Top Ten Episodes That Shouldn't Be Created In Season 11 of SpongeBob


The Top Ten

1 New Child?

Who came up with this? - CardboardBox

A troll did

2 Swimming In December

Is this list for spams?

3 Arts and Krabs
4 Sponge Galore!
5 SpongeBob DC Comics

Oh god this will suck

6 The Real Bad Sponge
7 Zombies In Bikini Bottom
8 Super Intergalactic Race
9 Valentine Crush
10 SpongeBob Gets Cancelled

Horrible ripoff of an already bad episode.

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The Contenders

11 Rock a Bye Bivalve 2: The R-rated Sequel That Will Ruin Your Childhood

What the heck?

What the what - bloomix

12 Gary and Millie
13 Everybody Twerks


14 Ultimate Sex
15 Sex, Sex, and More Sex

Gross... :I

16 Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down
17 By by Spongey or Not

SpongeBob gets kicked out of town but when he tries to leave the town cannot function so SpongeBob has to be shown why he came to bikini bottom in the first place

18 SpongeBob Kills Himself

This is wrong - bloomix

19 SpongeBob You're Fired Again

A sequel to SpongeBob Your Fired

20 Straight Outta Bikini Bottom
21 Patrick And Pearl's Sex


22 Patrick Marries SpongeBob
23 Kissy Kissy Love You 10: Gaston And Lefou Edition

From the Season 10 List but has the same gist.

24 Kissy Kissy Love You 11: Max And Gidget Edition

Also from Season 10 but has the game gist.

25 Another Coarse Meal
26 Another Pal for Gary
27 Stuck in the Wringer Again
28 Another Splinter
29 Different Way
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