Best Monstercat Dubstep Artists

The Top Ten
1 Pegboard Nerds

Awesome dubstep which ain't to light but also not too heavy

I like the way he does dubstep

Hello? Here It Comes? Weaponize? Gunpoint? Self Destruct? Deep in the Night? Whoever didn't vote for the Pegboard Nerds, listen to some of these, then change your mind.

Props to the keyboard nerds for the songs "Razor Sharp", "Here It Comes", and "Emergency"!
Also I would like to say that I am disappointed that the artist lvther wasn't on this list. For them check out "One Look"! THANKS!

2 Tristam

Tristam all the way should be up. Flight & Till its over my favorite track of all times

Tristan should be #2! Just listen to flight

Better than pegboard nerds

The big man

3 Krewella
4 Noisestorm

He has very good music - Crow2012

5 Direct
6 Azedia
7 Droptek
8 Draper

A night rider showed me some men and machines - PrinceAntho

9 Dion Timmer

Hello? Panic? Deep in the Night Remix? Dion Timmer is so underrated and deserves to be higher.

i agree - GGiant1921

10 Au5 Austin Collins, going by the stage name Au5, is an American electronic dance music producer from New Jersey, USA.
The Contenders
11 Arion
12 Nitro Fun

Technically doesn't make pure dubstep, but belongs on this list.

13 Razihel

What about Skybreaker on Best of 2014 and Edge of the World? Not as good as the pegboard nerds, but put him up there!

14 Virtual Riot

Is an all around artist, and one of the best dubstep artists on Monstercat, especially his melodic dubstep.

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