Light Yagami

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Light Yagami is a fictional character and the protagonist of the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.


I really like Light. I was for his cause since episode one. To me, L was annoying and weird. Light was interesting and it was fun watching him try to pursue his goal. Since, at first, I thought Misa was annoying, I didn't mind that he manipulated her. That's why I like Light. - Euphoria

Light is a complete badass I love how he's so smart and deceptive is just blows my mind. Everyone loves L because he's cute and strange but I guess I'm just not into that because light is not afraid to wipe people out. He so badass and awesome and a little insane which just adds to the fact making him even more powerfully cool.

Its to vote for the most badass right? Then obviously it should be Light! This dude kills, manipulates, hangs out with a shinagami. Dude he was the cause of L's death and his fathers. Basically all the misfortune came from him.

Yes I'm a fan girl. But I do have my reasons just look how much of a twisted genius light is... My favorite anime character ever!

" Everyone hates Light Yagami"
NO he is pretty awesome, you've got to admit. He's Smart and Handsome, except at the end.
You've got to admit, that at least at one point in the novel, you liked him.

He was the baddest of the bad. I agree with that one guy (except hat part about hail Kira). this isn't about your favorite character people! - llamabaconllama37

This is a poll for being a badass, not your favorite character, and quite clearly the mass murdering heartless psychopath is the most badass character. Hail Kira.

Now it came very close between Light and L, but L's winning, and Light is seriously badass when you think about it. I mean, he has an intense plan to 'purge the world of evil, ' and will stop at absolutely nothing to execute it. Plus he's the only villian I know who can do an evil laugh/smirk and not look like a total moron.

I thought Light was awesome, even though he was kind of a dick at points. He was still really interesting and definitely my favorite, L was a close second

Oh come on. Nobody really gets much more badass than Light.

He is the greatest. The god of the new world.

The first fictional character, who I cried for when he died. Tragic end. Sometimes I think he never should pick up that damn note. But of course, without that, this interesting, tragic and epic anime/manga would never bornt. DN FOREVER

Well it's obvious he is the main character the way he tries to change the world with the death note is amazing. Light is a great anime villian he is one of the best anime characters of all time. He defeated the smartest detective in the series L the peoples most beloved character.

Light is really cool, his sense of justice is pretty good L, is also fine, but I'm attracted to dark personalities.

It's a tie between him and L, but I voted for Light because well I had to vote for someone. - Anonymousxcxc

I understand the L hype, but Light being 4th is a tragedy #TEAMLIGHT

Light is much more badass than L...
He surpasses L on intelligence and badassery

I don’t know why everyone is team L. The criminals that Light killed were going to die anyway in prison, is exactly the same but faster and it stops them from killing innocents