Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 11 of SpongeBob SquarePants

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82 Bikini Bottom Bypass

SpongeBob wakes up to find no traffic driving through the city so he investigates. He learns that a bypass has been built around Bikini Bottom by city officials. This bypass is part of a conspiracy to trigger a flight from Bikini Bottom to the suburbs and eventually cause the city to go bankrupt due to decreasing revenue as fewer people pass through and visit Bikini Bottom.

83 A Friend Returns

Starring Friend from Jellyfish Hunter

84 The Sponge, The Star, The Squid, The Squirrel, and the Sperm (Whale)

SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, and Pearl all go on a road trip together.

Nice idea but title should be something like "Road Trip" or something

85 Squidward's Secret

It's not just his hair, it's also him being into high art and extremely cultured. I'm willing to bet that Squidward secretly likes Squilliam.

No, squidward is a boy. This idea is so idiotic. Some males like their hair long? :L

Squidward comes out of the closet and reveals that he is transgender.

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86 Squilliam Starts a Cult
87 The Rugrats Come to Bikini Bottom (1-hour Special)
88 Chum Bucket Training Video
89 Spongegiving (Half-Hour Thanksgiving Special)

They should do this. SpongeBob never had a Thanksgiving special. - anonygirl

90 Princess Peach Explodes And Dies While Rarity Eats Her Body

Nothing to do with SpongeBob... - HondaCivic

91 Kissy Kissy Love You: Oh And Tip Edition

This has nothing to do with SpongeBob! - HondaCivic

Heck No! - HondaCivic

No More Kissy Kissy Love You! - ChuckECheese

92 F*** The Police

There is a riot in Bikini Bottom and the whole city is burnt down leaving no survivors and the show ends.

93 Hollywood Video Shuts Down Hollywood Video Shuts Down

UM - pupcatdog

94 Zombies in Bikini Bottom

I love zombies as much as SpongeBob. Nickelodeon, you should make this!

95 SpongeBob Buys Cartoon Network

This won't happen! - HondaCivic

96 Gary Gets a Girlfriend
97 Krabby Patties at the Chum Bucket

It looks something silly and repetitive

98 Sponge Bob DC Comics Adventure

It's a bird it's a plane wait a second it's a
Flying sponge? - Ihaskitty1234

DC Is Warner Brothers, Not Nickelodeon - JPK

99 Squid Wood Returns
100 Good Sponge, Bad Sponge

Sandy's new invention accidentally separate the bad personality from sponge bob makes two sponge bob, one a completely annoying and jerk and the second one being a shy and "out of control" wussy weirdo. (scaring from his shadow and trying to make out with sandy EVERY SINGLE TIME he saw her which annoy Sandy) the "bad" Sponge bob runs away and it's up to his friends to get him and the "good" sponge bob mixed up again

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