Episode Ideas for SpongeBob Kamp Koral

Since Nickelodeon Just can't get enough SpongeBob to satisfy them, they've decided to make a Spin-off called Kamp Koral. What Do YOU think what would be good ideas for this (Unexpected Spin-off) Show?

The Top Ten

1 The Campfire Episode Again
2 The Krusty Kookout
3 No Cowards Aloud
4 DoodleBob's Visit
5 Midnight Drama
6 Return of the Hooks
7 SpongeBob and the Mean, Nasty, Horrible Whales
8 SpongeBob and the Bad Whale
9 New Student Rodent
10 An Apology to Stephen Hillenburg

Please let this happen!

This Must Happen! thanks for whoever added this. - Rainbowkid38

The Contenders

11 SopngeBob at the Toy Store of Doom
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