Top Ten Crazy and Random TheTopTens Facts

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1 Justin Bieber tops all the 'Dumb People' related lists.

I think on these lists people tend to just vote for whoever they hate most it could be ugliest, most annoying worst personalities worst fan-bases it barely matters.

Really, aren't you guys going a bit hard on the kid? - HezarioSeth

He did everything wrong. Remember the anne frank incident?

2 Innocent lists like 'Favorite Milkshake Ever' have been voted for over 1000 times.
3 Jonathan Antoine is apparently cooler than God on the 'Top Ten Most Awesome People In the Entire World' list.

Oh, come on. Just because he looks a bit good, is he better than Jesus? You nuts? - HezarioSeth

4 According to 'Top Ten Favorite Things to Search For on Google', most people love to Google their own name.

Stuck-up narcissists. As for me, I do it only two to three times a day. - HezarioSeth

I would never search up me. I’m too boring.

5 The top three favorite colors according to this site are blue, green and red.

Mine is blue!

Hey, mine is pink. Okay, I was joking. - HezarioSeth

6 Kiteretsunu hates listening to JB songs on a broken music player while eating a bananas and junk food on a cloudy day.

Doubts? Check his cool profile page! - HezarioSeth

7 TheTopTens user 'Josh Delgado' has only one list, one comment, and one remix.

Let's all vote for his lists! - HezarioSeth

8 User 'TopTenJackson' is going to make a list entitled 'Best Things About Water'.

Everybody should vote for it! - HezarioSeth

9 User 'RockFashionista' plays the flute and guitar, and her occupation is 'Being awesome'.
10 'Keyson' lives in Argentina.

Bet you didn't know that, but it's on his profile page! - HezarioSeth

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11 There is a list about why Bleach is better than Naruto

Apparently - JoLeKosovo

12 There is a List Called "Top Ten Reasons Justin Bieber is Better Than the Beatles."
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