Top Ten Easiest Ways to Make Your List Worth Viewing

The name is pretty self explanatory, don't you think?

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1 Make 10 or more items

You can't get much easier than that, plain and simple. If you want to share an idea or a joke but don't want the hassle of making 10 items, make a blog post or a comment. We already have enough lists. - CityGuru

I get annoyed when people put 2 or 3 items on a list. - Turkeyasylum

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2 Add humor

The lists that I remember best are the ones with humor. Others will surely agree with me. - CityGuru

Don't be absurd. We're all bloody sensible, aren't we?!?! - PositronWildhawk

I do agree! I love reading witty, quirky or just plain funny comments by any user. Any user willing to add humour to their comments will surely get my vote.
Happy Christmas, CG! - Britgirl

3 Include feedback from other users

Me and positron collaborated to make one of the first (if not the first) collaborations on TTT. (I'll have to check on that). 2 minds will always think better than one. - CityGuru

4 Make detailed comments on each item

Makes a well rounded list, and a basis for conversation. Plus, it shows hard work and dedication for the content you're putting out. For a free site where I don't get paid, I want it to be of high quality content! - keycha1n

It allows you to make witty views on items, or make people think you spent a lot of time on a list. Nobody likes a list that was done in 2 minutes. - CityGuru

5 Make the top items less obvious

Example: Top Ten Biggest Air Polluters: the number one item is U.S.

That's a fact. Please people, put opinions in your lists. Never put facts on lists, put opinions on facts. Lists are meant to be interchangeable. Now if you put Top Ten Worst Polluters, that's a different story - CityGuru

6 Make a short and witty title

Got it, Top Ten Intellectual Leaders To Have Been Given Birth By Jesus Himself - SuperHyperdude

Top Ten World Leaders just ain't gonna cut it. Use descriptive adjectives and interesting titles. - CityGuru

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7 Add a description

Even if it's short, like mine, it does the same thing as comments: explains the meaning of the list. - CityGuru

8 Don't remake lists under a different name

Example: Guy makes Top Ten Best Apps for Android, other guy makes list titled Top ten iOS Apps. Different meaning, but essentially the same items. - CityGuru

9 Don't put lame items at the top

I couldn't post a second reply, so here goes.
It does not discourage remixes, a persons opinion is different from those of the general public, so remixes offer a new way to look at a list and see the Top Tenner's opinion. By putting sensible items at the top does not in any way discourage remix making. The same thing goes with voting. People will like lists more if there is sensible items at the top and lesser items at the bottom. Again, I am not devaluing opinions, I'm asking for them to represent the general public more. - CityGuru

One man's lame is another's treasure.
Seriously, I may misunderstand your point here CG, but it seems contrary to the idea of encouraging votes & Remixes to allow a consensus of those interested to shape the list. Instead you seem to suggest assuming what several people would prefer as far as rankings and likely favoring those users who you know well as opposed to those you don't. I say - and thought the concept is - carefully use your opinion and analysis to determine the initial ranking as You see it. ? - Billyv

Put the ones that everyone likes at the top, the worse ones at the bottom. This is a quality of good list makers, the ability to know what other users like and put that higher than what THEY like. Arguments abound on TTT about how this should be higher than the other - CityGuru

Isn't that contrary to the point of encouraging votes and remixes? - Billyv

10 Don't misspell words

Good grammar is the last tool needed to be successful on The Top Tens.

That's all for now! Toodle'oo and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

(Or Happy Hanukkah. Or none of that. Don't be offended by Merry Christmas. The last thing I need is for this to turn into a religious debate. ) - CityGuru

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1. Make 10 or more items
2. Add humor
3. Include feedback from other users
1. Make 10 or more items
2. Include feedback from other users
3. Make detailed comments on each item



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