Best Extinct Attractions of Theme Parks

The Top Ten Best Extinct Attractions of Theme Parks

1 Countdown To Extinction (Disney's Animal Kingdom)

This ride was better than the current Dinosaur ride, even though it was scarier. It has better effects, as well as having animatronic Compsognathus and moveable pterodactyl animatronic. There was even the meteor prop in place of the current last Carnotaurus finale animatronic. This ride needs to return in place of Dinosaur. - DinoLover4242

2 Terminator 2: 3D (Universal Studios Hollywood)

I really wish this ride returned and changed the year from 2020s, made the characters more accurate, etc so this ride will be there for much longer. Also, this ride should replace the empty parking lot area. - DinoLover4242

3 PeopleMover (Disneyland 1967-1995)

This abandoned ride has been sitting for too long, this ride should return to its glory days. - DinoLover4242

4 Flying Saucers (Disneyland)

This ride would have been good if there weren't errors and such in this ride. - DinoLover4242

5 Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (California Adventure)

I can't believe that this ride got replaced by the Guardians of the Galaxy ride, which is a cash-cow move. - DinoLover4242

6 Backdraft (Universal Studios Hollywood)

I went to this show when I was little. It is sad when it got removed. - DinoLover4242

7 Jurassic Park: The Ride (Universal Studios Hollywood)

I loved this ride

I went onto this ride either 2 or 3 times and sadly, it was closed down earlier this year and being replaced by the Jurassic World ride, which is considered a bad cash cow move. ;'( - DinoLover4242

8 Maelstrom (Epcot 1988-2014)

This famous ride got replaced by the less famous Frozen ride. This ride should have stayed and the Frozen ride should have been built on an abandoned park area. - DinoLover4242

9 Deja Vu (Six Flags Magic Mountain)

I really missed this ride and it should return. - DinoLover4242

10 ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter (Walt Disney World)

Lots of people loved that ride even though it is considered one of the scariest Disney parks ride ever created, but sadly, it was replaced by a much-despised Stitch attraction, which was also permanently closed down. - DinoLover4242

The Contenders

11 Universe of Energy (Epcot)

I miss the animatronic dinosaurs of this ride, even though they looked outdated. I can't believe that this ride is replaced by the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy ride, which is also a cash-cow move. - DinoLover4242

12 The Great Movie Ride (Disney's Hollywood Studios)


13 America Sings (Disneyland)

I miss this ride, it was a childhood ride to many who visited this ride when it was open. - DinoLover4242

14 Ghostbusters Spooktacular (Universal Studios Florida)
15 California Screamin (Disney's California Adventure)
16 Snow White's Adventure (Walt Disney World 1971-1994)

Um, this ride was closed for a reason: It was too scary for kids to ride on. - DinoLover4242

This version was much better than the sugarcoated version that replaced it in ‘94.

This ride became so ghetto in 1994 when they made it less scary. And don't get me started on the Princess Fairytale Hall.

17 Journey Into Imagination (Original Version) - Epcot

Disney should of kept the original 80s version!

Why isn't this already on the list? It’s way better than everything else on here!

18 Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour (Tokyo Disneyland)

This looked very cool.

19 Kingdom of the Dinosaurs (Knott's Berry Farm)

I went there only once as a toddler, at least that's what my dad told me. I really miss this ride and I want this ride to return as an updated version of the old ride. - DinoLover4242

20 Horizons - Epcot (1983-1999)

This should also already be on the list.

If it weren't for that damned sinkhole, the original ride building would probably remain intact to this day.

21 King Kong Encounter (Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour)
22 Back to the Future: The Ride (Universal Studios Theme Parks)
23 Superstar Limo (Disney California Adventure)

Um, who posted this? This ride got extremely negative reviews from lots of people and that's why it was shut down. - DinoLover4242

24 Original Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough (1957, Disneyland Resort)
25 Nature's Wonderland (Disneyland)
26 Rockslide (Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour)
27 Battle of Galactica (Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour)
28 Castle Dracula (Universal Studios Hollywood)
29 Van Helsing: Castle Dracula (Universal Studios Hollywood)
30 House of Horrors (Universal Studios Hollywood)
31 Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb (Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour)
32 Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (Walt Disney World)
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