Top 10 Crazy Ideas For Grand Theft Auto VI


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1 Can Get Older With The Time

Maybe I'm exaggerating, but I thinking it well, should be raw as the real life! and a Grand Theft Auto needs some kind of this features! it wouln't be a bad idea at all, Rockstar also should know how to put this in terms of the campaign, or even create a story, right? and the freeroam also can show us this if just it were puted on Grand Theft Auto VI - BloDayBey

2 Die And Be Able To Visit Heaven And Hell

Damn this idea...just no! - 80sGreatestOffice

Satan in Grand Theft Auto?

That would sound very krazy - BorisRule

This could sounds weird, but it would be nice to kick satan's ass, and talk with God just like in Saints Row Gat Outta Hell (2015)...or even that can be featured as creepy and weird short cutscenes for the game! - BloDayBey

what - CedreticFomento

3 Provoke Gangsters And Have A Bad Reputation

Just imagine if Grand Theft Auto VI Can be realistic in this terms! And how? well, I think like this way.
Kill an a important Gangster or a closer person to that guy and get a really bad reputation, with almost every person treat to found your character and kill him just for reclaim a reward! And other important points to became this even more crazy,...Need to run to other city and hide out in swamps or forest, just like a real person would do, and I think that would be one of the most clearest reasons to buy a next Grand Theft Auto - BloDayBey

I love this kind of ideas.

4 Buy Houses To Homeless People And Give Them Food

I think that I'm not the only here, who wants this! - BloDayBey

5 Be Able To Destroy Buildings And Things

I wish this so much! And if you ask me why I considered this as a crazy idea for Grand Theft Auto VI I gonna explain it, no trouble!...It's too hard to seen this features in a Grand Theft Auto game, that's all. - BloDayBey

This is the first good idea I saw, get older... what who wants a old grandpa walking around with a ak47

THIS IDEA for the win - BorisRule

6 A Campaign Based On Pulp Fiction (1994)
7 Be Able To Get Normal Jobs

I know that this feature was abled in older Grand Theft Auto video games, but we can just imagine how would it be a builder in this game? or even be a bad paramedic and treat to kill sick and hurt people just for fun, but like always things like this needs a story behind it, this is just my opinion! and if you are interested to share your opinion and different points for this, do it and refresh my mind please! - BloDayBey

8 Be Able To Study

What the hell is this list? Not very good but don't get offended either.

what - CedreticFomento

I'm seriously guys! this should be one of the most slowest and calmest thing in Grand Theft Auto VI Just like be a good pedrestian or Driver in traffic, and other thing! if only Grand Theft Auto VI Were realistic as hell, this feature should be enought to get a job in the game. - BloDayBey

9 A DLC Based On Ratman's Myth

Weirdest idea I've seen - 80sGreatestOffice

what - CedreticFomento

Maybe everyone should understand what I'm talking about with this point, I mean ┬┐does the ''Ratman'' even exist in Grand Theft Auto III,IV,V,LCS,VCS,VC? Well that would be a really hard question to respond.
Because almost the 56% of Grand Theft Auto Youtubers marks the ''Ratman'' existence like a fact.
And if you are not convinced yet, you can play Grand Theft Auto IV Right now, and explore the subway, this is something serious! Really, I think that Grand Theft Auto V Is very reasonable with this myth, but even Grand Theft Auto IV Did better and scarier, if you want to understand more about Ratman's cults and appereances in Grand Theft Auto go check out the information on Google, or even how you prefer. Anyways! the point is other... I think to add a DLC based on the search of Ratman's case it might sound crazy, but if you think it very well, this concept can it go more deeply and far to investigate it, and who knows?...Rockstar Games it's knowed by their Easter Eggs and how ...more - BloDayBey

10 Be more like an RPG (example: Skyrim)

Decide if you wanna rep a hood, carry out heists, become a mob boss, a hacker, influence politics, cook meth, be a cop, perhaps even a terrorist?

Hell yes I'm absolutely agree with this idea. well thinked - 80sGreatestOffice

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11 Kim Kardashian As The Protagonist

I can't complain about this particular reason! Today the world is gone, and maybe Rockstar Company should do stupid things like this, just for money. - RW700

Huh? - RobertWisdom

what - CedreticFomento

12 Be a Terrorist
13 Be Able to Go to Jail
14 Have Alex Jones and Joe Rogan on the Radio

Good idea. I wonder how fast it'd be for the game to get banned. - shadomatrix

Hire Joe Rogan to do JRE podcasts interviewing people in the game - xEliHbkx

15 Unlock Songs with Progress or Completing Activities

But not a crazy idea at all. - 80sGreatestOffice

This would be a very good idea. love thiss - 80sGreatestOffice

16 Ability to Have Sex with Other Players and Pedestrians

No pornography in the halls - BorisRule

Weirdo - RobertWisdom

17 Ability to Use the Toilet and Have to Go Poop
18 A Different Way Minigame

Pee into other players mouths and vice versa

19 You are an Alien

And the game is secretly a sequel/spinoff to Destroy All Humans.

20 Become Pregnant
21 Take place in Vice City
22 Be a Sports Coach


ghood idea

23 Can Kick People's Balls
24 Can Learn Capoeira
25 More Dark Alleys with Strange People

Sounds rare, please give a explanation of this. I'd love to see how this idea will work on. - 80sGreatestOffice

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