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1 Comanche

The Comanche were by far the most aggressive and fiercest. For nearly 150 years they ruled NM parts of Texas and northern Mexico by robbing, killing, and plundering. They had trade routes with other tribes and seized land and cattle from ranchers. They were an imposing force to deal with as the US government found out. Several things contributed to their demise in the late 1870s. Buffalo hunters nearly decimated their main source of clothing and food. Diseases dwindle their population. And they themselves were responsible in part because they controlled a large area that was not allowing them to sustain life as they once knew it. Plus, the encroaching white settlers, ranchers, and army found out that it was easier to control their trade routes, food sources and supplies rather than actually fight them. When the Comanche realized all of these issues and that they relied on government subsidies for sustaining life, they gave in... along with other tribes that had joined them. ...more

I find this article fascinating because my father's mother was part Apache and his father was part Comanche. We should be grateful to the Native Americans for preserving this beautiful country we all enjoy and Some take for granted. Try to put yourself in the Native Americans shoes. Wouldn't you fight to your last gasping breath to save your home, your children, your parents and all your relatives from Invaders stealing your Homeland, starving you out and worse? They were such a beautiful, proud people who respected life-giving Mother Earth, wildlife and honored their treaties with the foreign Invaders. It's a shameful chapter in the European Conquest of Native American sovereignty. Don't take America for granted. Preserve it for future Generations like the Native Americans did. Henry Reedy, Cary, beautiful North Carolina.

With there cruelty and fear they instilled in people I would rank them number one. If they had been more organized and had a more unified leadership they certainly would have been more successful.

What a brave and honorable tribe! Just breaks my heart what we did to all the indigenous people's!

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2 Apache

The word Apache comes from the Zuni tribe... Means My Enemy. Raiders and mountain men. Standing for what is right. Warriors in there heart & blood. Apache... Native American Ninjas

My great grandmother was of Apache blood and I've been told that my forefathers stood violent to the end against the military. They had no fear.

The apache tribe is one of the many tribes that birthed great warriors, May they live long, and prosper.

I'm Mescalero Apache and I love it. The were smart, strong, speedy and awesome warriors. They loved to ambush their enemies. My two favorite tribes were the Apache and Comanche

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3 Lakota

How did little big horn go. GREAT for native americans

Crazy horses army was the best Indian army - sam8

My friends past family members had relations to this tribe all the way back to right after the revolutionary war and said they could be the most loving If you were an ally and the most hateful and ruthless If you were an enemy

The ability to size up your opponent, and then lead them to your fighting ground, and dispatch them one by one, without an escape route, is number 1 in my book...

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4 Cherokee

My great grandmother Grace was full blooded Cherokee Indian and I couldn't be more proud to say that I am part Cherokee. Thanks to her I bear not only her name but her physical features as well.

One of the largest Native American tribes

My grandmother was a Cherokee Indian. My mother is adopted but I am still proud of my heritage even of it is not by blood but by love.

I am part Cherokee on my moms side. I m very proud of that heritage. I just wish I could find a way to prove my heritage.

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5 Dakota

I came from the Dakota tribe and I use to live in Montana. They were mean to me I think these guys are the most deadliest in the world! And I mean it.

These guys are so cool

Bet you never meet a comanche

The Daota is so deadly!

6 Zuni

My boyfriend is Zuni and his a very mean person, but still I I'm love with this NATIVE.

Gabriel's tribe

7 Chippewa

Ojibwe/Chippewa, along with the other bands of tribes they absorbed, were absolutely the fiercest warriors prior to European contact. Join us or die. They killed. They enslaved. They were highly adaptable to any environment. They swept other tribes into the Pacific Ocean. They scalped. They cannibalized. They were very successful in the fur trade, which meant, they had guns! Huge populations spread out, but joined together in force. They created & revolutionized many game-changing ideas, which strategically strengthened their forces, such as shoes with hard soles, and birch bark canoes - which could maneuver faster than the other types. They had it all, and never succumbed to the Europeans. They did, what they decided to do, as evidenced by effectively having signed the most treaties out of any other tribe. The total number is 51. We Are The Baddest.

Little Shell Chippewa Woman from Montana, why are the government afraid over two hundred years later. They still keep us in internment camps! Are you still afraid White English? I just don't like to be classified with Blood proof like dogs and horses! We are not cannabils, that was not sacred, (although most everything went in battle)(in Vietnam they strung ears on necklaces, the US soldiers) we had creative skills, wagons, designs, horse handlers, beautiful designs in beads, children's teachings, medicine teachings, you forget are we so different? Not so...

Couching county represent we also fought at old fort to secure the land from the Americans helping the British they won because of are land knowledge and toughness

Not only beat the Iroqouis back East, and decimated the Fox down south but pushed the Lakota across the Mississippi. Than the plains Ojibwa or Saulteaux if you will allied with there close friends the Cree and renagade Nakoda to form the Iron Confedacry and harass the Blackfoot, and push the Shoshone across the Rockies. 3 Council Fire! Ojibwa, Potawatomi, Odawa true military power.

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8 Omaha

Steak for days!

We once had a chief poison an entire army for questioning his commands. He also scalped them.
We scalped a lot of people.

Bad mofo's!

they ight

9 Iroquois

Still one of the biggest Nations, despite earlier contact with whites. Their tomahawk is still used in the military. Integrated defeated Nations into their own to compensate with constant warfare. We're the British peoples in America and Canada's best weapon against the French and the Americans. Even in modern times, they resisted in the oka crisis.

Strong, well organized and determined!

Imagine Seneca raiding tribes across the Mississippi and carrying captives on their backs

I'm a bite of a history buff. Just going by what I have read I would put my money on the Iroquois.

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10 Ottawa

The Odawa not Ottawa people were true badasses, in November they would travel up to 4000 miles by birch bark canoe through Lake Michigan, Huron then down the Saint Lawrence Sea Way and enemy Iraquois territory to reach Montreal to fight with, not for the French. These are a true forgotten people in American History for having twice fought in losing efforts first with the French then the British but they were no losers. History deems them barbarians but they were more than that, they were a noble people who were known as traders and craftsman with there own written history on birch scroll's.

Odawa warriors were the ninjas of the Midwest they were part of the larger Ojibwe, Potawatamee clan because of there alliance and close bond they were a true force to be reckoned with, but more importantly they were trusted by both the French and Great Lake tribes as middlemen for trade, when to fight and when not too. People have forgotten the importance of these peoples and region in establishing the first real economy in the New World ( The Fur Trade ). I am sick of the Modern Historians failure to include these groups in there programs of Native people's they deserve better.

The most badass because they kill things

My ancestor Charles de Langlande was the baddest of the bad had the French Commanders listened to him Michigan might still be in French control. He bested Rogers Rangers, Braddock with Washington, and many others when allowed to fight the Odawa way.

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11 Blackfeet

God's children keep him #1 priority in our life's. Real warrior's provide for food, clothing and shelter for his family and all our relations. We keep God, the creator of this universe our #1 priority each and ever day, and he provides for all our needs for eternity!

I am of Blackfoot Descent, and personally, after doing loads of research on my Great-Grandmother's family, I have discovered that many other tribes were afraid of the blackfoot tribes.

Even other Indians feared Blackfoot country.

My great grandfather was the head chief of the blackfeet tribe coming from my dads side. I am proud to be part blackfoot and I can not get enough of reading about them

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12 Mohawk

If you ever played Assassin's Creed. This is Connor's tribe

They slaughtered people without fear. They were known for the centurion hair cuts and stripe on the body. They butchered whole towns in the Mohawk Valley region of NY. They were not traveling beggars like the Cherokee. They stayed put and owned their lands.

I'm Cherokee. Not scared at all Mohawk were cowards

They got cool mohawks

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13 The Cree

Adapt well to other cultures, food, integration.

Can survive in any harse deadly conditions
Can hunt I heart jade she is so cool!

They Crazy

Best tribe

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14 Sioux

General Custard? I guess his lieutenant was Colonel Mustard and the 7th cavalry was also defeated in the library with the lead pipe? Seriously, have some ethos before chiming in on you have no real knowledge about.

It is General Custer to you, not custard. What are you a product of riding the short bus to school?

"The Sioux Indians were one of the most feared Indians. When they went to war they always won especially when they went to war with General Custard. They literally slaughtered and ripped apart Custard's body."

I thought they were peaceful

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15 Cheyenne

The Cheyenne were amongst the most warlike and fearsome tribes of the plains, and they freely moved around vast areas of land. Based on the amount of fear they imposed on both settlers and other tribes as well, they've gotta be in the conversation for 'toughest tribe around.'

Staked themselves to the ground. Fought to the death. And killed any other tribe that relied on white man settlements, which was every tribe at the time. The Cheyenne (Tsistsistas) is the bravest and last warrior society to fight the U.S Army. They had war parties and raids that ran from Texas to Montana. They took warriors from every plains tribe to join their society or die. The Dog men never signed a treaty.

Famous for screwing with the transcontinental railroads and the fur traders making them a feared foe

This, in my opinion, is wrong. The Cheyenne were and are a fierce, resistant tribe. I would say to rank just below, if not equal to, the Lakota.

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16 Crow

There is no doubt the Crows were among the fiercest on the Plains/Yellowstone regions. Excellent horsemen, horse raiders, great hunters, epic warriors and iconic Chiefs. They were also among the most wealthiest in terms of horse numbers. Fought every tribe on all sides to defend their hunting grounds, homelands with little to no "alliances" unlike the Lakota. And they are still the best today.

Harsh climate and would kill white men or other Indians just because.

The Crow Tribe had the strongest and scariest Warriors in Montana, they would win battles without even having an army but when they did have an army, they'd easily defeat their enemies.

Love the Crow. This is my favorite tribe

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17 Nez Perce

The Nez Perce were a smaller tribe than many of those in consideration. However, Chief Joseph led them on the most historically successful insurrection against the US Government (besides Little Big Horn). Their traditions didn't involve as much warfare as some other tribes, but the skill of the Nez Perce warrior was revered by everyone from Sitting Bull to Gen. William T Sherman (two men that knew a thing or two about skilled fighters).

Brilliant horsemen as well, founders of the Appaloosa bloodlines

Awesome tribe I learned about them in class

18 Navajo

Trying to get some information just found out that my ancestors were Navajo Indians wondering if they were the meanest and deadliest Indian tribe or they were, for me I have a real bad temper and I wonder if that affiliates with my ancestors being Navajo Indians

Navajo's don't get drunk all that much. Where'd u get those facts? Wikipedia? Ha. I'm Navajo. Sup. I'm not lazy. I'm not sexual. Why don't you actually get to know one and then tell me your opinion Jerks!

I'm Navajo. I work 60 hours a week to support my family. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. That blows the commentator's blast about drunkest and laziest tribe out of the water.

They aren't dangerous but they are the drunkest and laziest. They screw friends and family for anything but more so if it has alcohol in it

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19 Pawnee

Traitors to other Indians

Name should tell it all

The Pawnee were actually one of the most feared tribes on the Plains, especially the Skidi Pani (Pawnee). They never backed down from the Sioux and challenged them at every opportunity. That's not to say for other tribes (on this list I won't mention) who had no problem laying down arms in front of the Sioux.

I am a white man from England, and I would like to say sorry on behalf of all the white race for everything my race did to your race. What happened in your lands was completely unfair and I wish history was different. I don't no much about all the different tribes but surely it does not matter who's tribe was better because you all must have a common ancester? Therefor you are all just one big super tribe if you stripped everything else away, your all Native Americans and ancestores of a great warrior nation. God bless you all friends

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20 Kiowa

Pound for pond, of all the tribes, the most vicious.

They were the ones who started taking pelts off white men. (Scalps) true story. Also the kiowa are a part of a band trillogy called the K. C A. Made up of kiowa, comanche, apache. And for this became immovable and their home of south Oklahoma and Texas became no mans land and home to outlaws and Indians And no place for polite white folk. Raymond Kaulaity of the kiowa tribe.



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