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181 Tsunayoshi Sawada vs Oga Tatsumi
182 Kira vs Zero

The reason why it's not light yagami vs Lelouch is because that is what the public no them by and those names make them more infamous than who they already are.

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183 Sebastian vs Ichigo
184 Alucard vs Ryuk
185 Sanjib vs Rock Lee
186 Koro-Sensai vs Natsu Dragneel

Why haven't I seen koro sensai on this list yet not many of you have watched assassination classroom have they.. Anyways koro sensai blew up like half the moon and can move at mach 20

Koro-sensei no mater how strong natsu is koro is basically invulnerable.

Koro-sensei. He goes at speeds of mach 20

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187 Cell vs Frieza vs Majin Buu vs Broly

That would be awesome. 4 best dbz villains fighting

188 Mystic Gohan vs Super Perfect Cell V 1 Comment
189 Vegito vs Gotenks vs Gogeta
190 Simon the Digger vs Shinji Ikari

Simon, hands down! Gurren Lagann would crush the ever 01!

191 Asuna Yuuki vs Lucy Heartfilia

Asuna has this match, hands down. You know it's sad that Lucy is so weak that she isn't even strong enough to beat a female swordsman whose highest skill is cooking and can still fight like a badass and be called "The Lightning Flash",

Asuna The Flash aka Berserk Healer wins hands down. I don't hate Lucy, but she's so weak and useless. She's the type if character that is "just there" for me.

192 Juvia Lockser vs Katara

I know Katara isn't from an anime, but I would love to see them fight.

193 Petra Ral vs Zash V 1 Comment
194 Tatarigami vs Spyder Phantom V 2 Comments
195 Shura Kirigakure vs Yoko Littner
196 Petra vs Sachi
197 Mikasa vs Sinon
198 Light Yagami vs Petra Ral

Deathnotes don't work on people who effect someone elses life petra gave levi 30 more seconds to catch up to annie to save eren so it would effect everyone in aot universe
so it would come down to pure skill

199 Byakuya vs Pain

Pain will easily win

200 Goku vs Saitama

They would fight until one of them dies of old age

Saitama would destroy Goku

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