Best Electronic Subgenres

The Top Ten
1 Dance-pop

A pop subgenre

2 Ambient
3 Trance
4 Downtempo
5 Dubstep
6 Electro House
7 Electroacoustic
8 Drum and Bass
9 Industrial
10 Progressive House

The genre that pushed house to its peak in quality. Avicii was the master. R.I.P.

The Contenders
11 Hardstyle
12 House Music

Perhaps the most enduring genre of electronic dance music to use a 4/4 time signature. It dominated the world since the 80's & is heavily used in today's clubs & is typically what fashion models walk on the runways hearing. All pioneered by the legendary Frankie Knuckes (with a team of others). R.I.P.

13 Bubblegum Dance

This's what's commonly appeals to tweens & early teens & heavily influenced modern teen pop. But did you know this was a subgenre of Eurodance?

14 Jazzstep
15 Cosmic Disco
16 Techno

A great genre influenced by such.

17 Tropical House

What genre of Electronica does Owl City make?

18 Trip Hop
19 Electroclash
20 Jungle
21 Hardbass
22 Big Beat
23 Dark Ambient
24 Nu-Disco

Today's equivalent to 70's disco.

25 Deep House
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