Top Ten Episodes That Would Be Created If My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Got a Spin-Off On MTV

The Top Ten

1 Twilight goes to Taco Bell


These ideas would work better on Comedy Central, to be honest. MTV would never allow these ideas because they wouldn't be appropriate for their teen demographic. - KalloFox34

Twilight goes to Taco Bell, until something involving poop, blood, and cum happens...

2 Orgy

All the characters have an orgy.

3 Party Whores

Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy host a drunk party. Guest starring Eminem.

Why would Flutter be here in tis episode and Slim Shady? - sdgeek2003

4 Anaconda

Twilight and Spike go to a jungle and see the characters twerking mad! Guest Starring Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj is innapropriate for MLP

5 New Loves = Sex!

Twilight now dates Flash Sentry while Spike now has Rarity, and the two couples have sex.

Please No - JPK

6 Pregnancy

Twilight and Rarity find out they're P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T!

It could happen,only on the hub

7 The New Kid

Haha... Good idea! I tried a fanfic on Wattpad about the future of equestria and mane six being replaced with their fillies. I made the fillies names myself and design them myself. Read it on Wattpad, please! Ooh! And vote it! It's called Future Of Equestria Saga (don't ask why I put a saga in it, you'll see why when I update more) - MLPFan

8 Baby

Babies finally happen. Twilight and Flash have their baby Glimmer, and it looks just like a combination of the two. Meanwhile, Rarity and Spike have a baby named Gem, which they decide not to keep because it is a huge ambination because it has freckles and the face of Godzilla.

9 Advanced Technology

They think about new inventions

10 Jersey Shore Ponies

The Contenders

11 Harvey Weinstein harasses Rarity

That is just a theory. That'll never happen. Also Harvey is not a horse. - bugger

Harvey touch Rarity butt

12 Mommy Problems

Twilight faces the troubles of being a mom.

They should make Miss up day

13 Death of All Ponies
14 The Real Pink Pony
15 South Ponyville

The Mane Six go to South Park - Goatworlds

16 Ponies and Tiaras
17 Ponies and Pageants
18 Dance Ponies
19 The Real Equestria Ponies
20 Stupid Pony Hoe
21 Rarity x Zoe Trent

They both hungrily make love IN FRONT OF SPIKE!

22 Sausage Party Ending (MLP Version)
23 Perry x Ponies
24 Pony Centipede
25 Shark Eats Ponies
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