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121 Guts vs Goku
122 L Vs. Ulquiorra

Ulquiorra would blow lights head of with a cero or by simply ripping it off

Ulquiorra wins, flawless victory - Saint_D

Not Light.. L the detective but either way your right lol

Battle of the Emos. Ulquiorra handstabs L to find where is the heart if it's located in the chest or skull

123 Inuyasha vs Naruto

Naruto would win because Naruto Shippuden character is the strongest anime character in history

Sorry InuYasha. But Naruto can whip your ass in less than a second

That's would be amazing to see. And actually kinda funny if you think about it
Otae bye wuv Luna Lox but you can call me Firefox also I think Naruto would win okay BYE wuv you my honorary members of Firefox army

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124 Yamamoto Genryusai vs Whitebeard (Edward Newgate)
125 Yugi vs Son Goku

Stem would use a penalty game to win

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126 Broly vs Bills

I wonder who wil win between something like lssj4 broly and bills

127 King Bradley vs Griffith
128 Naruto & Sakura vs Inyuyasha & Kagome

Naruto & Sakura for the win six paths sage mode and 100 healing jitsu against inuyasha meido zangetsuha & kagome

Naruto and sakura for the win six paths senjutsu & 100 healing jutsu against inuyasha meido zangetsuha & kagome

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129 Naruto & Hinata vs Monkey D Luffy & Nami

Hinata would smash Nami!

Naruto solos both of em together

130 Izumi Curtis vs. Erza Scarlet

Because master alchemy vs master magic.

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131 Grell Sutcliff vs Ryuk
132 Father (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood) vs Sōsuke Aizen (Bleach)
133 Tier Halibel vs Kisame Hoshigaki
134 Edward Elric vs Maka Albarn
135 Sasuke vs Neji

Sasuke post time skip kills neji extrememly fast. pre-timeskip but at the end of Naruto, he still dominates.

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136 Yu vs Haruka
137 Boruto Uzumaki vs Gohan

News: Boruto has lightning affinity and Sasuke is his master!

Gohan absolutely wrecks Boruto...

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138 Gon vs. Kirito

Gon of hxh will win! Because his jajanken is really strong! But this will be most interesting battle! "-"

139 Soul Eater Evans vs Death the Kid

I thought that was already decided?...

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140 Zeref vs Orochimaru

Idiot immortal vs Pedophile immortal...

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