badgers Wisconsin Badgers
13 Oklahoma Sooners
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