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1 Nina Tucker is Turned into a Chimera - Fullmetal Alchemist

Definitely very disturbing. His father gave her worse than a death. - Kiteretsunu

I really really hate Shou Tucker so much after what he did to poor Nina, turning her into a chimera and the chimera actually looked pretty creepy in my opinion - BlazinganimewarriorprincessX

By far the most disturbing thing I've ever seen in Anime..

You don’t even deserve hell, Tucker.

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2 The Abuse and Death of the Puppy - Elfen Lied

I've Seen a lot of messed up things in anime but the scene were these two guys are vicious beating this poor dog to death was too much even for me. - egnomac

3 Goosh Goosh - Tokyo Ghoul

It's not Tokyo GHOUL; its from Tokyo TRIBE. And unless you want to throw up, I don't recommend watching the scene

It's Tokyo Tribe actually but don't watch that scene. The anime is pretty good but that scene was cancer to my brain. - RoseRedFlower

Oh! This part was really really disturbing. Tokyo Ghoul is a great anime, but I would skip that part if I were you. - BlazinganimewarriorprincessX

I... don't worry... just don't watch it. - 8Gon_Soku8

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4 Satoko Gets Tortured - Higurashi When They Cry

This was so messed up but in episode 13 Keichi gets pushed off a bridge after Satako finds Rikas dead body and Keichi holding a hatchet even though he's innocent

5 Videl Gets Destroyed By Spopovitch - Dragon Ball Z

This whole fight was hard to watch Spoppovitch is just wailing on poor Videl and I mean really beating on her to the point were even the people in the stands were disturbed this whole time I'm saying to myself somebody please stop the match enough's enough, While all this is going on Videl's father Hercule is nowhere to be find his duaughter is being beaten to death by Spoppovitch and he's hiding out in his dressing room. - egnomac

This scene haunted me in my childhood. I'll never forget it. Poor girls gets beaten to near death by a man twice her size. She could have killed him if he hadn't been possessed, save the fact that she twisted his neck with one kick. - 8Gon_Soku8

Actually, I enjoyed watching Videl get beaten to a pulp. I don't like her anyway.

As much as I like dragon ball series, this part of one of the episodes was one of the most cringeworthy fight scenes I ever watched. - BlazinganimewarriorprincessX

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6 Ed and Al's Failed Transmutation - Fullmetal Alchemist

Ed and Al attempted to bring their mother back to life instead everything goes wrong Ed loses a leg Al loses his body, Ed trades one of his arm for Al's Soul and the ending result for all their sacrifice is this creepy and disturbing black thing. - egnomac

7 The Atomic Bomb - Barefoot Gen

OK, THIS scene was screwed up on all sorts of levels. Watching people (men, women, children, babies, animals) fry to a crisp and their eyes melt out of their sockets in BEYOND disturbing. AND this actually HAPPENED. The Atomic Bomb in Hiroshima actually HAPPENED! THAT is fear-inspiring.

8 The Eclipse - Berserk
9 Shenji's Eye Gets Ripped Out - Deadman Wonderland

It's exactly what it sounds like after losing to Ganta at Carnival Corpse Senji is forced to play a penalty game and has his eye literally ripped out. - egnomac

10 Envy's Monstrous Form - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

He becomes this incredibly huge monster made up of the bodies of the poor souls used to make the philosopher stone even Edward couldn't bear to strike him seeing the faces of those tortured souls. - egnomac

I still have nightmares about this T^T

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11 Hisoka's Orgasm - Hunter x Hunter

OH GOD... I do NOT want to remember this. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

12 The Ending - School Days

It's so disturbing it gave me cancer

Worst anime ending ever, the 2nd being soul eater ending(Despite soul eater being a great anime) It was so disturbing I covered my eyes during the process! - BlazinganimewarriorprincessX

Nice boat. - lavashooter

13 Toothbrush Incest - Nisemonogatari

This was just plain wrong

14 The Bunnies - Blood-C
15 Tetsuo's Mutation - Akira

I just can't get it out of my head!

I actually saw this scene on YouTube one time and was browsing through the comment section. And I read one where the person said he actually saw this scene at age 4.

F'ed up world we live in folks. - Redrocm

16 Tamaki Forces Ganta to Watch Footage of the Carnival Corpse Matches - Deadman Wonderland

Not only does Tamaki admits to Ganta that that he rigged the evidence against Ganta during his trial he then forces him to watch these gruesome matches from the carnival corpse. - egnomac

Clearly the makers of the show were fans of A Clockwork Orange

17 Chihiro's Parents Turn into Pigs - Spirited Away
18 Super Buu kills the Z Fighters - Dragon Ball Z
19 Neferpitou probes Pokkle's brain - Hunter x Hunter
20 Pierrot Le Fou - Cowboy Bebop

The moment when Mad Pierrot was crying for mother after Spike hurt him with the throwing knife...

21 Mustang's Relentless Assault on Envy

Envy-Kun! I ship my OC with Envy because I thought he could be redeemed if someone would have just showed him love and hope, but looks like that never happened. Guess this scene is something that I'll surely have to rewrite... maybe Mira should be burned at least once by accident because she was trying to protect Envy... whomever responds next please tell me what you think.

22 Sabrina and Her Creepy Doll - Pokemon
23 Shiro's Dual Personalities - Deadman Wonderland
24 Irène's Death Scene - Blood+

This is the most disturbing Anime scene I've ever watched.
No joke. I've seen Shenji's eye getting ripped out in deadman wonderland, and I've seen Nina Tucker transforming into a chimera, and I've seen the puppy getting killed in Elfen Lied, but those are NOTHING compared to Irène's Death Scene from Blood+.
This wasn't just disturbing, this was the ONLY moment in the ENITRE anime, that disturbed me.
Seriously, This scene is something you don't want to remember, and something you can't forget.
What disturbed me, is that you LITERALLY see Irène's body falling to pieces, on-screen.
And then, you see a shot of her severed, crystallized head, with empty eyes.
That moment made me feel uneasy and scared.
It was very disturbing.

25 Tenchi Meets Ryoko as a Mummy - Tenchi Muyo
26 Sena's Footjob - Chaos Head
27 Shinji Jerking Off Over Asuka's Comatose Body - The End of Evangelion
28 Death of Sears's Mother Followed by Necrophilia - Hellsing Ultimate
29 Nuclear Explosion - Barefoot Gen

Let me reiterate. On August 6, 1945, the USA dropped a bomb on Hiroshima (and three days later, Nagasaki) to make Japan surrender and end World War II. It doesn't stop the MELTING EYEBALLS part from being less horrifying. The little girl... the soldier... the old man... the woman and her baby... the dog... you can't say that isn't more terrifying than fiction. - Sovereign-Robo

This scene will FOREVER haunt my life. The melting eyeballs... and this horrifying fact: It ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

I'm sorry, but THIS should be Number One on this list. It's a depiction of an event that ACTUALLY HAPPENED. - Sovereign-Robo

30 Frieza's Transformations - Dragon Ball Z
31 Mutilation Scenes - Elfen Lied
32 Takashi's original owner gets shot to death - Akira

Aside from the stuff that happens in Elfen Lied, this is one of the goriest moments in anime

33 Light goes crazy after he's found out by Near - Death Note
34 Centipede - Tokyo Ghoul

You can feel every pain Ken had to go through 😖 - Not_A_Weeaboo

Breaking fingers? check
Putting a centpede into kaneki’s ear? check
Too much blood? check
What’s even worse..
Screaming painfully? check

35 Luke Valentine's Death - Hellsing Ultimate
36 Oberon Rapes Asuna - Sword Art Online

This scene left me shuddering. All the while Kirito was pinned to the ground with his own sword, and could do nothing but watch his girlfriend gets molested by this creep.

37 The Mid-Production of A Rape Scene - Perfect Blue
38 Sheele's Brutal Death - Akame ga Kill!
39 Titan gets head punched off - Attack on Titan
40 Cerberus Attack - Blood-C

I know Nene and Nono weren't that likable, but their deaths were brutal as hell! Seriously, she got ripped in half!

41 Akito Grabs Sana By the Neck - Kodocha
42 The Dog Fight - Parasyte the Maxim

Definitely one of the more disturbing parts of the anime, watching Migi and the infected dog fight, you should it for yourself, it's not normal. Parasyte episode 1

43 Tetsuo's Nightmare - Akira

That was creepy as hell. Not disturbing; just creepy

44 Kitaro's left eye is his father - Gegege no Kitaro
45 Imperfect Cell Powers Up - Dragon Ball Z

The yellow aura of wailing souls is really disturbing if you think about it

46 Ciel sees an eye lodged into Hannah's eye - Black Butler 2

The entire second season has a few disturbing moments. But this is the worst, what makes it even worse is Ciel screaming with agony. That image is planted in my head

47 Death by Dominator - Psycho-Pass

I don't know what's it's more of: awesome or disturbing

48 Terraformar Kill Scenes - Terra Formars
49 Amy Gets Possessed by a Boom Boo - Sonic X
50 Cell Melts a Man - Dragon Ball Z

I thought when Goku found out Android 18 was pregnant was disturbing. Even though she was originally human.

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3. Satoko Gets Tortured - Higurashi When They Cry
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