Top Ten Episodes That Would Be Created If My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Got a Spin-Off On MTV

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1 Twilight goes to Taco Bell


Twilight goes to Taco Bell, until something involving poop, blood, and cum happens...

2 Orgy

All the characters have an orgy.

3 Party Whores

Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy host a drunk party. Guest starring Eminem.

Why would Flutter be here in tis episode and Slim Shady? - sdgeek2003

4 Anaconda

Twilight and Spike go to a jungle and see the characters twerking mad! Guest Starring Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj is innapropriate for MLP

5 New Loves = Sex!

Twilight now dates Flash Sentry while Spike now has Rarity, and the two couples have sex.

Please No - JPK

6 Pregnancy

Twilight and Rarity find out they're P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T!

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7 The New Kid

Haha... Good idea! I tried a fanfic on Wattpad about the future of equestria and mane six being replaced with their fillies. I made the fillies names myself and design them myself. Read it on Wattpad, please! Ooh! And vote it! It's called Future Of Equestria Saga (don't ask why I put a saga in it, you'll see why when I update more) - MLPFan

8 Baby

Babies finally happen. Twilight and Flash have their baby Glimmer, and it looks just like a combination of the two. Meanwhile, Rarity and Spike have a baby named Gem, which they decide not to keep because it is a huge ambination because it has freckles and the face of Godzilla.

9 Advanced Technology

They think about new inventions

10 Mommy Problems

Twilight faces the troubles of being a mom.

They should make Miss up day

The Contenders

11 Death of All Ponies
12 The Real Pink Pony
13 South Ponyville

The Mane Six go to South Park - Goatworlds

14 Jersey Shore Ponies
15 Ponies and Tiaras
16 Ponies and Pageants
17 Dance Ponies
18 The Real Equestria Ponies
19 Stupid Pony Hoe
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